(I packed 2 questions into this but ONLY because they tie into each other. Please forgive me. It helps me sort this out.)

Question 1

This is a confusing concept to me.

If nothing is coincidence and everything in the world is run by people's vibrations, does that mean that every single person is affecting every single part of the world in some way?

For example. Say your relative lives in New York. You never put your attention on them and barely think of them. Or maybe you even just think of them from time to time. All of the sudden you find out that they won the lottery. Now, going with the fact that you don't think about them super often, and you weren't trying to use the LOA to help them, did you still affect the outcome in some way?

Or someone that's not even a relative, like some stranger running over a stop sign with his car. You never even knew this person, but did you somehow, energetically contribute to this event of them running over a stop sign with their car?

I've heard of collective consciousness, but I don't know if this is exactly what I'm talking about. I think collective consciousness is more a collective knowledge, oneness, rather than energetic output, changing events unknowingly.

It's a really strange concept, I know, but I'm very curious about it.

(Please forgive me, but this is a Sub-Question that ties together with my 1st Question. I'd prefer to keep them together because it's easier to start with the information above.)

Question 2

I know that even if something is far away, if you put your focus on it and use the LOA you can affect it. But, if instead of the relative being far away, you were physically with them right before they won the lottery, would it change the outcome? Because now you're physically there with them and just the energy of you being around them would affect it?

I know reality shifting and all of that, but it confuses me in regards to just how much influence we have over other people's outcomes, energy, and reality. I know some people say we are completely in our own reality, with other people's parallel selves simply accompanying us, and we have the ultimate say and can TOTALLY CONTROL EVERYTHING; but is that true?

I know this sounds silly, but I fear the I can totally control every person thing because it would make me feel like a tyrannical jerk. lol

I can't find anything really describing this clearly to me and it leaves me with this vague concept that we are the main characters in our realities, and everybody else is just a hollow version of themselves?

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Perhaps your confusion comes about from an assumption that you appear to have made that isn't entirely valid...

There is no THE World, there is only YOUR World

While we share a common vibrational platform that we term "physical reality", that's as far as it goes...your experience of the platform is up to you.

It's like a lot of radio stations broadcasting in a similar part of the frequency band. While all those stations exist as valid broadcasts in themselves - and no-one can deny those broadcasts exist in that part of the radio spectrum - it's only what you personally tune your own radio into that you actually hear.

Most people find it easier to tune their radio sets into something they like than to go around trying to change (or even destroy) the broadcasts of the radio stations they don't like :) ...especially since there are an infinite number of universal radio stations :)

alt text

Your experience of physical reality is unique to you...because you are choosing what you tune into.

Your experience of everyone else in physical reality is unique to you...because you are choosing what you tune into.

Whatever broadcast you choose to listen to ("whatever reality you choose to experience") is up to you - and always up to you alone. It doesn't interfere with what someone else is listening to even if they are close to you or not.

Yes, you can choose to observe another's behavior that you don't like (more accurately, a reflection of yourself that you don't like) and then focus on that observation and make that part of what you are choosing to tune into and create for yourself a more painful life experience...but that's still your choice to incorporate that observation into your listening (dis)pleasure i.e. your version of physical reality.

alt text

So, given all that, your question Does every person in the world affect every single little thing that happens in the world? doesn't really make much sense because there is no-one else in your world apart from you :)

You never see others as they really are, you just see reflections of them that match your beliefs. Check out this explanation from Bashar:



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Thank you for your answer! This particular subject has confused me, for personal reasons, but I understand now.

Just let me ask you this. Since this is YOUR reality, if you want to win a contest, like the lottery, can't you just shift to a reality where you win? Or do you still need to compete with other people's vibrations?(Being the person with the least resistance)

(10 Sep '13, 01:19) PowerWave

I like the above question about the lottery. I think your right about shifting reality. You don't need to compete....your the only one in the competition!

(10 Sep '13, 01:55) Monty Riviera

Ps Nice answer Stingray....is it me, I thought Daryls picture was Verne Troyer for a minute!!

(10 Sep '13, 01:58) Monty Riviera

"Perhaps your confusion comes about from an assumption that you appear to have made that isn't entirely valid... There is no THE World, there is only YOUR World" YEAH BABY!

(11 Sep '13, 17:47) Dollar Bill

@PowerWave - "if you want to win a contest, like the lottery, can't you just shift to a reality where you win?" - Yes, you certainly could. But if you are holding a belief that you are in a "contest" then that presupposition is already going to be holding you back because "contest" implies there is someone else there who can take away what you want. And it also starts getting into the murky area of specifying to the universe exactly How you should receive something

(14 Sep '13, 08:21) Stingray
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the term he percieves is
connectedness, how does a
viral cell affect the body

are we of the creative
life force though in different
degrees removed yet each choice

affecting the future
he believes we fashion
our future with our thoughts


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Are you saying you are the master and I just a figment of your imagination? No, no, no if anything, I'm the master and you are just a figment of my imagination. lol See that thought doesn't feel so right when you are told you are the one being imagined by someone else.

I think it could be more like we are all marbles in a fish bowl. We all affect each other, as one moves all move but all are individual.


answered 10 Sep '13, 01:39

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Wade Casaldi

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