I find that some people seem to be able to move from one relationship to another just as easy as catching a train. On the other hand, there are many single men and women(more women than men) who seem to have difficulty attracting a partner. Why is this so? How does the law of attraction apply here? I know that each situation is different but when a problem is common amongst a particular group then it would appear that they all share something in common.

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I tend to think that it is really an individual or personal problem rather than a group problem.

In each case the reason will be different depending on why the person wants the relationship and why their past relationships broke down. Although I'm sure there are lots of similar reasons that they share in common, I think each individual case is unique to the person involved and until they can look at those whys, they just might continue to repeat those old patterns and will go around in circles looking for the right relationship.

It's really all about introspection and working on one's own self growth so one can attract that real intimate relationship.


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I can only speak for myself, but in my case I can say that I was probably not a very attractive person when I was younger. And I don't mean physically.

Back then, I was very into myself. Because I had some bad experiences with authority at a young age, I found fault with almost everyone. It's not that I was an unpleasant person, I was just super-critical.

By the time I got to high school, and realized what a lonely person I was, I was very awkward with other people. I didn't understand the little social games that people played with each other. Girls were pretty much incomprehensible, and I'm sure they probably found me to be a bit creepy.

It wasn't until much later that I recognized that the social banter I found so meaningless was actually a way for two people to get to know each other...not from a facts perspective, but from an emotional perspective.

I can remember one day when I stumbled on an article about body language, and discovered that there are simple, physical cues that signal interest. Things like her leaning forward, and playing with her hair (preening). That was an epiphany.

Later, when I was thrust into a business that required meeting with and interacting with lots of people, I discovered "social styles." It's not an exact science, but thinking about those styles, and seeing how everyone I met invariably fit into some combination of these styles, forced me to think about the way personalities differ, and transformed my understanding of people.

But more important than those things, I am more attractive now than I was then because I grew as a person. I have more compassion, a genuine curiosity and fascination with other people, and the desire to make my relationships with them the best they can be.

I also have more self-confidence. Women like that. Just ask my wife. :)


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The law of attraction is working perfectly in those situations because these single men and women aren't serious enough about wanting to share of themselves with a partner.They say they are but they're not ready yet, they're too comfortable where they are,so they put up this high barrier for partner-to-be.And walk around blind to all other potential partners.

Look, for me it worked this way, at 17 I married a 21 year old Greek college student simply because he looked like a famous rock star! Looking back, I see that I had attracted him simply because all the girls thought he was hot. Needless to say this marriage ended before the ink was dry on the paper. I was so full of myself and wasn't ready to compromise or settle down. This breakup however, opened my eyes to how much I had hurt my husband and what a not nice person I am. I felt so bad and guilty that a year later I attracted another European, who unlike the rich good looking first husband, was poor, older, and not exactly a poster boy. I had learned from the previous mistakes so I was ready for this marriage. Just a side note, what really helped me work on this marriage was my utter belief that once you have children, the individual you dies to make way for the greater you and this includes doing whatever it takes to preserve the father of your children and keeping the family together.

Start by opening yourself to all possibilities and be grateful for whatever comes your way, after all we're all manifestations of the divine. You might surprise yourself!

Thank you, namaste


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wow so rare to see somebody admit things like "I had hurt my husband and what a not nice person I am"! you must have really changed since.

(15 Oct '10, 23:51) zvolkov

Thanks for sharing.

(15 Oct '10, 23:53) Drham

Your honesty shows integrity, and your integrity shows experience, and your experience shows wisdom, and your wisdom shows that you have come a long ways. Acknowledgement of course, is sufficient for forgiveness, and that means you are a women of great strength.

(16 Oct '10, 05:04) Inactive User ♦♦

@zvolkov, @Drham and @Vee thank you! I love you

(16 Oct '10, 09:17) daniele
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