I just stumbles upon this great forum. I read an answer by JAZ about lottery numbers,this book "l'influence des nombres" was referenced about establishing a structural mathematical link between your wish and your target which is the same as using a radionics machine.

I wonder if one could use this method together with a radionics machine, if it would be more powerful. I just received the SE-5 1000 from Jef Harvey and am just starting to get familiar with how to use this machine. I am going to order a radionics machine next week. I am going to start doing experiments with manifestation and the radionics machine and now I see this information concerning using the manual structural link method to get a lottery win. I love how LOA works.... I obviously attracted this forum. Maybe this is so I can better understand what the radionics machine is doing.

This is so very interested and I am wondering how to get this book in English and if it isnt available in English how to get it translated. JAZ how did you get the diagrams?

I am so excited to learn more about this!


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Hi Positive4Life! Welcome to the forum! If you would like to address a specific person you can can just put an "@" symbol infront of their name. I'm sure @jaz will find her way to this question eventually, I will speed up the process for you :)

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@Jess, I've converted your answer into a comment. Answers should only be used to provide answers to the specific question being asked - all else should be a comment. Thanks.

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Welcome Positive4life. This is very interesting!? I've never heard of this before.....I would love to hear updates on your progress as this sounds like a very interesting experiment.

Here's a different perspective it's called a "Wishing Machine"



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Hi Positive4Life pleased to know that you're interested in radionics, there's a few questions and answers here on IQ that you may find interesting, tag "radionics".

Radionics is also known as psionics and psychotronics, whatever you choose to name it and whatever device or graph you use , it all boils down to the conscious activation of the law of attraction for a particular purpose. In other words it's a manifestation method.

The SE-5 1000, The Wishing Machine, and all the many other devices such as the Servranx ERR 6P, the Psychotronic 8, radionic graphs ... etc all work on the same principle and the device is tuned through your own subjective feedback mechanism using a pendulum or stick plate.

The book "L'Influence des Nombres" (the influence of numbers) published by Servranx

alt text

as far as I know only exists in french ...

Many of the radionic graphs come from Servranx



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Copy the link Jaz gave you and paste it in this Google translator, it will give the entire site in English.

(26 May '14, 12:56) Wade Casaldi
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