I discovered this site a couple a weeks ago and I think it's really cool. I have read a lot of in teresting questions and answers. I am not new to the Law of Attraction stuff but am new to Abraham's teachings and I have been studying his stuff for few days now.

At the moment I have only one question for you guys. It's fairly easy I think but I'm not sure so I'm asking you : Does happines indicates that I am in The Vortex(from Abraham's teachings), by that I mean feeling good, happy and relaxed during the day. I am sorry for all grammar mistakes :) and I am hoping that you can understand me haha :)

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Emotional Guidance System

If you take a look at the diagram above, the edge of the Vortex is around #6 (Hopefulness) and you get further and further into it as you move up the Emotional Guidance Scale from there.

So #1 (Joy, Appreciation etc) is an indication of a strong Vortex alignment.

I've noticed that alot of people misunderstand the idea of Abraham's Vortex thinking that the Vortex is a calm, peaceful state, which equates to #7 (Contentment)...but it really isn't.

At best, that peaceful state is hovering around the Vortex edge because, while it is an emotional state with little resistance, it is also a state with little energy flow through you.

The Vortex state is a fast-moving energy state with little (or no) resistance.


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Thank you very much for your answer, keep up the good work :)

(11 Nov '12, 17:19) Marin

@Stingray- Thanks. Would you say the peaceful feeling around contentment would be an Awareness of Self (Eufeeling) and being in the Vortex (excitement,passion etc) would generally be recieving or acting on inspirations from Self? Thanks:)

(13 Nov '12, 06:32) Satori

@Satori - I would say that peaceful (general) feeling would be better classed as "Awareness of Source". Once you add in the human-based (specific) joy focus, you then get your genuine "Awareness of Self" overlaid onto the Source i.e in the Vortex. It's all just playing with words though. Ultimately all emotion is "Awareness of Self" because emotion simply represents the vibrational gap between where your Physical Self is focused and where the Non-Physical (Higher) Self is focused.

(15 Nov '12, 01:46) Stingray

@Stingray - Thank you for that great explanation. This makes things a lot clearer. Appreciated:)

(15 Nov '12, 06:05) Satori
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