All my life I have been an active problem solver. When a problem sticks it head up, my previous reaction was to find a solution immediately. As we have been studying the Law of Attraction, we are realizing that the best way to solve a problem is relax and let inspiration come. Problems solve themselves, or a solution becomes obvious that our conscious "problems solving" minds could never have imagined.

PROBLEM number 1 For instance, we have a 20 acre piece of land with a very run-down but live-able house on it. Our insurance company wanted an occupant, so we had a tenant paying $200 a month. He had a very large garden and several dogs. He was a constant problem. Never paying rent on time and always complaining.

After a particularly noxious conversation, I decided it just wasn't worth fighting him over $200 a month. I am sure this was what he intended. I put it out of my mind and mentally and emotionally walked away. He had been a tenant there over ten years.

Seven years ago I had put up a "For Sale" sign with my phone number. With the building bust in Atlanta, I was getting no takers.

48 hours after I decided to put my focus on other, happier situations, I got a call from a man asking about the property. He wanted to rent it. Offered $1,000 a month and agreed to pay a $1,000 deposit and take possession of the land immediately.

I evicted the bad guy. The new tenant completely renovated the house at his own expense, new roof, siding, wiring, plumbing, sheetrock, heating and ac, even new windows and doors, fenced in the entire 20 acres with a four foot high fence. Did a lot of ground clearing and is raising goats. He has paid the rent like clockwork and is very happy there.

This was Source at its finest!!! And a solution that I would NEVER have contemplated! "Problem" solved. But Source couldn't give me the answer until I turned my energy away from the "problem."

PROBLEM Number 2 Well, recently what appeared to be a very serious "problem" surfaced. A zoning issue that could have cost me a great deal of money. I called the County Head of Zoning and Planning, ready to fight! I got together all my materials and prepared for battle.

She did not return my calls, nor my email for about a week. I thought that she was ducking me because she knew that a major battle was looming. However I only left courteous messages, not addressing my "problem" just asking for an appointment.

After about a week I got tired of maintaining my "battle stance" and relaxed, the next day she called, we talked, there was no problem. I had misunderstood the issue.

My question this morning dear IQ'ers is do you think that Source put her out of my reach until I relaxed? If I had met her before I relaxed, I would have been causing a problem. I would have taken inappropriate action, looked like an over-reacting idiot and probably damaged an important relationship.

So, did Source slow me down from taking inappropriate action? Or what happened. BTW My emails to he were more angry, more descriptive of my "problem" , but I had been sending to an old email address that she had changed so none of my emails had reached her. Source again?

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Dollar Bill

Does Source sometimes slow you down from taking inappropriate action?

Yes, I've had this happen a lot especially if I've fallen into the trap of trying too hard to make something happen with non-inspired physical action instead of following what feels good in the moment.

Quite often, I'll look back on something that I've been trying to unsuccessfully "force" into place through that kind of action and notice that it would have been a disaster if I had managed to get my way at that time in that way. The physical "obstacles" that prevented me getting my way proved to be working to my benefit.

There's a little trick I use (which I stole from one of Dr Robert Anthony's courses) whereby if I try three times unsuccessfully to make something happen physically, and it doesn't, I'll take that as a direct sign from Source that I should drop that particular course of action for now. There's a "request" in my Manifesting Box indicating that I will interpret that signal in that way.

What's really happening here is just the vibrational matching ability of the Law of Attraction...

If you are vibrationally "in-tune" with getting something you want then you'll be "out-of-tune" with courses of action that won't lead you to it, so when you try to take those courses of action, they just don't seem to work out.

You can, of course, eventually brute-force your way (because we live in a physical-law-dominant world) into doing something physically that leads to a disaster but I've noticed there are always lots of "warning signs" (emotional and physical) that something is not right.

As long as one stays reasonably aligned (i.e. generally feeling good on a day-to-day basis), the "warning signs" are plentiful and very clear.

Just a point of clarification: One only interprets Source as giving "warnings" (in the literal sense) instead of "inspirations", when one is predominantly lower down the emotional scale: How can you identify if your actions are inspired from the universe or not?


answered 05 Sep '13, 09:51

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there is some value in what you say but ultimately its not how many times you tried and whats going on but its your FLOW and your mental state that tells you whether you follow that course of action or not. Case in point Andy Murray tennis player lost in grand slam final first 4 times he made it to final. But later he had doubts etc but he kept trying and finally won twice.

(05 Sep '13, 18:03) abrahamloa

But the main thing is i am sur e his Flow and joy was in playing tennis and that was more than the disappointment. So he kept trying again and again. So basically its the FLOW in your mental state. If you feel NOT RIGHT pursuing it then its not right. Then you stop. But inspite of failure you still feel some thrill in pursuing thats more important. Thats why again bottom line is your own FLOW. DO you have more positive thoughts or is it negative. trying to assess which is dominant.

(05 Sep '13, 18:03) abrahamloa

@abrahamloa - "Andy Murray tennis player lost in grand slam final first 4 times " - There's nothing special about this "three times"'s just a mental game I'm playing with myself. I could equally decide that when the toilet paper runs out at my favorite drinking establishment then that's a universal sign to do, or not do, something. Whatever feels appropriate to you will work.

Remember that I am only referring to situations when (as the question implies) one is out of the Vortex.

(05 Sep '13, 18:29) Stingray

yes got it!!

(05 Sep '13, 18:59) abrahamloa

Thanks for the focus. I remind myself that when the desire is born, Source (which I see as a part of myself) puts all the necessary forces into action that will cause manifestation. My best course of action is to stay happy. Offer no resistance to the desired manifestation and be open to inspired action.

It seems weird that I was programmed from childhood to work hard to make something happen.

(07 Sep '13, 06:36) Dollar Bill

OK, just wrested the keyboard away from DB. If you have identified something as a potential problem, stop. Stop right then, brainstorm a few ideas and relax. I saw DB's "problem" as having some very simple, easy answer and suggested we go out for dinner to take his mind off this obsession.

(07 Sep '13, 06:46) No Brainer

He sometimes makes mountains out of molehills. Well, I do also, but I, being a woman, don't think so much in terms of battle and strength. I know there is a simple easy answer and if we would just shut up, we could and do hear the answer. We have two ears and one mouth. It is just that simple.

(07 Sep '13, 06:46) No Brainer
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If you believe in a "source", I don't myself, too much evidence for me that if there is a "source" it doesn't get involved in human affairs. There's just no reconciling the fact that if it's to your advantage, "source" is cool, but if it's not, "source" is unfair. I don't want "source" taking away my power of choice, or manipulating events in my life. To me, again, I just see no way that "source" could be involved in anything relating to human affairs. Too many people involved, and everything affects everything else, so any way that some benevolent "source" could benefit you could be a detriment to someone else. Sorry, I just think that it's arrogant of us to think that "source" could care enough about us as individuals to change events in our lives when it could negatively affect someone else. It's like a kid praying all year that it doesn't rain when he gets to go to Disneyworld. Then it does rain, but there is a drought going on, so someone is gonna be disappointed. The Kid or the farmers. Football players who point to the sky and do their worship thing, like "source" showed them some personal favor in allowing them to score a touchdown, really? No, if you take a closer look, look at rationally, you may see that it's a fantasy to believe that "source" would get involved in human affairs. It just doesn't stand the test of reason, and if it is true, then "source" is some kind of a--hole for taking away people's power of choice. To me, bottom line is that if I believe in some benevolent source, I WILL END UP DISAPPOINTED, more often than not.


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Ahhhh @zotac then source is you...

(07 Sep '13, 02:13) ursixx

Certainly the "Source is (part of) you." It is not an outside entity! Your hand is part of you. You don't say, Hand, go pick up that coffee cup. You have learned to use your hand. You had to learn how to use your hand, and the more you practice, anything, the easier it gets. I just ask for the easiest answer and usually, there is no problem, unless I obsess and make it one.

(07 Sep '13, 06:52) No Brainer

One of DBs friends who has a 500 million dollar business wrote a book titled, "It is easier to succeed than to fail." He is right. If it is hard, go do something else! Something fun! A mini-vacation. If this is the philosophy of a self-made multimillionaire, I am for it.

THAT is a No-Brainer!!

I don't want to cook breakfast this morning. Gonna suggest to DB that I take him out for a really great French breakfast. Time for a mini-vacation! I'll go warm up the big convertible!

(07 Sep '13, 06:57) No Brainer

@No Brainer : so how was breakfast?

(08 Sep '13, 17:47) ursixx

zotac, your free will is always there, many choose to let others think for them. and the creative life force is there for all of us if we learn how to effectively use it. free choice and responsibility for the decision starts, lets call it, karmic return. no doubt we have slow ourselfs down with help from past choices or current reflections

(09 Sep '13, 16:48) fred
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