This guy has hundreds if not thousands of pages on "abundance and happiness".

I have been reading his articles here and there for the last month and I have to say most of it is really good.

What are you experiences with his material or him?

How is he different than the Abraham-hicks I see all over the place?


Also, is Chuck a member here?


anyone?? I got a link to his site from here, someone must know his stuff!

asked 28 Oct '10, 23:36

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I've never heard of him - But thanks for the link, I'll check it out :)

(30 Oct '10, 01:27) Michaela

I know now. Thanks, very interesting.

(30 Oct '10, 05:54) jim 10

Stumbled accross him a while ago. Worth a read for sure.

(30 Oct '10, 10:36) Monty Riviera

I've not heard of him either. Thanks for the information

(30 Oct '10, 12:56) Stingray

He trying very hard to sell something. So I am not sure how I feel about him.

(31 Oct '10, 14:49) Tom

True, he is trying very hard to sell. I have to ignore that aspect every time I read his stuff and other spiritual gurus as well. However, if you just read some of his observations, they do seem to have a very true aspect that many people may over look. I also like his scientific approach and "evidence" for some of his claims.

(01 Nov '10, 16:29) Back2Basics
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Physician, heal thyself! (Luke 4:23) Not quite sure what theologians believe, but I believe this quote demonstrates the power of one's healing mind--convince your brain you've been healed and so you have.

We don't call the brain "the brain" for nothin'. Believe it or not, the brain actually knows (metacognition to the max here, folks) that it must maintain the body in which it is housed and will therefore allow you--its programmer--to trick it into believing something false, as long as that false thing is helpful. Sleep study specialists have found that runners who dream about running actually experience the same physical benefits as if they were actually running! The brain has specific passages and pathways that "light up" when we engage in specific tasks--scientists are now able to stimulate specific paths in a sleeping volunteers! Yep, no matter how smart we think we are, we can still outsmart ourselves!

The brain will create the reality we want--simply through our thought. Try this simple test the next time you travel by car to the mall, market or other destination: Envision a trophy (by your definition) parking spot, see it available, open, see it, keep seeing it right up to the time you pull your car into it.

Tell your brain what you want, believe it to be true, and so shall it be.

PS: This only works for good--you cannot envision an evil wish fulfillment--God does not allow it and Satan doesn't do favors for people he already owns.


answered 24 Mar '11, 01:12

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Chuck Danes is one of those first sites I've stumbled upon regarding LOA. I receive news letters from him almost everyday. I am not pretty sure but I think he was the one who directed me to this sight, he posted the link of Psitek. For me it's worth reading.


answered 24 Mar '11, 01:51

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Angelfire 1

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