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I found this neat little manifesting tool that uses just two words. You just say "I command" and then you state what ever it is that you want. Example: "I command a parking spot" or "I command front row seats at the movies." I hear this works for both big and small manifestations.

There are probably some reasons as to why this might work for some people and not others. I don't know if this is where beliefs play a role or if it's just a matter of trusting and letting go.

I would like to find a simple and possibly easy way to make this work.

The article source states that "your disbelief might actually aid in it's power because your not too attached to the outcome". This sounds good but I'm not sure if this is true or not because beliefs have always been a strong indicator as to the kind of results you get.

Does any one have any ideas as to how to make it work. I never really used this method much but it's starting to grow on me.

Thank you

Here is the URL to the article I found:


asked 23 May '14, 23:55

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Jacob Ford

jacob, perhaps it is best to know the scope of your developed power, work within that until you understand how to expand your potential. no doubt there are elementals waiting to do ones bidding

(24 May '14, 06:44) fred

You have described this process of prayer pretty well. We command knowing, believing and feeling that what we express will be done as we command. We can command inwards and outwards. I have healed myself, I have cast out demons from people and their homes, I have healed others. All of this from taking authority over the problem.

It is taking an active stance and bringing you to a position of power over the problem instead of being in the problem.

When the others where in the ship afraid of the storm and afraid of drowning Jesus commanded the storm, "Peace be still!" The storm calmed because Jesus commanded it to be calm. They were in the problem, Jesus was above the problem.

Albert Einstein said, "You will never solve a problem from the level of the problem or below it, you must raise above the problem to solve it."

This works similar to Stingray's first manifesting experiment. Set the intention, know, believe and feel it will be done, then forget it.

"I command" could work as well with "thank you."

Two examples, I command my body give me strength, confidence and courage for this test. Thank you body for giving me, strength, confidence and courage for this test.

Both do the same thing, set the intent, know, feel and believe it will be done, then forget it.

There are times, where I will use one or the other, (active "I command" or passive "Thank you.") also times where I use them together, first command then giving thanks or the other way around.

If you are Christian and seal it with, "In Jesus name" that gives it more power because it is easier to have faith in God than it is in ourselves.


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Wade Casaldi

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Thank you. This is exactly what I was looking for. Blessings.

(27 May '14, 16:21) Jacob Ford

Here's a text from Uri Geller's Mind Power Book you may find interesting that explains how to mend a mechanical spring powered watch by commanding it to "work".

"First of all, wind up the watch even though it is broken. Hold the watch in your hands and concentrate on it. Be very open-minded. Do not be sceptical - we're going to make this happen. On the count of three you are going to shout the word "work". By doing this you can activate your energy that can penetrate the broken watch, so try this exercise with me. Shout out "One, two, three, WORK!" Do this three times, and really believe in it. Now open your hand and look at the watch - is the second hand moving? Lift the watch to your ear and listen. Can you hear a tick?"

alt text


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I'd truly love to believe something like this is possible, but my rational mind would die before letting this happen. Do you know personally anybody at this level of psychic development?

(25 May '14, 10:19) maugi

then allow your rational mind to die, let it sleep and access your intuition @maugi :)


(26 May '14, 03:48) jaz
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