As I learn more about The Law of Attraction I begin to realize that not also am I attracting people into my life but I have to be also one being "pulled" or attracted to others.

Meaning I must be part of someone else's "attracting" power.

I hope this makes sense.

Am I also Attracted while I am attracting?

Much Love.

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jim 10

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Nice question...perhaps there needs to be more discussion on "conflicting" manifestations and it's dynamics on the individual in a group or society.

(22 Oct '10, 01:14) Back2Basics

I agree. How do conflicting manifestations work. Which wins?

(22 Oct '10, 02:21) jim 10

This question thread might help:

(22 Oct '10, 10:43) Pink Diamond

Amazing question.

(18 May '11, 14:19) Aphrodite
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Yes. I think it's helpful to realize that ultimately, it's not about you the personality, it's about the greater you which is also me - the one Divine being of which we're all a facet. When you realize this you see yourself as a conduit of the Divine and you place yourself at the service of all the other facets, which make up the Divine.

Once you can hold this realization, whenever circumstances and situations come to you the actions taken are taken because: a) it feels good, b) one of the facets is asking and you feel you may be able to provide a helpful answer and c) you know that the Divine has identified you as a facet that has the capacity to fulfill the answering, otherwise the calling and challenge would not reach you.

Let's use any question from this forum as an example. The Divine does not rely on one facet to provide a single answer, so several facets are called into service. The Divine knows that not all chosen facets will hear the calling and not all who hear will act.

The all-knowing Divine also knows that others who have not physically asked can benefit from the Q & A session, so there may be 7 different answers to a single question. And it's possible that each and every answer given provides value to someone, even if they didn't physically ask.

Each facet's vibrational mix is what causes the attraction process. That's why if you're not ready to receive an answer to a particular question, you won't even be attracted to or feel like reading it and other times you'll be attracted to a question by feeling like reading it and presto, there's a helpful answer just waiting for you, and maybe only for you.

And here's a caveat: even if there is no, apparent, appreciation for a question or answer you have provided because it receives zero votes, it doesn't mean it doesn't have value. The Divine doesn't make mistakes, so it may just mean that the act of formulating and presenting your Q or A provided value and deeper understanding for you alone 8-)


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Love your explanation for the Q & A process :)

(23 Oct '10, 12:16) Michaela

Thanks Michaela :)

(23 Oct '10, 15:10) Eddie

I like your interesting considerations.

(23 Oct '10, 18:54) Gleam
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Yes, you are attracted and attracting at the same time.

There's an endless dance of intertwining and inter-penetrating realities, all sparking off new desires for each creator. So many streams of consciousness are focused on this particular physical platform with each other in order to play this game of co-creation.

The reason it may seem a bit confusing at times is because our general assumptions about reality creation are really only helpful analogies that give our 3-D focused minds something concrete to comprehend.

The idea of manifesting something into reality is only a useful approximation of what is actually going on.

It's a bit like treating the earth as being flat for the purposes of driving on a road across a large country.

alt text

It's only an approximation of what is going on. If you start to dig too deeply (like when you are driving right around the earth to where you started again), the analogy breaks down, and you need a better one to explain what is going the earth being curved instead of flat...

alt text

So in the case of manifesting realities, the useful approximation is that we manifest things from scratch in our realities and they "magically" appear out of nowhere thanks to our focused thoughts.

But the better analogy (the view from space, you could say) is that manifesting is really about's about the consciously-perceived culminations of many vibrational focusing points from many streams of consciousness.

I've gone into this subject in more detail in the answer to this question: Is this really my manifestation? and also this question: Am I responsible for the Gulf Oil Spill, from a Law of Attraction perspective?

For the purposes of everyday life though, and getting what you want in your reality, the simple approximated analogy works just fine and it can start to get needlessly confusing when you really start to think deeply about what is actually going on.


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Hmm ! I hope Liam is awake enough to not actually take that last sentence personally :)

(23 Oct '10, 00:45) Michaela

Then again, maybe I shoudl be awake enough not to leave that comment in the first place? :)

(23 Oct '10, 00:48) Michaela

Wasn't talking about Liam at all - was referring to myself actually thinking's a link to my answer, rather than Liam's question. Guess I should make that clear if it isn't...then again, I just have :)

(23 Oct '10, 01:47) Stingray

Thanks for clarifying that Stingray and actually yes you did - apologies, my mistake! Guess I'm a little touche ( with a French accent ) this evening :)

(23 Oct '10, 02:02) Michaela

Great answer. It's like we are dancing in manifest soup full of synchronized swimmers. I'm not walking around like a magician creating stuff, I am "tuning" into frequencies with other things and people where my beliefs are also in tune with my feelings. Nice

(23 Oct '10, 05:16) jim 10
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Harmony, we all ar harmoniously connected, there is no such thing as conflicting manifestations. Everything happens for a reason in the Grand Scheme of things.

For instance, someone wants to manifest a certain candle for their home. You happen to desire a job to earn some income. A candle factory has a position open and you apply, get hired, and make candles. You happen to make a candle that was shipped to a store where this certain someone, who wants to manifest a candle for their home, happens to stroll into and sees this candle that they imagined in their home.

You were used in the manefestation of the candle and the factory was an instrument of your menifesting an income.


answered 23 Oct '10, 11:59

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