There are two techniques to make subconscious to work.

  1. We can imagine that we are living the thing or situation we desire.We have the thing or we are in the desired situation we desire.

  2. We constanty think that we need that thing and try to find ways that how can we obtain that thing.

In first situation we remind our subconscious mind that we already have the thing, and in 2nd situation, we tell our subconscious mind what is desired to look for.

what is the best approach to make subconscious work for our goals?

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I think it is obvious that the first way involves a lot less work and effort and becuase of that, I would say that it is the best approach.

However, a lot of us are still very much action oriented. We find it hard to believe that we can just visualize desires and they will manifest as a result. We think that some sort of action and effort on our part is essential to the manifesting process because of the way we have been brought up to think.

With that in mind, most people will probably find it harder to manifest using the first method until they change their beliefs. Therefore, the second method is usually the one that will work as it is more believable.


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Pink Diamond

Nice clarification.Thanks Rani.

(28 Oct '10, 11:02) Zee

I would tend towards the first. I quietly and firmly repeat on a daily basis what i have in the spirit and who i am, that is ONE with God. I do this repeatedly and in the face of all conflicting physical evidence. My subconscious is a computer,my mind the keyboard

I persevere and keep at it. The emotions often appear some time after ive started affirming.In my best manisfestation to date i had no particular emotions,no sense of anything shifting and no prior warning. just happened.

Feelings are a wondeful thing,when there positive they make life worth living.BUT im not led by them,and to me there no always a pointer to whats happening outside my conscious minds very limited vision.

I think the believers in Ester/Abrahams teaching put a lot of importance in the feeling and emotion. Are they wrong.... ive no proof either way. I just apply whats worked for me and thats a sustained habit of affirming the REAL ABSOLUTE truth.



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Monty Riviera

Thanks for reply graham...but how can we impress our subconscious mind without emotions?

(28 Oct '10, 11:30) Zee

the subconscious mind is subject to will, so will it to be or, do you let it do its own thing. that does not mean you neglect emotions, they just no longer rule.

(29 Oct '10, 01:05) fred

No i agree Fred,i dont neglect them but i try to keep them on an even keel. Zulu i would answer your question with this analogy. If you were in the Gym building up your muscles and felt terrible about doing it BUT you gritted your teeth and did the exercises anyway your stature would increase and you would still increase in size.I do my affirmations and visualization and dont always FEEL good. Never the less i do it anyway. Your subconscious mind is like a computer. It takes in what you give it despite how you feel.Just as a muscle will grow with use regardless of how you feel.

(29 Oct '10, 11:30) Monty Riviera

I will concede thou that feeling good about something will increase your desire to see it thru and make the process and indeed life an easier ride. I must stress that im not saying this as some kind of doctrinal statement. Its merely whats worked in my life. That doesnt make it gospel!!

(29 Oct '10, 11:33) Monty Riviera
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I would say number 1 but there is a step that is missing. After you visualize and you start feeling good about whatever you are desiring then to me it is as if you already have it. After this there is no need to go back to the not having space. Once you get that feeling of having what you want, it is best to let go and let the universe figure it out. The actions that we can take as an individual is limited but the universe or source has unlimited options. It is therefore best to let the universe figure out the best way to manifest our desires.


answered 28 Oct '10, 23:21

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