There are times when I have alot on my plate or have bitten off too much to chew. And for as long as I can remember when I become preoccupied with all of the tasks that I need to accomplish I become very forgetful. I have always known that this is because my subconscious is also preoccupied with trying to iron a way for me to fit everything into the day that it slacks off on the regular tasks it usually performs for me. Recently, this has been happening times ten. I literally drove right past the mall three times the other day, THREE TIMES! Every single day I come to the parking lot at school, I find myself all alone with absolutely no idea where my car is parked. I know the basic vicinity but I have to search up and down a couple rows before I finally find it. But here's the thing. I am not stressed out right now. I don't have anything on my plate that I can not handle. In fact, life seems to be easy peazy right now. So I started to think, what is my subconscious so preoccupied with that it has been slacking off soooo much?

the only thing that is different in my life is deliberate thinking, and I have been working overtime on this. A couple weeks ago, I asked a question on IW, should it feel like such hard work to feel good? And at this point; No, it is not hard for me anymore. It is becoming much easier for me to feel good, of course now I realize that the real challenge is trying to feel "great" instead of "good" but that's another topic :)

So my question is: is it possible that my subconscious is finally getting on board with my new way of thinking? Is my subconscious in the process of reprogramming itself simply because I told it that this the new and right way that we are gonna do things for now on?

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It sounds like you gave your subconscious (your right brain) an order to complete and let it go. I've done this myself many times in the past. Another way is visualize the brain making new connections.

It is interesting that both methods use the right brain.

I have worked on my brain many times for many things, sometimes things like burning up memories to get rid of depression or hurt over things gone or people gone from my life. It worked well when past relationships failed, but I am not sure if somehow I put that on auto delete for everyday. Because now it is a struggle to remember day to day what I did or said. But that I believe has been getting better , Jai has been helping me with that, maybe it is some switch thrown in my mind that needs to be thrown back on.

When I get the desire strong enough to change I'll find a way to fix it, it should be a simple command or visualization. The brain is complex however the user interface is way easier than this computer I am using.

As you park, command your right brain to remember and recall exactly where you park, regardless of what other cars there are now or will be there or missing when you get back. I think that is what throws us off really, we take a mental picture of where our cars are, then we come out to find everything looks different than when we went inside the building! We do something like this, there is a blue van two rows from my car and a red sports car across from me, and I'm parked next to this motorcycle, I'll remember this. We come out and find no motorcycle or sports car! Not that we consciously remembered those but unconsciously. We just know that something is wrong we can't remember where we parked! Subconsciously we are trying to find familiar location so we subconsciously travel toward similar things but get more lost. So you see a motorcycle in the distance and are attracted, thinking, over there but no. You see a sports car in another direction, you feel drawn there but no you didn't park there either.

The only way to remember is to look at where you park compared to fixed locations, like across from a tree and flag pole, unless landscaping and and construction come and move them while you are in the building you have a better shot at remembering where you parked your car. Better yet if your lot has signs with letters, one row from lot A, seven car slots from the start.


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Yes, the mind is an amazing machine! I was reading Abrahams 22 processes and came across the one about dreams. I found this one intriguing only because I never remember my dreams and was curious to see if this would work for me. So that night I commanded my subconscious to remember my dreams. When I woke up the next morning, the first thought I had was what my dream was. I thought wow, its crazy all that you have access to, and really all you have to do is ask.

(24 Apr '14, 11:08) Jess

See you have done the hard work in finding the answer, now you can answer how is that juice? Was it worth the squeeze?

(24 Apr '14, 12:18) Wade Casaldi

Ahhh yes, that juice! That is the real question; I feel like I can see the juice and it looks delicious, but I haven't actually tasted it just yet. Soon as I do, I'll let you know!

(24 Apr '14, 13:29) Jess
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