Crystal Cathedral megachurch files for bankruptcy

Other megachurches have also suffered from the downturn and reduced charitable giving.

Yahoo news. This is a great example of the LOA.

Mass LOA. People need to just stop "stinkin thinkin" The Funny thing is the Crystal Cathedral was based on "Positive Thinking" Norman Vincent Peal and Dr. Schuller.

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Well, and I always wondered : Why do we even need to give to charitable organizations in the first place? 8-)

(19 Oct '10, 11:35) kakaboo

Positive thinking is not enough. But then, you knew I was going to say that, didn't you?

What you really need is positive knowing.

What is positive knowing? It is that certainty that what you envision is going to happen. It is that peaceful feeling deep in your gut that says, "I can see this happening."

Anytime the Law of Attraction is at work, it is this positive knowing that is at the core of producing results. Why? Because it is that feeling that connects you with the Divine, that all-powerful, all-seeing force that sees all paths, clears all obstacles, and intuitively directs you to those actions and attracts the resources you need to manifest that which you envision.

Positive thinking will not do that for you. Positive knowing will.

With respect to charitable giving, I think that the situation will only improve when a critical threshold of people "know" that the economy is getting better, when people feel more secure about giving without worrying about having enough for their own family. We're not there yet.


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you are accurate when saying 'we are not there yet',
there seems to be a material grip holding us back

(19 Oct '10, 21:12) fred

Got to say that a lot of evangelical type institutions preach prosperity and then spend ages tugging at peoples heart strings to scrounge a few bob of them.

Most of Benny Hinns sermons are spent getting cash of his followers.And hes not the only one either.

I respect this site and the PSI TEK site too. There not begging anyone for a hand out.

I wonder if all the ministries stopped taking a collection,would God step in and bail them out?

Having said that theres quite a few LOA type organisations after a fast buck too.

I like what Troward says about this. Basically if its not working its not real. And if its not real we should spend no more time with it..that was a bit paraphrased!

Well.ive had my moan.



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Monty Riviera

It will improve, overtime when people’s mind is more centered on seeing growth, and prosperity, instead of hearing of the lack in spending, and giving. What happens when you tell people there is going to be a shortage in Gasoline, you start a head rush, and people will start filling up their Gas Tank to beat the shortage. So it’s just another one of those situations that will pass.


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