Now, aside from how great it is to be in the Vortex as much as we can, regardless of what's going on, I wonder if there's anything important about our timing of being in the Vortex when we're doing certain things. I've heard many times that it's ideal to be in there when we create and send out our desires, our intentions, because we're sending them out with that boost of high vibration. It's also better to receive our calling for inspired action towards our goals when we're in the Vortex, because we know it's coming from a place of alignment... but what about when we actually take that inspired action and after?

Recently, when I was feeling great, I was inspired to do something. I didn't want to do it because I thought I would get something out of it (although great things can always come from it!) but because it made me feel good to think about doing it and I thought it would be nice for the other person involved, too. It felt like inspired action. Because I am who I am and have a current tendency to overthink things, I didn't take it right away. Today, though, I felt the calling again. I just had to do it. It felt right. So I did! Doing it felt amazing and I am sure I was in the Vortex during the inspiration and during the doing of the action itself.

So here's my question. After I've taken this action, my intuition says to let go of it and let go of any thinking about what might happen with it going forward. Just feel good that I did it, about doing it, and be happy with that, move on to being happy with life and everything in it in general. I'm still feeling pretty good, but not quite that same "I just went skydiving" kind of exhilaration as earlier. Is feeling good in general and not being attached to the outcome of the inspired action enough, or do we need to continue to get into the Vortex about it after it's done?

I feel like it's enough to have been there during the inspiration and the action itself, and letting go is the right move, but I wondered if there's another perspective! Thank you.

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Sounds like you have nailed it! Based on how you have expressed your question, you appear to have a good grasp on how things work. That is exactly the formulae.

Focus + Allowing = Manifesting

or as I put it in different terms,

Intent Exercised + No neediness for Any Outcome = Manifesting

In my experience, a good proportion of studying Law of Attraction is to do with the second half of this equation more than the first. However, there is so much emphasis in books and youtube videos that LOA work is all about asking/praying for what you want, or writing a list of everything you want or doing a vision board for things you want as if that in itself is responsible for 'helping' you manifest it. But it is not!

I wonder if there's anything important about our timing of being in the Vortex when we're doing certain things

The vortex metaphor refers to alignment and union between you and your Higher Self. There is never a more appropriate time to align than ANY TIME you can. But yes, of course, if you get aligned and then think of goals or action to take, then those actions are going to lead you to your result quicker. In saying that I feel I bit off unless I clarify that, ideally, you want to be aligned as often as possible, and I would discourage you from just selectively aligning in respect to goals etc....Even if you have no goals, it's in your interests to get aligned anyways!

So here's my question. After I've taken this action, my intuition says to let go of it and let go of any thinking about what might happen with it going forward. Just feel good that I did it, about doing it, and be happy with that, move on to being happy with life and everything in it in general.

Yes that is spot on. All you have to do now is get on with your life. No need to pay any thought or attention to what just happened; get on with life. Leave the entire request or thing you did alone (mentally) for 3 days and then if you want you can think about it again. But in my judgement, it sounds like you are needing a result from this? Don't get caught into the trap of trying to let something go and then 'sneakily' checking in on physical reality to see if its there or not. No. I would leave everything be at its death now, just make some new decisions in life and get moving!

The only way to seize your attention on anything is to put your focus on something else. Why not try getting aligned, thinking of a NEW desire, and taking any inspired action from that new desire alignment?

As I said, the way you have expressed this questions appears like you have a masterful grasp on these concepts and ideas. The hardest thing for me to understand was the simplicity of it all. Though there are 1000s of books and information ideas on Law of Attraction, at the end of the day, it is super, super simple. Get happy, feel good, do whatever feels best, and be free of outcomes, and that really is all I have to say about that. Well Done


answered 30 Jul '18, 18:27

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It makes a lot of sense to think of being in alignment as a constant goal, whether we think it will help us in manifesting certain things or not. When we know we're living and doing and even just breathing in alignment with who we truly are, we're living our best lives. Anything that comes along with it is just bonus.

(30 Jul '18, 22:15) hybridmoonlight

Because the action does relate to a bigger overall manifestation, I was hopeful that it could lead to some progress with it, so I was looking forward to the possibility of results from the action. However, I didn't take that action because I wanted results, or because I thought it was necessary for them, it just seemed like a really good thing to do that happened to be related. I was totally okay with nothing happening from it at all. It's so hard take my mind off of things sometimes ---

(30 Jul '18, 22:18) hybridmoonlight

--- and let go of worrying about outcomes, that this outlook seemed so wonderful. As a side note, I think learning about LoA and putting the details of it (especially what you've mentioned in your answer) into motion in my life has benefitted me WELL beyond using it to get whatever I want. A shift into a better natural alignment! I need to keep living the practice of letting go and watch myself for that sneaking, that was an excellent point. Anxiety be damned, alignment is much nicer.

(30 Jul '18, 22:22) hybridmoonlight

You appear to have great wisdom! It's fun to read your thoughts on this. Yes, everything else- the physical manifestation- is certainly just a bonus. The real thrill is the state-of-being, and then taking action as that state of being purely for fun and engagement. In relation to peeking-to-see-if-reality-has-changed, there is only one solution (for me) to take my attention off this; do things. Get so immersed, absorbed and engaged in physical life with other things and just have fun

(30 Jul '18, 23:15) Nikulas

I listened to a podcast from @Stingray on this idea of getting so wrapped up in life in a fun fashion that it reverse ages you.

(30 Jul '18, 23:16) Nikulas

Another video of back when I studied the Pickup Arts detailing how by engaging in new, more, different views of life he also has commented on its anti-aging phenomenon and how it can increase intelligence (video has nothing to do with pickup):

(30 Jul '18, 23:18) Nikulas

Thank you! It means so much to hear that I'm on a good track and my heart is in the right place. <3 I have plenty of room to improve, for sure, especially when it comes to sneaking a peek, haha. I caught myself doing it today on some things, but I just realized that it started up when I was stressed about something totally unrelated. Just goes to show the importance of our feelings in general! But through this answer, now I have a clearer idea of where my aim is. :)

(31 Jul '18, 18:17) hybridmoonlight

This is a great answer from @Nikulas :) I think peeking at reality is fine as long as you are doing it from inside the vortex - i.e expecting a positive result to unfold. If you can do this without dipping into impatience and doubt then go ahead. That's milking it, getting the juice out of your desire and enjoying it up in that high flying place. Otherwise as @Nikulas said just go and have fun, and it will pop. Enjoy!

(01 Aug '18, 07:07) Yes
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Hi hybridmoonlight

Maybe I didn't really understand the question but ---- why wouldn't you be in the vortex after taking the action?

why do you feel any need to put any effort into getting in there at all? the question itself reflect doubt in where you are now. just leave it alone.(unless you feel doubt - so shift it by not judging yourself)

i mean, you where there already and felt how it is. you did what you thoghut was right for you for that certain moment. thats it. leave it there. be sure of your self and actions and trust the present moment. thats all. every moment is different. the vortex is different in every moment because you change in every sec. dont expect of yourself to feel the exact same way. just trust.


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I left the "in the Vortex" feeling a bit after taking the action I mentioned for exactly the reason you mentioned later in your answer -- things change, we fluctuate, every moment is different. I haven't become the version of myself who is in there permanently, so sometimes I feel like I'm not in it. It happens. I typically don't feel the need to put any effort towards getting there, either, and let it happen itself. I was only asking about thoughts on the importance of being there after action.

(01 Aug '18, 13:33) hybridmoonlight

I had no doubt about the action, and I still don't now. When they have the potential to bring our ideal futures to us when we take them, though, we should want them to be given the least resistance possible. When we're in the Vortex, we're producing less resistance, so I wondered if anyone had noticed connections to how we feel after our actions guiding us to those best results. Of course we are at our best being in there as much as possible, producing the least resistance to our best lives.

(01 Aug '18, 13:38) hybridmoonlight

"I was only asking about thoughts on the importance of being there after action" - ok, so in that case i think the answer would be -YES. But, from where you are at the moment. and that moment is obviously different becouse you are now after taking an action. before you were with different energy components.

(01 Aug '18, 13:48) myself

Ah, yes, okay! Because we're always expanding, and our thoughts and actions expand us, and our energy is different moment to moment, action to action, thought to thought. So again, it isn't even about being in it for the sake of the action that was taken, just like it isn't about being in it for the sake of manifesting something or another, but rather just about us being in tune with our higher selves and keeping up with the change and expansion. Thank you!

(01 Aug '18, 18:39) hybridmoonlight

Sometimes I can get caught up in wondering why I don't feel as good in one moment as I did in another, but that's such a good thing to keep in mind. As long as we trust in the universe and ourselves and give ourselves to that flow, it doesn't matter. That shifting is a good thing, because life is not stagnant and that's how we grow.

(01 Aug '18, 18:41) hybridmoonlight

yes!!! :) great!

(01 Aug '18, 18:50) myself
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