It is said: by all power God can do anything. What do you think?

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In my view the answer is both yes and no. For the sake of clarity, I see God, Source and the Universe as the same representation of all that is, although different words and language are used.

God loves us unconditionally and at the same time God has granted us free will to have, be and do anything we want. Thus, we're able to believe that God doesn't love us and won't grant our wish; that's how much God actually loves us. Another way of looking at it is God wants for us what we want for ourselves.

At the same time, we're born into this world of reason and logic and we're taught to be rational. Based on our conditioning in rationality, the idea of an all powerful God who grants our every wish just doesn't fit.

Now, when we deeply contemplate reason and logic or rationality, we discover that all knowledge stored in our brain is past knowledge. In other words, there's nothing that's actually new in there. And from this place of past, old or limited knowledge, we plot our future.

Seeing what rationality actually is enables us to move beyond it, beyond the idea of reason and logic towards the idea of a higher self. Whereas the rational mind knows what's past, and what may work in future, higher self knows what's in store for us and what will definitely work by listening to its messages and moving in a particular direction towards our desired outcome.

Is Rationality a constraint on God?

Believing in the supremacy of rationality must hinder and limit understanding and the knowledge that we're more than we know. As Moses said: "Do ye not know that ye are Gods."

So in that sense, God is constrained and limited in certain ways as to how to help us, due to our free will and our ability to choose not to believe in God. Perhaps paradoxically, if we strongly believe in a negative future for ourselves, then a negative future must be granted by God.

On the other hand, God being God, is unlimited, so at any and every opportunity God will shine through in any and every way possible. So in that sense, rationality is not a constraint on God in any way, shape or form. Stillness of the mind's constant self-chatter or internal dialogue is the key to hearing God's messages.


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Great answer Eddie :)

(09 Oct '10, 12:03) Michaela

Thanks Michaela, I just elaborated on what you said :-)

(09 Oct '10, 12:42) Eddie

I appreciate your way of pointing out the main facts, and I am sure that many other readers will benefit from your answer. Thank you.

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Indubitably, God is without limits or constraints of any sort. I don't think the source of all creation is concerned with reason or logic because he/she/it knows the real power behind everything is Love.


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I like that you mentioned, that the real power behind everything is Love. Because that is a fact of life! Thank you.

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You're very welcome :)

(10 Oct '10, 18:39) Michaela

I think the question or the word "can" implies "can not"

That implies failure and success.

That implies trying not trying and will to try.

Which all imply imperfection.

As "God"...this can not be.


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I understand your position; thank you.

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human rationality is a segmented process of overall life,
touted as the end and be all of truth but alas only finite
let us look past the illusion that we can describe/ measure all that exists,
the boundless is infinite and eternal as best described by limited rationality


answered 28 Feb '11, 11:32

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A very intuitive answer! Thank you.

(28 Feb '11, 22:38) Inactive User ♦♦
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