First off, to make things clear, I'm neither interested in living sexually abstinent nor in testing its effects on my body because it wouldn't be worth it in my view. But I'm interested in understanding the cause-and-effect relationship of sexual abstinence.

What happens in the body? Does one summon more energy? How does it relate to reality creation? And what's the exact theory in different spiritual schools?

There are some sources on the internet about this but they often use many indo-aryan or chinese words so I don't really get what they mean. It would be nice to read all of this in plain English.

There seems to be the belief that sexual abstinence gives some emotional benefits such as calmness and more drive in general.

Abraham say that sexual energy is nothing else than the energy that creates worlds/source energy. I get that. But how does abstinence relate to desires, allowing, surrendering etc? Does it have any benefits in regards to allowing (Step 3) or having stronger desires (Step 1) in general?

Any kind of insights would be greatly appreciated.

asked 22 Jul '13, 23:58

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Ive been considering this one for a while myself Releaser99. Im looking forward to some answers here. Ive read that some eastern mystics abstain.

Not sure what the "math" is on this one. Be fascinated to find out.

(23 Jul '13, 03:28) Monty Riviera

Abstinence makes you cranky. I tried it once. :)

(23 Jul '13, 07:42) Dollar Bill

@releaser99 Not exactly answering your question but the Pleiadians are big believers in the opposite of what you are suggesting - they suggest that the sexual act is like a cosmic gateway. Here is a link to the chapter in Bringers of the Dawn - about twenty years old now - but they talk about this through Norah Herold specifically (Wendy Kennedy tends not to stress this as much).

(23 Jul '13, 08:52) Catherine

To be fair, releaser I'm not sure they stress the monogamy aspect so much now but they still talk about it as being highly significant, spiritually speaking. There is a great chapter in The Path to Empowerment - Barbara Marciniak.

(23 Jul '13, 08:57) Catherine

@Dollar Bill That is what I would have assumed :). @Catherine "they suggest that the sexual act is like a cosmic gateway" I think that's what Bashar in one of his recordings suggests too. Thank you for the link. It's definitely helpful.

(24 Jul '13, 13:07) releaser99

The whole point of abstinence is that sexual energy, which is like one of the strongest ones, gets transferred into other areas and you release it through other means, like your dreams and desires.

Or in words of Napoleon Hill ~ It means the switching of the mind from thoughts of physical expression, to thoughts of some other nature.

There's nothing more to that. Technically, if you don't sleep around you can have edge, cause you'll go crazy, as Dollar bill suggested, and this craziness...

(16 Sep '13, 09:45) CalonLan

...will seek the ways to express itself. If you have no dreams, you'll just go nuts... if you have some, it gets channeled through them. If you're in any sort of competition, you will outclass anyone in it.

It's your ticket to becoming best in whatever you want.

(16 Sep '13, 09:48) CalonLan
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Short version ending summary: So in my opinion long term abstinence would probably yield similar results to the not insignificant boons from short term, however I believe it would be less effective than someone who maintained active and healthy sexuality who either fasted when they needed to draw more on this area or better still practiced being able to purposefully redirect energy from and to where they pleased. And I'd figure the benefits of this practice would wane as time passed, whereas the benefits from purposeful intervals of fasting would increase or plateau then decrease naturally with age.

Everything that follows is simply an explanation of why I feel the way I do and the information I used to draw my conclusions.

Quick tangent regarding those who can perform 'superhuman' feats, particularly monks. Assuming this information is incorrect then you can safely disregard everything I say here as they are the premises on which I base my opinions on the subject. From what I understand, pretty much only from word of mouth and conjecture so take this as you will, whenever someone performs feats of that nature they're often limiting as much energy as they can used on any non-vital tasks at that moment and focusing it on their goal. So as I understand it the purpose of clearing your mind isn't only so you can direct all of your attention on what you're trying to achieve and increase the amount of energy you generate from whatever power source which would normally fuel the intended process, but also to minimize superfluous energy consumption elsewhere both to increase how much you can produce in the more relevant power generator as well as redirect as much energy from other less-immediate sources as possible.

Another tangent regarding the body and balancing acts. In some instances if we overload our body in one area (such as over-consumption of substances which force abnormally high production or absorption of neurotransmitters) it will react with long term reductions to compensate. Decreased natural production is one possible reaction, disabling / 'weakening' / destroying receptors is another. In other areas of the body reactions will be different to having an over-abundance of a substance. Some substances simply stop being absorbed once their criteria is met and are ignored, others are filtered out when the aforementioned substance is overly available. Sometimes your body will simply resume natural behavior once the conditions are normalized, other times your body will adapt to the changes operating as if you needed to make long term corrections to survive in a new environment not knowing the changes were only temporary.

Now actually to the topic: For many people sexual drive is an extremely large source and consumer of energy. As @Nikulas mentioned in a question regarding this topic, he experienced improved results in kicking addictions, recovering from injury, and have general success in other areas of life. This is one of the reasons why instructors will suggest abstinence while preparing for a competition and it actually works, helping in the areas mentioned by Nik and others. When you have an overabundance of energy in one area it will naturally overflow into other areas even without conscious redirection or manipulation.

Even those who don't believe in chakras or 'energy' can't deny intervals without sexual release has substantial consequences, so we know at least in a 'fasting' style implementation this practice produces very noticeable results. However to know what if any long term impacts we would need to know how our body reacts to the new conditions it has to operate under. I personally believe you will keep producing sexual energy despite abstinence unless you found a way to also prevent conscious & subconscious arousal, and likely even still because I feel this instinct is programmed deeper in our being than we'd be able to turn off as it is a fundamental necessity for life to preserve its own existence.

Then we must consider if energy production from any part of your being, spiritual or otherwise, is dependent upon the health and strength of the area in question (as I believe) long term inactivity in any area brings risk of atrophy. You'll observe during breaks after periods of being highly sexually active your desire will become increasingly noticeable until it reaches a peak, then it begins to subside. If it becomes less apparent ONLY due to normalizing with those conditions without them changing (as one becomes accustomed to temperatures of water 'feeling' a difference, despite the actual temperature remaining static) then abstinence in the long term could yield as promising of results as we know it delivers in the short term. I believe this effect does occur, however I think all aspects of our being require activity to be maintained with optimum performance.

So as far as ideal results go I believe you'd be better off working at healthy moderation and growth rather than an all-in or nothing approach. Though anything is a possibility, including long term abstinence producing unyielding gains, I believe it's more likely it'd taper off and either result in that area of your being 'switched off' due to inactivity, or continuing to function but with diminishing results as it went underutilized in its "intended" manner.


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@Snow "When you have an overabundance of energy in one area it will naturally overflow into other areas even without conscious redirection or manipulation" Very interesting viewpoint. Thank you.

(24 Jul '13, 13:02) releaser99

I have been sexually abstinent for several years now, and I hate it. It has NOT resulted in improved results in kicking addictions, recovering from injury, and general success in other areas of life. In fact, quite the opposite. It's not working for me. Why do I do it? I need to find someone who ignites my passion, and the thought of having casual sex makes my flesh crawl. I want SERIOUS sex, with someone special. And yes, I need to focus on finding him because I feel quite incomplete without sexual passion. My Higher Self agrees with me on this point.


answered 23 Jul '13, 20:40

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Beach Baby

From what I have read, a man's ejaculate contains a fair amount of chi - and this makes sense, since the point of it is to create a new life. from various internet forums I have read, it seems that men benefit from abstinence, or learning to orgasm without ejaculating (as they teach in tantra). I don't know how this would relate to the Law of Attraction, but I am guessing that having a higher amount of chi in your body makes you more focused, which in turn would make your desires stronger and more focused. As for allowing, I am not sure... It seems that a healthy chi flow would increase mental clarity, which would help for the allowing aspect.

I'm very interested in the male orgasm vs. the female orgasm though (I even started a thread about it). As it seems to me that when I abstain, it affects me detrimentally. From an energetic point of view, that would make sense as I feel like the male orgasm is a release/giving of chi, while the female orgasm is absorption/receiving chi. But I haven't read anything that backs my theory up, so it's just pure speculation.


answered 25 Jul '13, 07:41

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"From what I have read, a man's ejaculate contains a fair amount of chi" That's interesting @cassiopeia. This would also mean that gathering chi through different methods such as qi gong would increase sex drive. I had a strange experience lately. After a fairly long Zhan Zhuang session I felt kinda dizzy. And my whole body was tingling. It felt like an extreme overload of energy. I guess I had gathered too much chi. Then I had a strong desire to exercise and do physical work.

(25 Jul '13, 08:22) releaser99

So I grabbed my Kettlebells and exercised for about an hour. But I was still feeling strange and full of energy. So I went out and walked around the house for about half an hour :). Later I felt normal again, but I had an excessive sex drive for many hours and couldn't think about anything else than sex. So this experience might back up your theory of man's ejaculate and chi.

(25 Jul '13, 08:22) releaser99

Yes, that is interesting!

To add to this, when I am feeling sluggish or sleepy, I often feel the need to have an orgasm. It usually gives me a bit of an energy boost. But I have no idea how other females feel about this!

But would this mean that Qi Gong would decrease a woman's sex drive? Hmm...

(25 Jul '13, 09:44) cassiopeia
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Eh, I don't know. Probably comes down to a matter of perspective as most of this does. I'd rather not throw myself out there sexually and would prefer to be abstinent before I engage in it nonchalantly. It's all about your intent. A lot of people are driven by sexuality and it's the main focus above all things, for a variety of reasons. Some people (male and female) do it for approval, an ego boost (which stems from lack and insecurity), others because they lack self respect, etc. in which case abstinece would be good and give you time for self reflection and connecting with yourself spiritually. It's good if those three reasons I mentioned are the driving force behind your sexual activity. Perhaps if you're in touch with yourself spiritually, know yourself, respect and love yourself and would like to engage in some casual "fun" with someone who has a mutual standing, then I'd say it would increase your energy and have its benefits energetically speaking. Sex has positive results as well as negative. As I said previously, it's your intent behind doing it. Me personally, I feel sex without any kind of mutual feeling is a complete waste of time, if it's constant. To each his own though


answered 15 Sep '13, 22:24

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If the experience is perceived as abstaining, I think it is destined to a path of frustration at least, and sense of failure at some point. I honestly don't think it could be maintained though as an experience of abstention. And would be interested in hearing how any school of thought would attempt to convey that sort of maintaining abstinence for sake of abstinence. I'm quite certain many have tried, with words, to convey such a notion.

In my experience, and understanding, it is a matter of 'choose this instead' and when experienced often enough the 'instead' part is dropped. I think this becomes self evident, to a small degree, if one thinks of abstaining (say from sex) for even an hour while doing something else, like having a meal. In the first few moments, that could look like, 'oh I have to take a break. I need something to eat.' But after 5 minutes, that could look something like, 'wow this food is good. I really like the way it is prepared. I've kinda always wanted to be a cook. I wonder how one actually becomes a cook?' All those thoughts do equal abstaining from sex, but aren't likely being filtered in that way. Instead, the mind has chosen instead. In these moments, it is very likely not an experience of (sexual) frustration and failure. And yet, if one were confronted in the middle of the meal with, 'no really, why don't you want to have sex right now?' as if that question needs to be answered before anything else, and answered as if it the question were an ultimatum (really, you're never going to have sex again?), I could see it suddenly becoming frustrating/annoying.

As things don't generally work like this, and is more likely to be several hours or days later when such questions are occurring, the frustration is perceived as less annoying. And really only if it becomes an ultimatum within the mind, 'seriously, you're never going to have sex again?' is it plausible for a sense of failure to be introduced. Play the denial game long enough, and that sense of failure will grow, and be realized in other ways, as in, 'ya know, if you don't have sex again, you'll lose that functioning. You do know that, right?' (IOW, ultimate failure)

Now, whole other side of this, is from school of thought I subscribe to which understands body impulses (especially sexual ones) as an attempt to mask mystical impulses. The idea being that attraction is based on the mystical impulse, but that ego/mind doesn't understand this, can't relate to that sort of impulse, and so instead insists that it be perceived as physical attraction, with physical fulfillment as the 'natural' response. But as physical fulfillment is always lacking, and is really a game of 'seek, but do not find,' then it can become a lifelong process of trying to fulfill / maintain so called 'natural impulses.' Oddly, what this actually maintains is the scarcity principle, that there is simply isn't enough of what I need to live. But given time and moderation, I'll at least get by. In fact, with moderation, if I can just learn to abstain at certain times, I'll realize a sense of balance, or perhaps even fulfillment, that will work for everyone.

With the mystical impulse, comes a mystical connection and mystical experience. As one who's had this for more than a few minutes (more like a week), I can attest to idea that from outside-in, it likely showed up as 'sexual abstinence.' From inside-out perspective, it is akin to 'having sex with everyone, all the time' and not needing a body to make that happen. Energy was very high, and for more hours of the day. Rest was peaceful, and frustration was absent. Mainly because, it wasn't a denial or refrain from sexual activity, but an extended period of 'choose this instead' which after a couple hours turned into, 'of course I'll choose this which brings me fulfillment like I have not yet experienced.' One where physical needs were still present, but not even a little bit in a mindset of, 'if I don't get it now, I may not have time or resources later on to get it.' IOW, the scarcity principle went bye bye and was seen for the illusion that it is.


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To add to snows respectful mentionings, try this.

Don't just go "cold turkey." Abstain from sex for an intention. Sex energy is the essential life energy. It's not always expressed as physical sex (via lust or otherwise), but that sexual energy is divine energy.

Using sexual energy to transmit it to other desires is ridiculously under-rated.

You need to try it for yourself. As a start, go one week with zero sex...Observe the changed in your psychology, emotion and physical vitality. One of the greatest things I've noticed is that when I build up my sexual energy (don't like the term 'abstain') I can do just about anything. Instead of 8-10 hours sleep a night (normal for a young man my age) try 4-5 hours, that is, being able to only require a max of 6 hours sleep a night for weeks on end whilst I save up my sexual energy.

Sexual energy doesn't substitue zero sleep, nor replacing quality eating habits or otherwise. For me, it's a God-like mystical booster that really assists in getting my desires. As a sidenote for men, it makes me sexually charismatic and very effortless to attract highly sexed women as well.

Give it a go for yourself. In my viewpoint, ever since discovering the incredible value in storing sex energy gave me to my physical energy levels, there was absolutly no way I'd ever return to depleting it with no real intention in mind.

If you abstain and it feels bad to abstain, you will without any doubt experience crankiness. Only do what you feel inspired to do.


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