This question is inspired by something I noticed a few times in the past but more specifically this morning. Sometimes I hear something in a song or other audio that I had never realized was there. It happened a few times when I slept with a meditation mp3 on; when I woke up in the middle of the night, listening to it I felt odd because I could hear the "hums" in the background in a strangely "popped out" way. Sometimes I listen to a song and it just sounds kind of dead, like "how could I have enjoyed this #### before? It's so... boring...?". Other times I listen to the exact same song and I feel like it's completely amazing. Being in a good/bad mood also seems to influence the quality of music beyond what it should.

I took 4g of piracetam and 4g of fish oil last night. A little later I started listening to music and it was... odd... it just sounded so much better than usual. It made me think of those people who smoke pot to listen to music. It also made me wonder how differently we all hear the exact same pieces of music, based on our brain chemistry at the time and our brain structures in general. So what things make music sound better to you?

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When I'm at home, alone, put the headphones on and get drunk. That pretty much let me enjoy every note and beat of the song.

It's the barriers that alcohol transcend that allows the enjoyment to be richer.

edit - And I forgot to add, high quality stereo system or headphones. Only recently, after purchasing new headphones did I experience the beauty of the certain songs. The depths, the highs, so clear and powerful sounds.

(04 Nov '13, 01:45) CalonLan

Could be you finally discovered there was a right and left when it came to your headphones & it does make a difference.

(05 Nov '13, 05:01) ele

@ele, what you mean right and left? The difference between Mono and stereo?

(05 Nov '13, 06:11) CalonLan
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This is a really great question!

Everything depends upon just where in the brain the music ends up; i.e., there are multiple pathways in the brain in regards to the perception of music. So, when we hear music, we rely upon more than one area of the brain to perceive it. Perhaps your fish oil etc. helped enhance your neural responses to the music. They do say that fish is "brain food". Maybe there is truth in this!

Rhythm and pitch also have to be combined by the brain. We can just listen to the rhythm- perhaps the pounding of the bass enhances this (I would guess so, judging by the number of boombox cars passing down our street!). Or, we can just listen to melody. But when our brain combines these two things, then the music takes on a richness we may not have perceived before.

Bach is very complicated to listen to...He often does fugues- where a melody is introduced,and then repeated in the alto line, and then again in the tenor. Our minds sometimes get flooded with the complexity of what we are hearing, but I enjoy this complexity. Perhaps this is why I dislike a lot of pop music- it repeats the same darned melody, often word for word, as annoying as the Apple Jacks commercial (Wherein the phrase "Apple Jacks" is repeated 29 times in 30 seconds...)

But there is another piece to this. When we just let the music flow over us, as when we are meditating, and the left brain stops analyzing what the music is doing- well, then, we have times when we "grab the music whole" and it blows us away.

Check out this Wikipedia link. It explains it better than I just did.

This is an example of that Bach Fugue thing I was talking about. (Gould playing Bach Invention in F major for Piano- a short piece)


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That does work now - I just took back my vote.

(05 Nov '13, 14:45) ele

@Jai I left another comment here when I returned my vote to you; but it's not here. I was testing the software changes in regards to canceling votes. I didn't downvote your answer. It now works like it used to - 2 clicks equal a cancel. I liked your answer & why I voted it up in the first place .

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