Hello,I have known about law of attraction for 2-3 years but never really believed in it completely. However things were fine for me till the last year(if not perfect), but since 2012 some really unexpected and negative things are happening to me.

I could never understand that how could I have attracted these things(because even in my wildest dreams I had never thought that such circumstances could occur). I still managed somehow by keeping myself optimist to the extent I could have.

However recently I decided that I wanted my life back on track so started conducting small experiments on LOA. There is this book by Pam Grout called E-squared full of little experiments. I decided to try first 2-3 experiments. They were very simple like-ask the universe for an unexpected blessing in 48 hrs and wait, Ask to see butterflies etc. I did those experiment and hoped positively for some blessing to come(or butterflies) but nothing happened. Now it seems like LOA is just not working for me.

Although I am troubled but optimistic so I don't think that my vibrations are too low. Moreover I am skeptical but wish to trust the universe so why am I unable to manifest anything?

Any suggestions on what mistakes I might be making or how can I trust LOA again ,would be useful.

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The Law of attraction is not something that you have to learn.
It is something that you have to discover
You have to discover that the "outside" is the physical version of the "inside" known to you as "I AM"
The relationship between those two ideas is the "Law of Attraction"

(14 Sep '13, 15:45) The Traveller

It is working, its working fine it always has worked fine and it always will.

When you have sent out your request or desire the universe responds...always. HOWEVER the old situations may still be evident after this has happened. Things will "look" the same.

Now when things look the same you could find yourself thinking " LOA isn't working, things are as they always were" Now if this is your reaction then it proves "YOU HAVNT CHANGED" Why? because your reaction to the situation in exactly the same as it was previously. And if your reaction is the same you've not moved vibrationally at all. And if "you've" not changed... your circumstance never will....how can they?

When you've asked the universe for something you will 99% of the time be confronted with the vestiges of the previous circumstances, now "if" your reaction to these "seemingly" unchanged circumstances differs from your previous reaction....then "you" have altered . When that happens your results will flow. Your not trying to change circumstances really, your better concentrating on changing your beliefs and thoughts first. Your reaction to any event will almost certainly be a very good indicator to your new level of consciousness.

So to recap, its working fine and the only reason you think its not is because theres still a little work for you to do. That's good news, we all fit into that category and we can alter our consciousness accordingly.


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@Monty Riviera Well put!

(13 Sep '13, 14:13) releaser99

It's not working because either you're attached to the outcome or because you don't want it to happen for some reason. It's called fear of unknown, you're not ready to change your world view of 'pain and gain' to 'ask and it is given'. I mean you can check for yourself: when you asked for unexpected blessing, did you feel a knot in your stomach, thinking, who knows what this unexpected blessing would be, would I have to do something different from what I'm doing now? Would it change my routine? Would I need to make sacrifices? That kind of thing. :)


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Old habits, as in old thinking patterns are not always easy to discern. It took lots of time and effort to get where we are, it is just normal that it will take some time to internalize a new way of feeling and viewing the world. Seek the truth and concentrate on one thing at a time. It is working for me I keep planting seeds of love in all that I do and I saw my attitude has changed immensely and I am enjoying the challenges. Still as I am human and learning, it will take a strong will to get through some blocks. Important for us to change how we think about everything in a positive way and have faith. Enjoy the journey learn from what doesn't work and move on. You are a beautiful creation of what you think and vibrate into the world.


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