ok - I may seem a bit 'thick' with this question, but does anyone have any experience with reverse psychology in manifesting?

It just occurred to me today... I had been in fairly dire financial circumstances, and the one thing i was adamant about was that the money i needed would NOT COME TO ME THROUGH MY FAMILY OR FRIENDS. I didn't want to be a 'burden' on anyone. And i know we aren't supposed to 'worry' about the ways and means of receiving - but i didn't want it to BE this particular way.

Well, a couple days after i started 'worrying' about this particular 'thing' i got a call from a family member offering to pay ALL MY MOVING COSTS (i'm moving across country) - not a loan but a gift... A family member who has a reputation for not being very generous...

And then today, a friend met me for coffee and GAVE me the money i needed to pay my rent (in two days time.) Again, does not want me to even think about paying it back...

Ok - it seems obvious i know... as I was focusing on what I DIDN'T WANT - which of course is the easiest thing to manifest in my experience :( So my question is this; could this work if done deliberately? and should it? i mean the idea is to be peaceful and joyous, not irritated and worried....

Has ANYONE else experienced something like this?

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@serenegirleen-its also a fact you attract what you are affraid of....

(27 Feb '14, 02:21) Zee
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Hi serenegirleen
Thank you Thank you Thank you for posting this question and sharing your direct experience associated with the nature of your focus.

I have been trying to convey this fact through so many answers but it is not getting through because people tend to associate "avoidance" with the idea, "therefore it will not happen to me".

The reality is that everyone can relate to experiencing things that they do not want to happen to them, but they do not associate their choice to "worry" as being the cause of their suffering.

As far as I know, it only works if your sincerity in not getting help from your family was real.

In other words, if one tries to adopt a desire for avoiding something, but secretly wished that it would happen, I highly doubt that it would work.

However, coming back to your situation, your success had mostly to do with "FOCUS" of intention rather than whether the intention had anything to do with something you want or did not want.

Ultimately, it all comes down to intensity of focus.

It does not matter what it is that you focus on, as long as the focus is STRONG, INTENSE, REPETITIVE combined with, an EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE, you will constantly participate in the physical reflection of that experience.

The idea that you attract positive because positivity is an attractive energy is very misleading, because it leads people to avoid taking responsibility for their negativity as the cause of their negative experience.

Because in reality we attract whatever that, we participate constantly in consciousness.

If that participation is one of complaining about our current situation, then we constantly attract more and more of the same conditions of complaint because the physical is constantly reflective of the content of one's conscious attention.

However, the trick is that we have to be sincere in our condition of suffering.

WE have to be sincere in our desire to avoid a situation of suffering in order to experience that suffering. There has to be a total commitment in our desire to avoid it in order for us to experience it.

You were focusing clearly on the fact that you did not want this help and I am sure that you would have associated some emotional experience of discomfort with the help. If you did experience discomfort because of the help you received, then your attraction was very successful.

Therefore, the question you have to ask yourself is "IS THIS HOW I WANT TO ATTRACT WHAT I WANT?" Because you are attracting an emotional experience combined with a physical counterpart that represents that emotional experience.

You really can attract the same experience with an emotionally preferred response rather than an experience of avoidance.

Remember that "avoidance" IS an experience.

Likewise, "I don't want" IS an experience.

As long as you can experience it in your focus of conscious attention, it does not matter if it is something you want or do not want, because you will attract both as long as your focus is intense and, shall we say "obsessive?"

What you attracted was the physical counterpart of an emotional experience that you did not want. Your intensity of focus on what you did not want was so strong' that you managed to physically and experientially confirm it.

Perhaps, this may not be what you want as your constant physical reflection.

You may want your physical surrounding to reflect that which you want to experience.

The process is exactly the same, except you find comfort in the fact that your friends are helping you in your moment of need.

On the long run, you may not want to associate your friends and family as being responsible for your source of stability and joy. It is better to be less specific and allow the universe or the source of creation, to work out the details of who, when, where and how the physical reality begins to reflect the content of your obsession in consciousness.

Finally I am so glad that you had this experience and through your first had account, confirmed the mechanism of how the law of attraction actually works.

I know that you will use this experience as an important cornerstone in your mastery of the Law of attraction.

Thank you for sharing.


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The Traveller

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yes @The Traveller surrender, willingness and total commitment

(28 Feb '14, 03:13) jaz

Thank you! :) I guess the years of habitual thinking of what i 'don't want' has conditioned me -it's so easy for me to be INTENSE re: avoidance, fear etc... I NEEDED the money and i AM GRATEFUL that it came! i believed it would somehow -It's the fact that it came so quickly in the way i DIDN'T want is what puzzled me - i received WHAT i desired in a WAY i didn't desire... I suppose learning to harness that INTENSE feeling in a positive way is the key for me...

(28 Feb '14, 11:05) serenegirleen

@The Traveller Yes sincerity is a key, like when I worried myself healthy. I had to first find the fear that was making me sick, then play off of that fear to worry myself healthy.

I imagine it would work the same with wealth, I would have to find a genuine fear associated with gaining wealth and play off of that fear as I want to direct it.

(28 Feb '14, 15:56) Wade Casaldi
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This question is exactly what I was talking about in my question How can the power of fear be used in positive ways?

It seems you have stumbled on what I did years ago. That all thought is influence and worry and fear are very powerful influence, why not find uses for instead of trying to damper worry and fear?

Worry and fear about what you do want, rather than what you don't want.

Worry and fear is expectation with emotion. The more you worry and fear the more emotion and expectation you have.

You are the first person to see what my original question was about.

One last thing, also see my answer to my own question.


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Wade Casaldi

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oh yeahh this is exactly what I needed, thank you and serenegirleen so much! example: "Oh what if I get that new car, it's so fast, what if I can't handle it? Everybody would want to drive it and that would be annoying ..I would attract so much attention with it and I hate it."

It may not be the best example.. but am I getting this right ?

(27 Feb '14, 11:53) Marin

this could be a real epiphany for me. In the last few days, the evidence has been overwhelming. a few days ago, i wrote about 'manifesting' $ that wasn't mine (finding a wallet full of cash) again-something i didn't want-i wanted money but NOT THAT WAY and that's exactly what i got. Then, still believing i would get $ SOMEHOW-i once again received it-in a way i didn't want! Jeez... I've never had so much $ flowing into my life in so many ways i don't want. now how to harness that for good...lol

(27 Feb '14, 12:15) serenegirleen

Yes exactly, I now see when I wrote my question people were not yet ready to hear what I was saying. :-)

(27 Feb '14, 12:31) Wade Casaldi

As I was saying in my question, fire you can burn your finger and say it is bad and should be avoided. But you can also cook your food and say it is good. It is neither, just a tool. We harness what is outside, now harness what is inside.

(27 Feb '14, 12:36) Wade Casaldi

@Marin - I honestly don't know. My feelings were strong about it, i was actually a bit angry (just for a moment - then grateful hahaha) that the money came to me the way it did. I REALLY DID NOT WANT 'IT' THAT PARTICULAR WAY. Although, if anything, this has increased my faith - regardless of whether or not i have a 'winning formula' :) so to speak.

(27 Feb '14, 14:06) serenegirleen

@serenegirleen Fear and worry are usually faith in the negative thing occurring. You have found, as I did, that you can choose to use it for what you want instead.

(27 Feb '14, 14:48) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi-i also asked a question near about same topic some time ago..but i think i could not clarify my point of view in this question.:) http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/17466/why-is-my-subconscious-mind-showing-the-reverse-effects-of-affirmations

(27 Feb '14, 23:27) Zee
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The infamous Law of Attraction (LOA) has been heavily debunked here:

"If you are in fact claiming that thoughts are all powerful, then why can't you fly, walk through walls, move mountains, or materialize and dematerialize matter with your thoughts?"

Source: www (dot) debunkingskeptics (dot) com (slash) LawofAttraction (dot) htm

(I'm somehow unfortunately not allowed to post the link here, because my post is still 'new' ?...)

Your thoughts/response ?


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Niki Wonoto

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hmmm that is a well written article - and i agree with many of it's points. I guess i would say this - as a Christian - i believe in the 'words' of Christ - "whatsoever you ask of the Father - and BELIEVE - it shall be given unto you." and etc.. now i know those words are used often in the LOA realm - and I too think some people go waaaayyyy overboard - but there is SOMETHING to it (at least i THINK so)

(27 Feb '14, 10:33) serenegirleen

The experiences in my own life bear this out - an example; I always wanted to live and work in Ireland.I certainly didn't have the means to "make" this happen, but i persisted in my belief that it would. Long story short - i was on a trip there, met a guy who offered me a job, and within a few months i WAS LIVING AND WORKING IN IRELAND. Sooo...? and that is just one of many examples of such in my own life - so does BELIEF play a major factor in our lives? I'm just trying to figure it all out...

(27 Feb '14, 10:34) serenegirleen

However brilliant be a New Ager, Dean Radin, Charles Tart ... etc, whatever science can prove (science is after all based on the observation of natural phenomena and subject to how scientists perceive the world, thus it is based on belief), what really counts is how you perceive the world, what your beliefs are and how your own experience affects your interpretation of reality, only you can live your life, only you can experience your "now" ...

(27 Feb '14, 13:34) jaz

in other words all beliefs are true including mine, yours and this


and if you believe that beliefs are not true then that is true too :)

(27 Feb '14, 13:50) jaz
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Belief, whether negative or positive is formed in exactly the same way, you attract into your life whatever you give your energy, attention or focus to. The intensity of the belief is proportional to the intensity of the emotion, of the focus, of the attention.

What you describe is a clear example of putting a lot of energy and attention into what you don't want, something that you fear, in so doing you are creating a strong negative energy, you are polarizing the energy, activating it, putting it into motion. Polarized means having two poles. You are in effect creating and emitting a polarized waveform of thought energy in which is embedded the original intention (attract money into your life) as illustrated in the diagrammatic representation.

alt text

Whenever you create a strong negative energy vibration, such as in this case your fear of being a burden, a strong positive balancing energy is automatically created to maintain equilibrium.

There is always a double flow of energy between the poles, a flow of energy in both directions that happens so fast that in practice it seems simultaneous. It is simply a difference of direction, negative pulls inwards, positive pushes outwards, they both have the same effect. They can be represented graphically as being the start and the end of the color spectrum situated exactly opposite the visible green, that is, in the center of the "V-" negative green

alt text


The spectrum graph clearly indicates in symbolic form the double doorway, the passage linking the visible with the invisible, the physical with the non physical, the material with the non material. It is the point where the infinitely small meets the infinitely big, the central point "v-" in the negative green sector

alt text

which can easily shift between the states

alt text


alt text

It is the manifestation process in symbolic form;

Fire, the sun, the spirit in the sky, the cone of power ... wind and water, yin/yang that governs the four corners of the earth


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