Why is it that certain people that seem to harbour more hatred towards life sometimes have better (or can get the things they wan more easily) than others who may be more "neutral" (maybe still a little negative person, but not harbour as much hatred towards life)?

What is the fundamental difference between these 2 persons? After all, they are both negative in nature, yet the one who seems to be "more" negative seems to be able to manifest the things they want in their live more easily.

To understand this better, here is an example to illustrate:

Person A : Tends to complain about majority of the things in life, hates 1-2 person to the core and constantly complains about this 1-2 particular person. Yet has a good relationship, more income and so on.

Person B: Complains about things in life too, just a lot lesser than Person A, doesn't really hate anyone, just maybe a bit disjointed in life at times. But Person B seemingly finds it difficult to get some of the things he want in life (maybe a good relationship, some kind of income, good results and so on)

Person C: Very amicable person. Wouldn't say he is 100% positive, but seldom negative and can accept almost anything in life. But seems to have the most problems in the area he finds lacking the most, which is relationships (both boy-girl relationships and social - maybe just generally more friends or interactions)

So why is that Person A, who seems to be the most negative in life, actually have "better" (had doubts about using this word, but can't find a better replacement) things in life as compared to Persons B and C who are not as negative?

In case you are wondering, yup these are some of the people around me with some modifications (of course). But I'm sure you would have met such situations before in your life too.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

"So I will spit you out of my mouth, because you are only warm and not hot or cold. You say, `I am rich and have many things. I need nothing.' You do not know that you are in trouble and need help. You are poor. And you have no clothes to wear. I tell you what you should do. You should buy from me gold that has been made clean by fire. Then you will be rich. And you should buy from me white clothes to wear. Then people will not see that you have no clothes, and you will not be ashamed."

(02 Oct '13, 01:38) flowsurfer

The answer might be simple: identity. What do these 3 people identify with?

(02 Oct '13, 01:43) flowsurfer

If you can't hate, you cannot love either.

Person A simply lets the flow through in all directions, whereas person B and C are holding themselves back - unnaturally.

In other words, Person A finds it easier to keep the balance. When they stop they stop, not merely slow down. When they move forward, it's pedal to the metal, not just slightly speeding up.

Apropos, someone who accepts almost anything is walking dead. Such a tasteless life.

(02 Oct '13, 01:54) CalonLan

@calonlan - but isn't it often preached on this site that the first step to manifesting anything is to first be contented with what you have and accept things are as it is at the moment ?

(02 Oct '13, 02:02) kakaboo

@kakaboo, Indeed it is. Then again, anyone who preaches his ways to be the right ways to go about things, is just being delusional. =)

(02 Oct '13, 04:32) CalonLan

kakaboo, you must know too many people who harbour hatred and no doubt feel entitled. he does not relate

(02 Oct '13, 19:25) fred

@kakaboo I will give you a good advise get to know them better. there is usely some reason why a person is a certain way. also sometime things are not what they seam. some are wolf in sheep clothing and some are sheep in wolf clothing. in this world many put a mask to not show what they are really or just to be polite and make them self look nice.

(08 Jul '14, 18:30) white tiger
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I think the tricky thing when comparing those manifestations and judging them is that we are operating from our own perceptional reality.

Ultimately those manifestations you mention (and in fact all manifestations) are just perception. Everything is ultimately neutral and we give meaning to things. By giving meaning to manifestations ("This manifestation is good and that one is bad") we put things into our Vortex.

For example, you might experience having 1000 dollar/month and you decide that you don't like it. Maybe you feel hatred towards life because of that. So you put more money into your Vortex. Source answers and more money is now done in vibrational reality. And let's say you find a way to align yourself with that desire for more money and let's say you now have 100.000 dollars a month.

Does this mean that you will now live happily ever after because of that increase in income? Of course not, because

  1. We cannot stand still vibrationally. There will always be a desire for more.
  2. It's not the manifestation that determines your happiness. It's your perception of things that determine your happiness/emotions.

So let's say 100.000 dollars/month becomes your new reality. And because you launch new desires for different things now again (maybe even more money depending on your perceptional reality), you have to find ways to align yourself with those new desires again.

And launching new desires and not being in alignment with them causes you again to feel negative emotions. Maybe you feel hatred towards life because of that again. But again feeling hatred won't accomplish anything. It's alignment that matters.

alt text

Now others might see your new improved situation (which in your new perceptional reality is just the beginning for more) and say "Why is he so full of hatred towards life and still has 100.000 dollars/month"?

The answer to this is because you now have aligned yourself with that amount of money in your perceptional reality. And even if you live in that negative state until you make your transition, chances are that you will stay at that income level. Because it's your new vibrational place aka belief that you deserve that amount.

So it comes down to your perception/beliefs that determines what is standard for you.

Why do some people feel negative constantly and still have the luxury of internet connection, enough food, shelter etc? And why don't others who may live in others parts of the world have those "luxury goods" despite being in higher vibrations?

Why do some people fly into a fury when somebody calls them "stupid" and others just smile?

Because all manifestations (material things, circumstances, words etc) are just perception.

And the other problem with judging other people's manifestations is that you will never really know how they feel. What you perceive to be "hatred" might feel like "feeling overhelmed" or "neutral" to them. You are just interpreting your version of them through your own lenses.


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superb answer! @releaser99.

(02 Oct '13, 01:32) ursixx

Yup that was along the lines of what I was thinking too - that something which may seem difficult or impossible in ones life might seem like a natural occurence to another, but couldn't quite put my finger on it. Thanks

(02 Oct '13, 02:00) kakaboo

You always get what you believe and "vibrate" about a subject. So, if you believe that money just grows on trees and constantly flows into your bank account in really large amounts, all day every day, you just can't stop attracting the money then that is what will happen. Whether you are in 'hatred' all day or in joy all day. Your emotional state won't matter because your beliefs about money are set at that setpoint which would be 'knowing/empowered/freedom' on the emotional guidance scale, on that particular subject.

Alternatively, you could be more 'neutral' in general state most days but you have a different setpoint on the subject of money, you may worry if you have enough to pay bills, you may feel a bit of envy here and there for those who are wealthy, you may think certain sums of money are 'big' and wealth and expensive and luxurious things feel out of your comfort zone, so if that is your setpoint then you will attract lack of money, in line with your beliefs. Your setpoint on the subject of money would be closer to 'jealousy/doubt/frustration'

It's your setpoint on different subjects that determine your experiences in life.

However, if you can raise your dominant general setpoint to a high vibration, so that for the majority of the time - for an extended period of time - you feel love, appreciation, excitement and other high-flying emotions what happens then is you lose access to low vibrational thoughts on all subjects, because you're flying high in alignment with you inner being and your inner being cannot recognize lack at all, whether that's lack of money, relationships whatever the subject, from the vortex (in alignment with your inner being) you just lose access to lack across the board.


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yes, perhaps the setpoints have a strong correlation to the awareness of our ability to utilize ideation while for others the sign of their birth holds attraction to earth elements

(25 Jun '14, 20:37) fred

People who have more hatred MAY APPEAR to be happy/have more material things! But they will never have Contentment which is referred to the experience of the inner self and inner fulfillment by just "being." The keyword is "being." Spirituality teaches us that "being" is before "doing" and "having." Thus, when the experience of "being" is not complete, people go outward, in search of "having" and "doing." What is external are things that come, remain for some time and disappear after a while, hence the very fact that they have hatred is the proof that they do not have contentment. Real contentment is the result of living in the truth--realizing all are children of God, hence I should have pure motive in dealing with others, this purity in dealing with others will produce good neighbours, which means peace from external source also. Besides, everything happens according to the principle of Cause and Effect. Note it is a principle, it is not something that works in black and white--how much distress/delight is given is returned--how and when do not matter. Hence an innocent may SEEM to be punished. If you give distress/happiness, you will receive it accordingly. The reaping may have been happened in the past--distant or immediate, or committed crime yet not caught, or planned but not executed, or would happen only in the future--it is all about sanskar (fascination with your basic taste you have built up from past indefinite) you carry, not necessarily about action. It is like you going to a house [which you were sure nobody was in] in the middle of the night with the intention of stealing; but could not steal as the neighbours were awake! But in principle you are a thief in your heart--something which you ONLY know whereas the rest of the world does not know. (Compare What Bible says in Mathew 5:28) Now years later you are caught for stealing about which you do not know anything. Knowing your plight, the world may lament saying: the innocent is suffering! Take another case which I know personally: A person was detained in the Air Port as terror suspect, but later was released as he could prove his innocence. But it caused him much distress as he missed his flight. You would have blamed the system! But wait! Soon he was caught for betrayal and dismissed from the company he was working in. This shows the sanskar of betrayal was already there in his heart. If you give distress to someone, distress will come to you--not necessarily the exact way in which it was given by you. (Galatians 6:7) So is with the delight you have caused to someone in the past will come back to you--something the observers cannot trace the origin!


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T D Joseph

you said: Why is it that certain people that seem to harbor more hatred towards life sometimes have better (or can get the things they wan more easily) than others who may be more "neutral" (maybe still a little negative person, but not harbor as much hatred towards life)?

if they hate them self they will hate everything else since they listen to their ego that want everything for himself thinking that he is better then other. they might have any thing in this world it does not mean that it will make them happy they are still slave to their ego they are still in bond. they will lie and not admit it. those more neutral seek the middle path not in extremes some of them have experience the extremes and it brought them in the opposite direction from where they wanted to go. one cannot jump on the same leg for ever eventually he needs to jump on the other leg or he is out of balance. or for example: I say it is like someone in a boat that want to go up the river he might row hard and go in extremes rowing night and day until he falls asleep the next day he is down the river and as to start again.


someone more neutral would make a small distance and anchor down wait until rested and make another small distance. the next day he is up the river.

you see your hater as to go fast and take short cut yes he seams to have everything he wants but often you will find him down the river.

or he might not live to your expectation.

also you see the target is not what is important, are you able to enjoy the journey getting there?

or do you have to rush through to say look I have this.

yes you have this are you enjoying it what are you doing with it? are you enjoying it? does it give you something?

also try to go with the flow; it is easier to go down stream in a river then going up stream.

even on a lake you still have the wind that can push you and carry you. it is up to you. rather then going in extreme and fighting against the flow why not go with the flow it will make your journey much more easy.


The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit."

some will say it is not that easy there is some up and down in this world yes it is true learn the truth and deal with.

look at a glider it go up and down using the wind hot air go up cool air go down using movement and energy (altitude and speed in the case of the glider) to travel. the better the balance and control the better the ride.

you see the one inside the glider observe the environment to find hot air that go up or air that the wind blow up for example at the side of a mountain. and he moves the glider in the right direction. to make the glider go up and take altitude using that altitude he moves forward converting it in to speed.



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white tiger

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