This subject is a grey area for me and I hope the more enlightened impressing members of the community can help me out with this with a mature mind.I fantasized a lot when growing up funnily enough about my girlfriend who I am finally with.

The question I have involves this very thing, where does fantasizing come into the law of attraction more so the manifestation of thoughts? There have been times when I have sexual fantasies mentally of girls I have seen in explicit material and I wonder what exactly does this mean in the sense of what is I am manifesting.Please note i am repeatedly picturing /fantasizing thus Impressing the thought which i feel is the same as purposely impressing the image of a car in order to attract it.

I by no means want to attract more girls as I am extremely happy it is more of a habit that had formed from my private activities growing up as a typical male.So could anyone shed light on this.

My take is that the fantasizing doesn't effect manifestation in the same way as it is often not backed by love the heart and more so lust but this is just my opion I welcome you all to share.

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Funny thing about sexual thoughts is that we are conditioned to think that it is taboo. If we look at a rally race and fantasize about flying through the gravel ,that's ok. Even though you are satisfied with your street car . Relax. Enjoy the fantasy. It's all about how you really feel in the moment. If you are uncomfortable ,where are those feelings coming from? The explicit material your enjoying might be part of the problem. And the situations that are involved in the production of such ( the dark side of explicit material). When we enjoy a rally race, the driving techniques, the extreme motor sports technology, the sights and sounds. The thrill of it all. We know we are not going drive like that in our daily commute. But who knows we might have picked up some of those techniques the make the daily drive a little bit more exciting.

EDIT: I like to add that your generation is the object of a large scale propaganda campaign to objectify women.

In one week American teenagers spend 31 hours watching TV, 17 hours listening to music, 3 hours watching movies, 4 hours reading magazines, 10 hours online. That's 10 hours and 45 minutes of media consumption a day.

This I am strongly against this .I recommend to gain a perspective on this, you and your partner should watch this documentary Miss Representation

(Bad screener copy, I saw it on Netflix) None the less give it a view!




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That is a great documentary @ursixx ! Thanks for posting it. I hope everyone who hasn't seen it gets a chance to watch it. Love that a man linked it - you're a good man - one of the best. I hope your daughters know how lucky they are to have a Dad like you - I'm sure your wife does.

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@ursixx Media consumption by teenagers factors in; but the main focus of the video 'Miss Representation' is how the media portrays women and ### in modern culture . The generation before us fought so hard for equal rights (women's lib). Sad to see women going backwards instead of forward.

(27 Sep '13, 01:30) ele

@Barry what word do you suggest I use for ### ? Since when is that word considered profanity? You can say sexual but you can't shorten the word to the first 3 letters? (I guess I found a word which sort of works - I edited my comment) Actually the word sexuality does NOT work. Going to change it back to what it was.

(27 Sep '13, 01:35) ele

According to the Huffington Post, #### Sites Get More Visitors Each Month Than Netflix, Amazon & Twitter Combined. 30% of all data transferred across the Internet is ####. You may want to check out the new movie Don Jon. It takes a closer look at how society and the media portray women & how pornography destroys relationships. I guess I need to write out the full word (pornography) in the future.


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@ele - The words 'sex' and 'porn' have now been whitelisted and should bypass the filter

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@Barry If you have a list of words which will set off the sensors, it would make sense to me to 'white list' the words you know are not considered profanity or offensive so this will not continue to happen. I think this is like the 7th time I set the alarms off entirely by accident. Thank you..

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I think there's an exchange of energy even looking at a picture of a person. I have not done that, so that's all I have on that. I stopped fantasizing about real people over 2 decades ago when I manifested a relationship with someone about whom I'd fantasized which did not turn out well. I remembered my Seth studies and decided to just make up a person to fantasize about in the future. With heart, Charlotte


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From my quite extensive studies (but still limited experience), the fundamental premise to manifest successfully is that imagination must be accompanied by a strong desire and the absolute belief that the imagined thing will become reality. I assume that when you fantasize about those girls, you just stop at the imagining stage: you don't want it to be real and certainly you don't expect it to become real. This means that whatever vibration you are emitting, is neither high enough nor sustained enough to have any impact on "reality".


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Its very difficult for me to quantify if sexual fantasies have any effect on manifestation.

Ive always had an extremely vivid imagination sexually and have spent the last 30 odd years in pretty much a full time sexual fantasy. Ive never abstained from this so have nothing to compare my current results with.

I have what most people would regard as a pretty partner so im assuming that my fantasies havnt kept women away from me. Im not sure either how other non women related issues have been effected either.

From what I hear at work and in the pub, it would seem that a high rate of sexual fantasies is something of a default setting on " most" men!

I rather enjoy my sexual fantasies, they make me happy and I guess that's no bad thing.


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Monty Riviera

The thing about sexual fantasies is that when you're imagining yourself making love with someone like movie stars or beautiful neighbour, it's just that, a fantasy, not a decision that you really want to have sex with certain person. So you're just using your imagination to feel good and you'll attract more of the same feeling. It doesn't manifest Miley or Taylor or that neighbour, just because you're not sure from the start that if you can really pull that off, and if you can then how the heck you're gonna manage an **s like that. :D. So just enjoy your fantasies, it won't manifest anything except feeling for that particular time-slice. And isn't that all you want.


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