manifesting is all about feeling good and producing the correct vibrations to receive what you want. the challenge is often to produce these emotions/vibrations.

i am experimenting with creating good feelings of "already having the thing i want" to manifest things. and i realized that it is very easy for me to create vibrations that can help manifest things if i use my body.

ever wondered why many actors can produce any emotions/vibrations almost immediately? for example if you ask a professional actor to cry in the next few seconds probably he would be able to do that without having any difficulties. the reason is he uses his body. perhaps first he will slouch his shoulders and will hang his head in shame. at the same time he will use his facial muscles to make a sad facial expression.

and because the body and mind affect each other all the time the bodily change will make a change in the mind. so suddenly his thoughts will be about sad things and if he produces enough emotional power this way he will begin to cry as a reaction. but it is also possibly to produce positive emotions if we apply this same principle.

so for example if i want to manifest a new car first i ask the question

  1. how would i feel if i already had the car of my dreams? which words can describe the feeling? - for me the answer is safety, comfort, the feeling of knowing for sure i could drive across the whole country without having a breakdown. then i ask myself

  2. how would i sit, walk, talk and act if i felt these emotions? how would my facial expressions look like?

  3. after asking these questions and changing my body posture in the way i want to feel i focus on the solar plexus area. this is the area where you can detect emotions/vibrations.

alt text

almost every time i can feel the emotion i wanted to create even if just a little bit. and the more i practise the better i can create these emotions. sometimes if i feel enough energy in this area i can use the "rampage of appreciation" to amplify it. has anybody tried this kind of approach to manifesting already?

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@releaser 99 Very interesting - this could take the "imagine you already have it" to the next level - thanks for sharing.

(05 Oct '12, 13:51) Catherine

great advice! another thing that has helped me is putting what i want down on paper. but remember to be as specific as possible... we often get exactly what we want but rarely do we sit down, think it through to the point of precise detail. doing this may help with the above exercise. good luck and enjoy your new ride!

(06 Oct '12, 18:41) dangerously bear
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Have you ever heard of BANABU and the Human D-Cell report?

What you have just described is very close to that report. You seemed to have found a new use, not only using body posture to instantly feel better but putting that towards manifesting!

This is a very interesting hypothesis and I could see how it could work.

The question is how much do you believe you are right? This is important, that you not only believe, but know you are right! The more you know it the easier you will experience it, as if it was a gift to you. Indeed it was a gift to you, you need to claim it and put it to use.

Fairy Princess did this with her THT and look where it has brought her. So many get inspired and awakened then say, "I wonder about it" and end up forgetting it. Use your drive to push you to test drive this and not only test drive the new idea but PUSH IT! See what you can really do with it and make it a part of life that is natural to you.

I am glad you shared this with us, I can see this taking off for more than just yourself because you shared it with all of us here.

Remember don't just see what you can do with it, PUSH IT really see what you can do with it stretched to the limiteds, even that you find there are no limits. Fairy Princess is finding out everyday there are no limits, she keeps finding more and more things to use her THT on and newer ways to use it.

Keep your mind aware.


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Wade Casaldi

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you are right i think this "technique" can do much more. e.g. when i was 15 i wanted to become more confident. so i decided for myself that i would stand, walk and talk like a confident person for a whole week. i slowed down my body movements,stood with a straight back and spoke with a deeper voice. first it was a very awkward feeling but after a few attempts i could feel more confident energy in me. i think this same principle can be used to feel "already having the thing you want".

(05 Oct '12, 08:51) releaser99

You made my day @Wade thanks for the compliments. :)

(05 Oct '12, 09:45) Fairy Princess

@releaser99 - This is great advice. I feel the truth of it - I know I have used it myself to some extent, but never really acknowledged it or put it into words before. Any more suggestions, insight, or examples you can share would be very welcome. It's already good - simple, effective and easy to do, but it feels like there are more depths to be plumbed here.

It takes care of so many aspects of intentional manifestation at the same time! The chemical releases in your body when you assume the physical stance of someone already possessing your goal must affect your appearance, pheromones, and mood. All of that will help to support and sustain the virbrational goal you wish to maintain, and I feel that it makes visualisation easier because it's more integrated with my existing physical reality.

Well done. And I agree with @Wade Casaldi, I would love to see you develop and expand on this. I want to hear more!



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I was watching this Ted Talks video, and it reminded me of when I left an abusive relationship, and was still unhappy. So I realized that if I left the abusive relationship, then I should be happy, so I decided to "fake it 'till I make it." So I smiled and acted like I was happy and eventually, I really was happy.

I have eplained how to be happy which leads to... being happy.


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Fairy Princess

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excellent video with very interesting scientific points! thanks for sharing!

(09 Oct '12, 15:49) releaser99

I watched it twice !

(10 Oct '12, 01:27) ursixx
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