Hello everyone asking question for the first time here and english is not my first language so sorry if I make any mistake.

Been practicing LOA for past 6 months and stumbled across this amazing forum recently. Already read quite a few answers of @stingray and this man gave me lots of hope thanks you are a true gem.

Like everyone else I started small in the beginning like trying to manifest a parking space or a donut but failed everytime, I believed in LOA 100% but my belief system started to weaken still I continued and moved on to bigger things maybe because I was scared to manifest smaller things and didn't wanted to demotivate myself.

Failed again with bigger things so I moved back to deliberately manifesting small petty things but you know my answer.

I dont know whats wrong with me I always stay positive maintain a gratitude journal and visualize 10 minutes before going to bed and 10 minutes after waking up.

Can anyone tell me what exactly am I doing wrong and I want to manifest few physical changes I have a big birthmark on my left arm how can I remove it if i am too insecure about it.

I try to avoid going out in summers and whenever I go out I try to hide my arm.

I believe it is possible to do so but how can I love something which I really can't love because its ugly and shattered my confidence( dunno how to explain but you get the idea). Can anyone help me out here on what can I do I am not frustrated its not working for me

just trying to find my mistakes and correct them.

Thank you

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Welcome to Inward Quest.

First thing to say is that you are manifesting every single moment of every day in perfect accordance with your thoughts.

It's not strictly accurate to say that you can't manifest even the most common things. What you are really saying is that you would prefer to manifest differently than you are now.

So there's nothing wrong with you ...what you're experiencing is the normal human experience of physical life :)

It might be worth you taking a look at the Troubleshooting Guide and seeing if anything there causes any insights into what you are currently doing.

That posting is several years old now and if I was writing it today, I would probably emphasize one thing above all others...

If you keep noticing where you are, you stay where you are

Having spoken to quite a few people over the years about reality creation subjects, and more within the Manifesting Lab, I'm really convinced that this is the major block for people.

It's the awareness of how things are right now that keeps your attention on how things are right now and keeps recreating a physical reality of how things are right now.

It's a game of absence vs presence where absence keeps winning.

Perhaps one of the advantages I have had with these subjects is that I've been involved with them for long enough that I've built up enough faith that if I keep ignoring current physical reality then a new one will definitely materialize, even if it doesn't happen overnight.

But for many people, especially those starting out, there's a fear and uncertainty about whether manifesting is real so they keep checking back to see if anything has changed in their current reality which then immediately draws them back into their current physical reality again ...so they end up going nowhere fast :)

What I would suggest to you is try to take your attention completely off your birthmark, if you can.

Don't try to visualize it out of existence (that just activates absence again), don't even think about it anymore if possible.

Just focus on finding ways to feel good every day and trust that you letting go completely will be enough to start a process whereby impulses and inspirations will suggest themselves when the time is right.

Yes, you can get into detailed and specific manifesting processes but if you do them from a place of noticing how things are right now, all they manifest (frustratingly) is more of how things are right now :)

If you get your dominant feeling of absence of your desire neutralized then you'll probably find that a lot of things will fall into place by themselves.


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@Stringray thanks for the reply. I kind of get what you mean I just have to let go of it completely and start enjoying other things in my life but how can someone not notice where they are right now? It's really hard to ignore my birthmark when people stare at my arm even if its just a glare I get self conscious. One of my biggest dream is to go study and settle in Australia but how can i let go of something which I want desperately I can't as if I already have it when I clearly know know I dont

(11 May '19, 09:00) majnu

Have it. Also staying in present is important but I daydream alott does it gets in way of manifestation? Also if I manifest each and everything how did I manifest stiff neck today in morning when i never thought about it and was never sad about something for past few weeks. Sorry if this all falls out of place and this might be too trivial for you but I am really curious I want to master art of manifestation.

(11 May '19, 09:06) majnu

@Stingray ......

(12 May '19, 00:38) majnu

@majnu - "want to master art of manifestation" - If that's what you really want to do then, if I was in your shoes, I'd sign up for a Manifesting Lab trial because most, if not all, of your questions are already answered there. I generally answer questions here on Inward Quest for people who are casually interested in these ideas and just want a quick answer and then move on. Manifesting Lab is for those who are serious about mastering manifesting

(12 May '19, 04:09) Stingray

@Stingray sorry hearing about manifesting lab first time can you tell what is it and from where to sign up?

(12 May '19, 04:15) majnu

@majnu - You can find an introduction to it here: https://manifestinglab.com/

(12 May '19, 04:17) Stingray
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