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Who are you? Why do you exist? Who were you in the past? What happens when you die? Are you really dying? Where is the soul? How much is its size? What are the functions of soul? what will happen if there is no soul? How to strengthen our soul? How our soul's energy will be depleted? can we communicate with soul? What happens to the souls of our ancestors? How Rishidev narendranji liberates ancestral souls of 12 generations? How many souls are there in 12 generations? How can we convince that the ancestral souls are liberated? can any one explain about soul and Karmic bondage? Can any one remove our karmic sins? Is there any preceptor to liberate ancestral souls other than Rishidev? Is there any similarity with human souls and animal souls? can we communicate with animal souls? What happens to the souls of plants and animals? Can rebirth of souls happen? what happens if a person has more than one soul? What is soulistics? What is spirituality? What is the difference between soul and spirit?

asked 09 Feb '14, 10:38

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@sathyanji, please do not bundle up multiple questions within one Inward Quest question. Ask each as a separate individual question. Refer to the Inward Quest FAQ for further information: Thanks

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