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Is it OK to be Spiritual AND Wealthy?

Here is my story but nowadays, it seems like there's a subconscious thought process that Money is Evil so I would love to know what other people's thoughts are on this subject.

It was only a few years ago that I was in such a state of deep depression that I wanted to end my life... But something stopped me... some deeper yearning... some type of HOPE that there was more for me to do on this earth, that I had a PURPOSE here.

I'm not going to get into a long sob story here but I was desperate and I decided to give LIFE one LAST chance.. to Give the LAW of ATTRACTION a REAL chance. To entertain the idea that EVERYthing is perfect, synchronistic, and that our wish IS our command.

Long story short, I spent my years on this spiritual journey, finding bliss, developing my self-confidence, and realizing that I KEPT hitting an obstacle and no matter how hard I tried to find a way around it, I was always confronted with it...

What was that? The Lack of Money. You see, I've grown up hearing that "Money is the ROOT of All Evil" and in the TV shows and cartoons, the RICH people are generally the BAD Guys. I learned to NOT want TOO much money because then I'm being Greedy! When I started to learn about the Truth behind our Government, participating in protests like the Occupy Movement, I realized that without any money coming in, I couldn't pay for gas to attend the protests

You see, I have a yearning to change the world, to help people break free from the mental bondage and to "Unplug from the Matrix". But when I could hardly afford to pay for food (not to mention Organic Foods), how could I focus on anyone other than myself?

If I'm focusing on survival, how can I help OTHERS? How can I possibly think about CHANGING the world? How can I preach about BLISS when deep down inside, I'm struggling and just pretending to be happy on the outside?

How can I TRULY be happy when my heart yearns to TRAVEL the World but I'm stuck, to Take YOGA classes and EAT HEALTHY foods, to contribute to charities and WORLD Change projects and Movements...

When my SOUL YEARNS for an experience that requires Finances... do I continue turning a blind eye to it? Do I continue HATING Money or fall into the Trap of believing that "Money IS the Root of All evil?"

Especially when money puts food on the table, pays for rent and transportation? This is where I made a decision... I sought out Mentors... I started reading Books about success and started following Leaders and CHANGED my circle of influence to that of Inspiration, Motivation, and Success.

Now, I'm traveling the world, contributing to a Global Change Project on a regular basis, I'm able to Share my message and Teachings all over the internet, AND I'm able to show others how to Change the World while Becoming Zen Wealthy.

There IS a way to marry Spirituality AND Money and honestly, they are NOT mutually exclusive. Money is a TOOL. It is Energy. It can be used for GOOD AND BAD.

I decided that rather than complaining about how some RICH people or the Government ISN'T BEING FAIR or is Not out for the BEST for humanity, I'm going to DO something about it. I'm going to USE my wealth to contribute BACK to humanity, to use it for GOOD, and to put the power BACK into the hands of the People.

It's time to STOP complaining about problems. It's time to shift our mindset to a SOLUTION-BASED one. To be PRO-Active and take control of your life...

That is what I'm here to do. I'm now a part of this FREEDOM Movement of over 200,000 strong to Empower the masses, to Inspire the people, to Help FIND their deeper purpose, to GIVE the confidence they've always had within, to be able to FULLY EXPRESS and to be a part of a community of like-minded individuals out here to HELP one another.

Anyway, those are my thoughts and experiences on this subject. What are your thoughts? Is it only a perspective? Any experiences you'd like to share? Any comments? Would love to learn about other experiences ^_^

With Deep Gratitude and Joy, - Jin Hua

Feel free to connect ^_^

Here's a great Transformational Newsletter Series about the Freedom Movement and Attracting success:

Let's BE the Change we Wish to see in the World. And Remember... NEver... EVER... Give up on Your Dreams ^_~

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