Something strange has happened today and I am wondering if this has happened to any of you out there? A 'shift' happened internally for me this weekend and it's quite obvious that I am feeling different regarding my manifestations.

I have had success with the manifesting box and my life has improved in lots of lovely ways since I have started to remain in the top half of the emotional guidance scale on a consistent basis. I would say I hover between positive expectation and appreciation on the scale. I have KNOWN for a while that my manifestations will come so I've just been getting on with other things, appreciating all the things I have and just generally enjoying my life. This weekend this 'shift' came quite out of the blue. It's 'as if' I have become the person that has the things that I want. My thought processes shifted. To give you an example, I would like to gain more twitter followers because this will help me in my line of work. So, today instead of checking my twitter, excitedly, because I know my twitter followers are on the way. I went on to twitter and I started thinking 'I have so many followers here. I really should help other people to gain followers. I have millions of followers, it's crazy how many followers I have now. I have more than Miley Cyrus! And, I keep thinking that, like all the time. I don't need twitter followers now because I have too many, sort of thing, how will I cope? This change in thinking has happened across all my desires.

I keep expecting the man I have strong feelings for to turn up at my house. when my phone rings, I think it's him. I've been thinking about what to buy him for Christmas today and I've made a list of a few things that he will like. Not in a 'fantasy visualisation' way as I have done previously. It's more like Christmas is coming, we're going out together, I had better get my skates on and sort his presents. I'll buy the presents, probably tomorrow, if I get a chance to. I'm actually going to buy his presents. This is such an odd feeling to have!

The biggest change is with my career, I've had huge 'think global' ideas to progress my work and because I now feel like it's done, I have it. I've drafted a ton of emails, ready to go out on Monday morning and a list of phone calls, to people at the top of their fields that I want to work with. I feel like, why wouldn't they take a meeting with me sort of thing. I can help them too. I'm talking about major, major players in the world in which I work.

This is so odd because I would never have contacted them before. I sort-of thought, one day our paths will cross. I knew that. But, now I'm feeling like why not, now, next week, tomorrow.

Has anyone else had an experience like this? It's 'delusional' thinking in the physical world that some people live in, of course, but it feels very normal to me today. Like I am living that life. It is my life, now, today I feel like a completely different person and this happened literally overnight.

I'm really looking forward to hearing all your thoughts on this new state of mind of mine.

Much love to you all.

asked 17 Nov '13, 10:53

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Good description of (a fragment of) benefits that come from regular Vortex alignment. Everything in and around you changes for the better.

And indeed "acting as if" occurs automatically without effort too. It's just a byproduct of dramatic improvements in your relationships, health, finances etc.

By being Vortex aligned, you are changing your inner world.

  1. If you change your inner world, your outer world changes accordingly.
  2. If you change your outer world, your inner world changes accordingly.

The information and approaches that people share on IQ mostly are ways to change the inner world first. Most people try to change the outer world (take physical action first) to change the inner world eventually.

Both ways work, though within both approaches there are easier and harder ways (depending to your own liking/beliefs).

Acting 'as if'. does this occur naturally when you're in the vortex?

Changing the inner world leads to "acting as if" automatically. You can also try this the other way around.

@Releaser99 2012 talks about a method to change the outer world to then change the inner world within a few minutes.

I think he is trying to say that you can demonstrate to yourself the inner-outer causation simply by changing your body posture (outer world). This manifesting method is worth trying if you are working on your inner world already and you want to try an interesting "outer method". It's about "acting as if" first to then feel the change (get into the Vortex).


answered 20 Nov '13, 15:29

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@Releaser99, this is great, thank you! May I ask, I'm assuming you are using deliberate creation effectively. When you first tapped in to the ability to improve things in your life really fast and at will. Did you feel like you shouldn't? We came into our bodies to experience limits and boundaries and 'lack'. To bypass that and to operate in the fast lane, having multiple things you want at will. I'm starting to feel like I might miss experiencing the lack. Did this happen to you?

(21 Nov '13, 07:46) Yes

@Releaser99, Only one way works (one in all, all in one), and i.e. "If you change your inner world, your outer world changes accordingly".

(23 Nov '13, 22:38) PERFECT GOOD

That is so true! I've realized that you can't turn abundance off. It just comes to you if you're a match for it, in your inner world. It's amazing!!! Thank you both for the comments! :)

(24 Nov '13, 09:34) Yes

@Yes "We came into our bodies to experience limits and boundaries and 'lack'" We can't stay in the Vortex all the time anyway because there will always be things that kick us out. So I think you don't have to worry about missing out on all the nice contrast because it will find you anyway. And if lack of contrasting experiences kicks you out of the Vortex, then isn't that contrasting experience too? :) Isn't that, in a sense, getting what you ask for (experience of lack)? :)

(25 Nov '13, 11:26) releaser99

"nice contrast" I love that! I never thought I would one day LOVE and look forward to contrast :) So funny that! :) Thank you :)

(25 Nov '13, 16:23) Yes

"you can't turn abundance off" well said. @releaser99 nothing kicks out, instead everything hug you if you are in alignment. Because of your doubts you kick yourself out. Don't doubt yourself instead trust yourself.

(26 Nov '13, 20:38) PERFECT GOOD
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I love this question! I think you are totally correct, one thing I've noticed is that all of the stuff I struggle to "do" when I am out of the Vortex (but feel I should do, spiritually) is just stuff that naturally flows when I am in the Vortex. It's pretty amazing. I think maybe I am finally grasping the idea that Abraham lovingly beats us over the head with: Vortex first, then anything else you have time for.


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The Vortex is definitely the place to be. i'm even looking forward to all the contrast and "lack" when it comes again. It's a change in perspective, that's all it is. Abraham always said we would laugh when we realized how simple it is. Just love your life, every 'now moment' of it :) Love to you all. great comments, thank you!! :)

(25 Nov '13, 16:20) Yes

@Yes, thank you for sharing wonderful changes in your mind. Me or I'm experience the same, example I've been driven by conscious of by some other person. I'm acting like according to their interests that makes me feel better or sometimes I feel like my purpose of life is completed by delivering their consciousness so painless. Or I'm connected to some higher consciousness (one power that works with all) that made the tough time move smoothly.

I also experience to feel like, I have duplex independent house and I'm sitting, eating, walking in it. The change in me made more relaxed and happy. Because I wanted to live this life from so long time. However everything is real in internal world or mind. It also helped to gain attention of people around.

Pain releaved and happiness accomplished. I would like hang on here and ready to accept whatever comes forward with my new change effect.

All the Love from Raj.


answered 17 Nov '13, 11:51

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Thank you for sharing your experience. :) How wonderful for you! Isn't it amazing to feel relaxed and happy about your desires as well as feeling relaxed and happy within yourself. It really is true what they say, anything is possible! No limits. Sending you love

(17 Nov '13, 12:24) Yes

Amaze sayings "love is Miracle it cures all suffering". Thank you.

(18 Nov '13, 04:44) PERFECT GOOD

So very true! :)

(20 Nov '13, 05:12) Yes
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