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Everyone has many desires according to contrast he must be observing. There're then routine desires and some mile-stone desires. One of my mile-stone desires is to manifest a white Santa Fe 2013. So does any of fellow questers got some of their mile-stone desires manifested? If so please share, it'll be a confidence booster for all. Please don't reply saying that : one should not discriminate desires as big or small, routine or life changing. I'm not doing that, I just want to know what's the biggest (in a sense) thing you've manifested. And how? Everyone loves to learn how someone else did what they're trying to do. How the things started to work out with them, when first they made a clear decision about what they want. How soon the synchronicities got started and was there clear motivation for an action. How soon can we start to see tiny changes in physical reality after we launched the desire. Whats more it helps others trust that they must be on the right path. So it's my plea to some of the master-manifesters (coined it myself) to be a dear and light the path. :)

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Pankaj Pal

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Success stories have been covered many times already on Inward Quest:

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