Gooday. Over years of healing people, with a success rate over 90%. I have never had a sickness or problem that has not been caused by our own thinking or by someone elses programming, both are unconscious activities.

Sometimes I have to go back to the day of conception to remove the unconscious latch on to heal the person. Sometimes a past life. Over 95% of everything everyone does is completely controlled by their unconscious mind, put their by other people or unconscious latch on. We do less than 5% of what we really want to do.

Question: If I completely clear a persons unconscious mind of all programming and latch ons, including past life, what do you think will happen to them?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I was going to quickly jump in and say the expected answer "You will manifest anything you want.....but I think it would be quite the contrary.

I think you would be a humorless child-like creepy person who has no social skills with a personality that no one could relate to.


answered 25 Oct '12, 14:07

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@Eldavo sounds like a description of Sheldon from Tbbt

(25 Oct '12, 15:24) ursixx

what if you could manifest all that you want instently? maybe there is some law that you have to go with example not interfere with other people free will?and maybe there is some other law also that need to be respected? sure when one has knowledge that some other don't have people will judge him or find him strange,but should they view someone else like this? but to answer that question you have to be able to put your self in the the other person shoe.

(25 Oct '12, 19:00) white tiger

To white tiger, as over 95% of everything we do is put there by other people and latch ons, there is almost no free will, but, what things do we do that are the 5%?

(25 Oct '12, 19:28) Wazza

i will give you example: if a teacher has the power to teach other and give them their grades why does he not make them learn instenly? or why does he not just grade every one with 100% in their test? is there some logic some guide lines and some rule to follow? yet he is a teacher and it is in is power to manifest.

(25 Oct '12, 19:31) white tiger

Eldavo. If when all is cleared form subconscious, this and past lives and we have an empty hard drive, where does the original operating programme come from, and how does it get there?

(25 Oct '12, 19:32) Wazza

Quite possibly you could manifest instantly, because you wouldn't know anything about negative thoughts that cause resistance.

But your subconscious controls everything from your bodily functions to your personality to your language to any skill you would have and if your subconscious was cleared/erased then your personality is cleared, your language is cleared and on and my vision of a cleared subconscious is someone who just sits and stares at you like a mannequin.

(25 Oct '12, 19:41) Eldavo

@Wazza.....basic animal instincts that come with the cells and makeup of this body when we're born. That's my guess.

(25 Oct '12, 19:46) Eldavo if you have listen to stargate sg 1 you remember that ascended being could not interfere with mortal,in the program they said that it was a decision they made but what if it was a rule to not interfere with other people free will? and that every one know that rule when they ascend and when they incarnate and lose their memory they do not remember. yet when they are ascended they all respect each other free will,if you remember even-

(25 Oct '12, 19:48) white tiger

jesus could not heal some people that did not have faith.

(25 Oct '12, 19:52) white tiger

As bashar says: "when we ascend (die) it's like we wake up from a really cool vivid dream. When we descend into another body (reincarnation) we don't "lose" our memory we just "forget"."

(25 Oct '12, 19:58) Eldavo

@white tiger....Who?

(25 Oct '12, 20:00) Eldavo

you see you have understandand and answer wazza, question from a point of fear in your self,also you have seen it from a point of erasing the total memory from some one mind. for me i have seen it has removing problem using truth over duality until the full understanding and meaning is achive and balence is acquired.,then the subcounsious mind is clear no more darkness or unsolve things remains to disturb you. as for wazza technique that he discus is probably hypnoses.

(25 Oct '12, 21:49) white tiger

also will add that hypnoses is using someone free will to use your free will on them,so be sure you are doing the right thing when you play with someone else mind. you cannot erase a though or stop a though eventually it will come back to disturb you again. the only way to trully stop a though from disturbing you is to learn the truth about it ontil it is resolve completely then it will not come back again to disturb you,if it comes back something it is not solve you did not go far enuff.

(25 Oct '12, 22:00) white tiger

To white tiger. When you erase an emotion that is causing the problem, sickness etc, you are not removing the memory, only the subconscious attachment that caused it, usually with an emotional effect. There is no difference between a murderer and a preacher, when their unconscious latch on or program installed, usually in the womb, is removed they both become normal human beings. They become nearer to the truth. One will never kill again and one will never preach again, he sees the falseness.

(26 Oct '12, 05:26) Wazza

90% of people do not know why they do things, like bash people, become workaholics, drug adicts etc, it is all a program installed in them and they don't know it is installed in them. It is usually installed into the unconscious between conception and 8 years old and then automatically controlls the person. If you remove the program they stop because the controlling attachment is gone. It will never recur. They are free.

(26 Oct '12, 05:33) Wazza

i tell you again nothing is removed,it will surface back again some day. though or emotion are always in you even if you ignore them try to erase or forget them. so it is like using a bandaid until the person learn to deal with the issue,hoping that by the time the same things (bandaid gone) come back the person will have get stronger or will know how to deal with the situation. i tell you the truth will set you free. as for normal human being who is the judge of that?

(26 Oct '12, 20:42) white tiger

white tiger. I tell you it is removed and can never return. If you understand how the unconscious works on the brain and all the cells in the body regarding the learned behavioral unconscious attachments, you will understand. When an attachment is welcomed into a unconsciousness, usually by some emotional causation, it takes control, once you remove it, it is totally gone, like removing all of a splinter, it cannot return.

(26 Oct '12, 21:33) Wazza

when these attachments to the unconscious control us, we do not know they are controlling us, or the reason they control us until we seek help to discover why. Anyway, this does not answer the question asked.

(26 Oct '12, 21:36) Wazza
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if the inside of the cup is clean the outside of the cup will also be clean. with a clean water you could discover your true self,seing your own reflection on the clean and undisturb water.eventually the 2 will become one. so let there be light,Be the light that you can be,experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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