I have found that when I have a major problem at hand, it just hangs in my mind no matter what I do. My first thought in the morning is the problem, I watch TV and I keep thinking about it etc. I am interested in knowing what kind of strategies I can use to prevent myself from constantly thinking about the problem.

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I Think Therefore I Am

Its a tough problem. Ive had very similar issues. I have tried to REPLACE the thoughts with more positive ones. Not easy i know ,but not impossible either.

Most of the belief systems adhered to by people on this site involve the singularly most onerous and difficult task that anyone can do. And thats to reign in and control your own thoughts ( and some say emotions too )

Wallace Wattles believed it was the very hardest work a person could do.And it can be. BUT with practice it gets easier and easier.

I know some will say its been easy,and for them i has. But i can only speak from my own experience,its been tough. Good news is that its worth the effort AND it does get easier with time.



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Monty Riviera

i agree........

(01 Nov '10, 20:13) Back2Basics

Wallace Wattles....BIG fan :)

(01 Nov '10, 22:13) jim 10

As odd as this may sound, I say become friends with "the problem".

First of all it is really just a situation more than a problem and yes switching the label helps. Recognize you have a situation and just look at it. Do not dwell on what it is doing to your life but just LOOK at it for what it is. Then start to compare it to all of the other great things happening in your life. In comparison, it will probably seem a little smaller.

Now that you have a way to compare all of the good that outweighs this seemingly smaller TEMPORARY obstacle, I suggest you continue to focus on all that you HAVE and not what you have not.

You will always have it better than some and not as good as others. I know I will always be somwhere in the middle...ALWAYS.

Enjoy the good times and gain invaluable experience from the so called bad ones.

Much love,



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jim 10

When I have a problem that I can't stop thinking about, I try to focus all my attention on feeling good about myself despite the problem. I concentrate on my alignment with my source, and then remind myself that I deserve and will get the best in everything.

I keep a positive aspects notebook, and will pick something to write about. I find that I usually write about people in my life. I will try to focus my thoughts on anything that feels good. Most of all, I remind myself that I love myself, and declaring and feeling this love for myself is most important at the time when I am feeling less than loving about myself.

I hope this helps, be very gentle with yourself, know that it is only normal to feel that way. And then try to dwell on the love you feel for yourself.


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Think about the way you want the situation to be and not the way it is. You are not happy with the way it is so in order to get to a better feeling place you have to change the way you are thinking about it. It will seem as if you are telling yourself a lie but that is ok. What you are telling yourself is the new truth that you want to experience regarding the situation. Then hold onto that feeling until you get the new experience that you desire. Try it.


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Don't try to stop it........it doesn't work.

Allow yourself to think of the problem and if you find yourself worrying about what hasn't happened yet acknowledge that this is what you are choosing to attract.

Just that realization alone will cause you to taper off the manner in which you choose to give attention to your problem.

The best way to deal with it is to allow yourself to worry first so that you can catch yourself fully participating in attracting your suffering.

Once you acknowledge that this is, in fact, what you have been doing all these years, you can replace your anticipated vision of disaster with a preferred outcome that you construct in your imagination.

You can go one step further and create various preferred outcomes with each time you catch your self giving attention to your worry.

But first you MUST acknowledge that in your moment of worry you are attracting your preference of suffering & only then you must consciously change it to a preferred vision of joy instead of suffering.

If you don't use this approach of acknowledgement followed by change, you will find your self posting questions such as "I have tried thinking positively when I worry about something, but it doesn't work for me......Why doesn’t it work???"


answered 02 Nov '10, 00:20

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The Traveller

It hangs around for a good reason - it's a major issue. If it really is a major issue, and you have done all you can for the time being, then write down a reminder for the next time you can take a look at it.

For example, "Shit I forgot to pay my rent!" It's the weekend. The banks aren't making transfers. So I put an alarm in my schedule on my phone for the first point in time when I can pay the rent. Then I can relax and know that I have done my best. Then I forget about it.

It works for big things as well.


answered 01 Nov '10, 14:03

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