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Is “manifesting” really a form of prayer?

The principle seems the same...we are asking the universe (god...) to help us obtain things that we could not obtain by any other means. Is there any difference between the two?

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blubird two

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The principle is the same but whether you can consider the process in Manifesting Experiment 1 as a prayer depends on how you say your prayers.

In providing this answer, I should first point out that I'm not religious in any way, have never prayed and never will, and am very happy that way :)

But my observation of those who do pray suggests that prayers are offered in two distinct manners.

  • The first prayer style is a form of pleading or begging to a third party ("God" tends to be the usual label applied) for intervention in some situation/request.

  • The second prayer style is a form of trusting or knowing (perhaps even appreciation) that the third party will take care of the situation/request.

I would say the second form of praying is more in alignment with the Manifesting Box experiment.

Abraham have expressed the difference in the past in an excellent, succinct way...

I'm paraphrasing roughly from memory but I remember them saying that there are prayers offered from inside The Vortex and there are prayers offered from outside The Vortex. The first type are effective, the second are not.


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Your answer has helped me a great deal...I thank you for being so clear and using the illustration of Praying Inside the Vortex...I tend to slide into "begging"- now I know what I am doing wrong. Thanks again, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(21 Aug '11, 03:10) Jaianniah

I believe that manifesting IS a form of prayer...I believe that I was the one who asked that question originally. I have always felt that prayer is a form of REAL ENERGY, AS YET UNMEASURABLE, that goes out into the world and effects good in it. So manifesting is just another way of sending out THE SAME ENERGY!!!!!

There is a growing body of evidence in the medical community that prayer is essential to the sick and healing, and studies have been done that prove that prayer really makes a great difference in those patients who receive it, whether they are aware of being prayed for or not!Great question...I hope it does not end up closed!

Love, Jai p.s. Here is a link to a scientific paper backing up this idea....Read and enjoy! Jai


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@Jaianniah-seems like i've asked a duplicate question...thanks for the link and comments, so the manifestation box could be used to help cure illness in people...

(17 Aug '11, 03:27) blubird two

Absolutely. There is no limits to God's power- only limits in our minds...Congrats on hitting 1 K!!!! God bless>>>>>>>>>>>

(17 Aug '11, 06:13) Jaianniah
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