Are circumcised individuals more spiritually evolved and boast a closer relationship to God?

thank you, namaste

asked 05 Oct '10, 13:46

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Personally I don't think circumcision has any effect on how spiritually evolved a person is or has any influence whatsoever on their relationship with God.

It is something that is practiced within some religions and cultures and some not. Once again, not right or wrong merely an individual choice - no different to any other change we choose to make to our physical body or appearance.


answered 05 Oct '10, 13:59

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I would think there isnt any difference. Its a Jewish tradition and frankly was a bone of contention in the early church.

I just cant see how the condition of a males foreskin can make a blind bit of difference to his relationship with his creator. Mind you if i thought there was any advantage to be had i would have mine done tmrw.

Doesnt the bible mention something about the circumcision of the HEART. I would have thought that was more important.

I have known various Christian churchs that do still obey certain Jewish traditions.As a child we kept the sabbath and some in our church wouldnt eat black pudding as it was made from pigs blood. There are many churchs that mix their faith with various old testemant traditions.

Cant see the point myself, but were all different and what is un important to me may be a matter of some importance to another.



answered 05 Oct '10, 16:45

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Monty Riviera

yup, circumcision of the HEART is much more important.

(05 Oct '10, 17:12) Back2Basics

I wonder how many adult men would have it done if it was not done in early childhood? And how much longer the ritual would survive? Answer: Not many and not long.


answered 06 Oct '10, 15:35

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Maybe that's why adult new-comers into Islam are allowed to keep their foreskin?

(07 Oct '10, 08:05) daniele

It's a superficial act. Spirituality is not embodied like this, but through our actions and inner cultivation. And besides, what about women? It's a strange concept to me, frankly.


answered 12 May '11, 03:10

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Pat W

I have wondered the same and also if there are any other similarities and or differences between the two males.

I heard one theory that state males whom are circumcised are more prone to violence or anger because of the initial shock of the procedure at such a young age.

I am interested if there are any other studies out there and their findings...


answered 05 Oct '10, 16:06

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In our religion circuncision is must.We dont question it because this is God's Command.And a comand is a command.

God is pure and clean and He love purity and cleanliness.

I think circumcision is higenecally better and good for health.


answered 06 Oct '10, 07:11

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So why God created man with a foreskin?

(06 Oct '10, 07:45) daniele

Good point Daniele,never thought of that!

(06 Oct '10, 08:49) Monty Riviera

Actually, there are many advantages of retaining your foreskin- both hygenically and others...its been researched and written all the net, not that difficult to find some of these papers. But beware though if you are offended by certain materials, as these sites usually have ads linking to stuff which some ppl may or might find offensive

(06 Oct '10, 13:30) kakaboo

so why we shave pubic hair,cut nails and hair?

(07 Oct '10, 10:15) Zee

shaving hair and cutting nails does not mutilate us. It is unpainful and they regrow.

(07 Oct '10, 11:54) daniele
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na it was old custom from the jew it is in the genesis! if god would have went you this way he would have make you this way!No. The Bible says that God pronounced creation 'very good' (Genesis 1:31) and that humans were made in the image of God (Genesis 1:27). The Apostle Paul also said that God made every part of the body as he wanted it. (1 Corinthians 12:18).According to Genesis, God told Abraham to circumcise himself, his household and his slaves as an everlasting covenant in their flesh. Those who were not circumcised were to be 'cut off' from their people (Genesis 17:10-14). so if you are not a jew you should be ok!


answered 05 May '11, 01:23

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white tiger

I really do not know but I have been concern do we still suppose to do that if we believe in God was that just for the jews and Abraham back than or are we suppose to continue to follow throigh with it. I am lending toward no not for now but no facts as of yet.


answered 11 May '11, 18:23

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