in regards to recreating my world, i believe i can focus(think) on one thing at a time.....

but the situation is that

i need to attract the woman of my dreams, money, my personal vision and some other personal stuff..... do i have to focus on one thing at a time and only move on to the next item on my list when the first one has manifested?

or should i spend separate times during the day thinking of the different items?

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You don't need to focus on what you want to manifest it, you just have to not stand in the way of it coming.

You are not creating through action therefore effort and energy and time are irrelevant. You are creating vibrationally through energy which gives you huge leverage.

So you could create hundreds of things simultaneously because you did the Step 1 - the asking - incrementally.

You didn't just today set forth all of those things in motion. You've been setting them in motion, they've been evolving, they've been expanding and now you have done Step 1 - you've already asked.

Step 2...source has already answered that so everything's already lined up and in place.

So your work is to pick anything from among that that delights you, give it your attention, not because it needs your attention but because it feels good to give it your attention, use it as your excuse to come into alignment with who you are and when you are in alignment with who you are, all of those things that you have already put over there in vibrational escrow begin expanding, evolving.

You do not have to orchestrate the path through which things unfold. It's all tended to at a broader level.

You just have to get out of the way so that you can see the opportunities as they come.

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Hi Melvin,

After "I REALLY got it" from Stingray's GET HAPPY comment, I came across the following message from Abraham which I found soooo profound & added depth to my enlightenment--and my life continues to FLOW MORE & MORE every single day!

The same can happen for you...just BE HAPPY REGARDLESS! :) it's really easier than one might think, we only have to make the DECISION that NOTHING is more important than that I feel good (another favorite Abe saying).

Whatever it takes, just keep yourself happy! Just keep yourself happy! And we say, "Exactly!" Exactly. EXACTLY!

Just keep yourself happy regardless!
Just keep yourself happy regardless!
Just keep yourself happy regardless!
Just keep yourself feeling good regardless!

Ignore what is in any aspect that doesn't please you because that is OLD news. Your manifestation in your physical reality is old news.

[The vortex] This is where it's at!...This is the ONLY place where satisfaction can occur.

I have to use my imagination to turn my attention to the solution when I’m entrenched in the problem. There it is. That's deliberate creation at it’s best.

That’s what you’re all reaching for, imagination, using my gut, using my emotions, using my ability to see what so far isn’t manifested, see it so vividly that I evoke within myself emotional responses, I must, I must get so good at this that rational people call me delusional.



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Melvin, you have to learn to take the Bull by its horn, and run with it; it is that simple! What is the first thing you do in the mornings when you get up, and what is the last thing you do at nights before you go to bed? How many tasks do you perform during an eight hours days work, and do you get these tasks done during an eight hours days work?

My point is you set the rules for your self, and you can juggle as many tasks as you can handle, so it is the same in manifesting what you want. You can multi-task, and receive multi tasking results. In the same way you can desire, and manifest a variety of things at the same time. I see creating, and manifesting our desire as a daily activity that we perform on a daily basis to meet our daily needs. There is really nothing secretive, or magical about manifesting, for it is a daily ritual for all of us whether, we know it or not. So go and get your woman and anything else that you desire for yourself! Good Luck. Hope this helps.


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woW...thanx for helped a lot :)

(19 Nov '10, 20:21) melvin
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