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So I launch my rocket of desire. I can put it in my manifestation box and release it to the Universe. If I forget about it that's great. It seems that other negative idea are still popping into my head.

So I came up with using the "wouldn't be nice if." Because this sounds like a perfect way to change the feelings about whatever is bothering me.

By using the "wouldn't be nice if" I immediately feel relief. The Beautiful thing is although I have many fears at times; I have no shortage of things and conditions that I would like to change. I could use the technique over and over through out the day.

Also I love the idea of gratitude. One look around and I can enjoy the beauty of where I live.

In conclusion keep a gut feeling of good.

How do you guys do it? What's your input?

I heard about ("wouldn't if") this a long time ago but forgot.

I,m excited to start using it and want hear back from all you all. I sounds like one of those effortless techniques that can make a huge difference in our Vibrations and Lives.

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We would not be humans if we did not have the emotion of fear. Fear is a normal and natural part of who we are as humans, so it is okay for us to have the feeling of fear, and concern. Since we know that each of us have these behaviors, it is also important for us to know that we should not live our life in fear. Life is about taking control, and being in control, standing up for what you believe in; it’s about who you are as a person, and what you can do to make yourself into the best possible person that you can be. It is unwise to let the feeling of fear control your life, and to give you set back in your life that keeps you from attaining your goals.

Do you know what your fears are, if so, what do you proposed to do about these fears? Are you going to let these fear control you, and stop you from reaching your goals, or are you going take control, and look at fear in the eye, and toss fear aside out of your way to get what you desire? You have two choices, to let fear control you, or to let your confidence control you. The choice is yours!

So now that we have cleared the air, and you are now confident about taking full control of your life, you can start all over again by asking the Universe to manifest your desire, without the fear factor. You now have the confidence, and you believe, and trust the Universe will manifest your desire, and you know without a doubt there is no reason for you to think otherwise. You trust the Universe, and you have no fear. You know that everything you desire is working with perfect harmony with the Universe, and timing to manifest your desire! Now you can use whatever resources are available to you, or what you have a preference for, with total confidence that the manifestation is completed, and you will receive it with perfect timing. Have you tried Stingray focused Block? It will help you to build the confidence you need to manifest your desire.

There are many ways of doing the same thing, so you will have to decide what works for you, or what method you want to use, or you can create your own exercise, and affirmation to use. You must remember that you create your own reality!

*How do I do it? I put my wish in my Wish Box, and I forget about. Do I think about it sometimes? Yes I do, but then I forget about again, and this process can continue over a period of time. I never put a time or an amount on my request, although I will list the name of the items; but I have also learned to take the appropriate action, if possible, to help the process along, so that it may materialize within a given time frame. You will learn from your own experience that you will sometimes have to wait much longer for some things, simply, because some things does take longer than others. So you have to keep an open mind, and learn not to judge the outcome.

Before I started using the LOA as per “The Secret,” I was using Auto-Suggestion, and Imagination, and I was using pictures on my Dream Board to manifest my desire. Now I know it is all the same LOA, regardless of the techniques used to create and manifest your desire. I can recalled a lot of magic in my life, and I also remembered waiting ten years to get my dream Job, but you know what it was well worth the wait. I was better prepared to function in the senior position on my job, than if I had gotten the job before the time that I did. So the Universe is always in perfect harmony with timing, and readiness for each of us. Hope this help you.


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That was a helpful answer Vee. I appreciate you time to give an input. We are truly of like mind. I am sure your journey will be stellar. Peace and Blessings.

(07 Nov '10, 05:36) Tom

I am going to reread that a few more times your answer had a lot of meat in it. Thank you so much!

(08 Nov '10, 00:22) Tom

EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique is a fast, easy way to relieve negative emotions, limiting beliefs, etc... fastereft.com is an even faster way. When you put your desire in the manifestation box, you can ask yourself questions about how you feel about the desire, what would other people say about the desire, what would keep you from manifesting your desire, then tap on those emotions and the memories that gave you those limiting beliefs. When you get them all eliminated, you can be at peace with your desire. If any negative thoughts and limiting beliefs come up, do the EFT tapping on them to eliminate them.


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