I earned a practical degree and am in a practical career.

I don't enjoy it, neither do I hate it.

I have no clue what my dream career is. If someone said you can be anything you want I would answer, I do not know.

Why is that? Am I spiritually blocked off, jaded, spoiled, to negative?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Like "Lost and Found", I read the same thing on Steve Pavlina's site, and for me, it was true. The things that made me cry a little were the things that were important for me to do. If I am not emotional about something, it probably isn't that important to me.

But do we have just "a calling and purpose" in this life? I say we may have more than one and that most of us do. More than one passion that we could just cry over. In my case, I love working with dogs, I love performing music, love to travel, and I love to write stories. Most of us are multi-faceted in our talents and many of us do not hold one passion above the other as a calling. There is nothing wrong in that.

Also, there is a belief among many that we should make our living with one of our passions or callings, and that if we did, all would be well in our lives. This creates some pressure upon us to know what we are best at, and make a career of it and perhaps force a love or passion to provide for us. I worked very happily for many years in the field of banking security...not at all connected to writing, working with animals, travel or making music. But it did provide me with a nice income that enabled me to enjoy the other things, and I would not trade the people I met or the experiences I had for anything.

So in my opinion, this is not something to be forced or to feel inadequate about, or to feel blocked about. Interests and passions may come to you later, and they may or may not be something you want to make a career of. They may be wonderful sidelines or hobbies. You can be happy with the career you are in, as the Abraham readings state, and as you make the most of that, other opportunities to be happy will come to you.


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LeeAnn 1

That people might feel pressured into doing their calling because to do otherwise would be "settling" is not something I had considered before. Thanks for the insight!

(08 Oct '10, 03:59) Vesuvius

The only faulty logic that I see here is that you seem to have confused passion for purpose. I am an avid reader of fiction. While I could definitely enjoy a career in editing books, that is not my purpose. The reading is more about using my imagination, which does play a part in my actual purpose.

(13 Sep '11, 04:16) akaVienne

Thank you, I would not want to be confused.

(13 Sep '11, 22:56) LeeAnn 1
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This is what I found on Steve Pavlina's website.

Here’s what to do:

Take out a blank sheet of paper or open up a word processor where you can type (I prefer the latter because it’s faster). Write at the top, “What is my true purpose in life?” Write an answer (any answer) that pops into your head. It doesn’t have to be a complete sentence. A short phrase is fine. Repeat step 3 until you write the answer that makes you cry. This is your purpose.

I took a 2/3 pay cut, now living on rice and beans (Yummy!, no really I love them) and my life right now does not but will again have all of the niceties. That is fine because I am enjoying the creation process of rebuilding my life while serving my purpose. I have never felt more Joy than I have now. When you use your emotions as an Emotional Guiding System, you always know you are heading in the right direction.

Much Love.


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jim 10

answer that makes you cry??

(07 Oct '10, 16:17) Back2Basics

Tears of Joy. The emotion of relief of discovering your YES that is it!

(08 Oct '10, 00:34) jim 10

Oh I thought you had left, here you are, I thought some other Jim was you returned. Welcome back Jim.

(21 Jun '11, 00:38) Wade Casaldi
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I read fear in all of this. You don't know your calling because you are compromising happiness for material security. That is the trap of this paradigm, for without your happiness, you can't really manifest the world you want to live in. And the fear of lack/failure is paralyzing.

Quite a dilemma? no, it is a choice. Realize, that yes we do have duties toward others, yet what does it take to keep soul and body together? not much. It is only when you are willing to lose all the "stuff" that you're entrapping yourself in, that you can follow your heart and thus let your light shine with happiness and appreciation. That's when you regain your full power of manifestation. I am not selling you a theory. I walk the talk. I had to make do with no car, waiting in the freezing weather for public transport with my little ones, buying used items only and living in another country on another continent. But it is all worth it.

Thank you, namaste


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Actually this has always been a question I have always pondered over... what exactly is my passion in life? What is my real purpose in life? What was I actually born to do?

The first time I thought I had found my answer - I thought back on kindergarten or primary school when your teachers would always ask "What is your ambition?" or "What do you want to be when you grow up?" That may be an answer that satisfy you currently.

But after that, you will still keep thinking to yourself : Is that really what I want to do? etc etc..?

Until I started participated in Inwardquest more actively(I used to be just a silent reader), I got lead to certain metaphysical and LOA videos(predominantly Abraham-Hicks), and something in one of their videos reasonated with me the most - Your purpose in this life is to be a creator and manifest. To create things and manifest you desire- that is what you came into this world for...

That was when I realized I had been worrying much over nothing. Our purpose or calling in this life is to just ENJOY LIFE and make the best out of it! :)


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I like that, enjoying life seems like it really should take priority.

(07 Oct '10, 16:18) Back2Basics

As a boater i know a moving boat is easier to steer. If your not exactly sure of the direction, get moving any way. If a wave hits a sitting boat i can wreck it. If its moving it has some chance of weathering he storm.

Some people have the view that we must sit dead still until we know EXACTLY where were going.

In 44 years ive rarely known exactly what im meant to be doing. Still have a good life thou!

Enjoy wht you do as much as you can, keep an open mind to any crossroads you ma come accross. You may spot a turning,take it, and be glad you did.



answered 08 Oct '10, 08:52

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Monty Riviera

What did you like or want to be when you were a kid. Before you were culturalized? If money was no concern, what would you do after you traveled and bought everything you wanted, after all that, what would you do?


answered 07 Oct '10, 00:29

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haha brings back a memory, when I was in elementary school I always wanted to be a race car driver....Is that my calling??

(07 Oct '10, 01:10) Back2Basics

you'd be surprised at the inspiation that will come with building a car, getting sponsored, racing, etc......

(07 Oct '10, 23:13) RPuls

Its ok if you do not know what you want to do yet. Maybe you are young in the journey but it will manifest in time. keep on seeking.


answered 07 Oct '10, 23:46

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There was a slogan over the gates of the Auschwitz (and other) Nazi concentrations camps in German "Arbeit macht frei" meaning WORK SETS YOU FREE. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arbeit_macht_frei

I am starting to believe that our existence here as Human is no different in the greater context of creation and our slogan, to give us the desire to keep existing here, is the "Calling" or "Purpose" especially in the context of "What excitement do you want to follow ?".

I think our energy is "tastier" and of greater harvestable quantity when we are in constant "excitement".

I know you are going to ask me "what the hell does that statement mean?”

All I can say is, if you are asking the question you're probably getting the hint. I don't want to elaborate for obvious reasons, because I don't really believe that that angle is correct, (I hope not), but I don't know that it is Incorrect either.

It's interesting to see that since my answer to this question http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/2178/is-everyone-born-with-a-specific-talent-or-vocation Way back in 2009, I have changed somewhat.


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The Traveller

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I think it's great to be able to look back on some of our earlier answers and gauge how much we've actually changed or grown :)

(19 Jun '11, 12:49) Michaela

What do you enjoy, and have a natural talent for?

That is your calling.

Full Disclosure
My calling is probably as a musician, but that's not what I decided to be (I didn't want to be a starving artist). Instead, I became a computer programmer. Writing programs is difficult work, but strangely compelling, and after so many years I find myself pretty good at it.

The nice thing about developing software is there's always something new to learn.

If you still don't feel inspired (most people don't get that excited about computers), try this exercise to jump-start your creative process.


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@Vesuvius: That sounds all to familiar. That use to be my goal and now I am a SW developer. How funny. I would enjoy playing guitar for a band like U2, selling out concerts, etc....but I put that away as not a career path. So i am back to square one! yes software is interesting and fun but wonder if I am not using all my abilities...

(06 Oct '10, 20:42) Back2Basics

....so those of us who enjoy playing music are a bit further of manifesting it into a career than someone who loves to teach children, I would assume...

(06 Oct '10, 20:44) Back2Basics

My wife has tried to encourage me to get back into music as a hobby. She says I need something completely different in my experience during off-work hours. Oddly enough, music and computer programming have many parallels; they are both mathematically-based, involve a lot of skill and attention to detail, etc.

(06 Oct '10, 20:46) Vesuvius

Talent goes a long way towards manifesting something into a career, but you still have to work at it, and you still have to occasionally do stuff that has nothing to do with your talent (the business end of things). As to using all of your abilities, there is no such thing. As you continue to learn, you develop new abilities, and the process doesn't have an ending point.

(06 Oct '10, 20:49) Vesuvius

that is true, thanks!

(06 Oct '10, 23:49) Back2Basics
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You do know what you like doing best, and what you would really like to do, if you could just reach out and choose what you want! But it gets complicated, since knowing what you want, doing what you want, is two different things. So we get stuck in a rock, and a hard place, and we get confused, and then we lie to our self. What should I do, or I do not know what to do? Of course, you do know what you want to do, or someone could ask you what do you like doing etc. So my point is you are the only one that can decide what you want to do for a Career, and what you need to do to achieve your goal.

Why don’t you use Stingray’s focus block to help you to get focused on what you want to manifest!

Personally, I am not doing the work that I have a calling for, but in my field of work I use my talent to help other people, although it is not a part of my job description, in that way I am still getting to do what I like doing, but I am not getting paid for it. So, if there is something specific that you believe is you’re calling, and you want to use it, you can find a way to do so, perhaps by volunteering, or by using the LOA to manifest your desire!


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Inactive User ♦♦

well maybe you did not find it yet! or you did but do not know about it! or you have many and are more a general type of person one that fits every where like a pretender! and maybe you need to find more about yourself go more deep in you! see what good you do around you! the career the job is there for you to earn money and take part in society! i hope the job is not the only thing that define you a robot could do that! and you are more then a robot! so find what are the things that you like to do and what you are good at and how you affect people around you!


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white tiger

Our main purpose on Earth is to further the Kingdom of God here on Earth.

Anything else is for the self only and is not a purpose but a desire.


answered 21 Jun '11, 00:35

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Wade Casaldi

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