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And it's also a title of my new book, just released:

"How to Turn
Any Rising Thought
Into an Orgasmic One:

How to Let a Rising Thought Be More Effective, Efficient,
Nurturing You With Pleasure"

And it is my gift to you, you can right-click and download it right here:

download the book
(it may not be here for long, so take it now)

Just for my fellow swans, vibrational geeks here at Inward Quest :)

Here's the book description:

So you found a better feeling thought... What's next?
Wouldn't it be nice to milk it for more?
Wouldn't it be flowing, from one good feeling thought to get to fly in beautiful alignment?
Wouldn't it be sweet, to align easily, happily, in a delicious flow?
Wouldn't it be benefiting you, to come to a higher frequency, while you're enjoying the process?
Wouldn't it be fun, to be aligning simply (but interestingly)?
The book will tell you how to do it, evoking in you some profound thinking, recognizing, realizing. Thoughts that will feel even better, and a vibration that is much higher, and a happiness ocean, flowing in you (or you basking in it).
See you in the book! :)

You're welcome, and please do tell your own answers here, too! :)

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Olga Farber

Thank you for the lovely book, Olga.

And I would just like to say...

OE.+ I A.A.A.+ ITKA :) + you too :)

(Now everyone's going to have to download your book to find out what on Earth that means :) )

Following on from your book title "How to turn any rising thought into an orgasmic one", I thought I would slip in here a little tip/technique for "How to turn any orgasmic thought into more orgasmic thoughts" :)

One thing I've been thinking about for a while is once you've reached a Vortex-aligned state ("orgasmic" state, I guess you could call it), how do you keep it going even longer?

My usual approach in the past has been to write out a general Rampage of Appreciation once Vortex-aligned - and that works fine. But, after a while of writing out things you appreciate, even the thrill of doing that fades away and that Vortex-aligned state starts to feel normal because you are acclimatizing to it.

So you're feeling great but you're getting used to feeling great (especially if you do the alignments day-after-day) so the thrill of feeling great doesn't last long. It kind of gets "boring" to just feel good :)

Then one day while playing with my Vibrational Spreadsheet (my preferred alignment tool), it occurred to me that the key lay in all the Positive Aspects, Virtual Realities, "What If?", Touchstones etc that I had used to get Vortex-aligned in the first place. (Vortex-alignment strategy is here).

It occurred to me that all I had to do was revisit those same topics from within the Vortex but, this time it was to simply to enjoy the feeling of focusing on them - not for the purpose of Vortex alignment or any other purpose.

So it's exactly the same good-feeling topics but viewed from within the Vortex.

I've been giving this approach the name of Vibrational World Exploration just to give my thick skull the idea that I'm not supposed to achieve or accomplish anything by revisiting all these Positive Aspects, Virtual Realities, What If?, Touchstones etc - I'm just looking around my vibrational world in a kind of "Oooh, look at that", "Ahh, isn't that nice", "Gosh, that's so lovely" kind of attitude.

And, as soon as I feel the alignment thrill dissipating because I'm getting bored exploring one topic, I switch immediately to another one (the spreadsheet does this randomly for me) and I get another thrill boost.

And as soon as I feel the thrill diminish on that next topic, I switch to another and another. I've got several hundred topics to choose from since I've been collecting them for some years now.

Sounds a bit odd saying I explore the (vibrational) world through a computer but that's what it amounts to...and it works really well.

alt text

So far, there seems to be almost no limit to how long you can stay feeling the thrill of the alignment without getting bored because you've got used to that thrill. I can often feel my head almost pounding with the alignment energy flowing through. In fact, I tend to take a break from it for about 5 minutes every 25 minutes just to avoid my head exploding :)

I usually have to stop sooner or later because something in physical reality eventually requires my attention but given enough good-feeling topics and quick enough random switching, the "orgasmic" state could probably go on indefinitely.

I'm still experimenting with this idea to see how far I can push it, and what long-term effects it has on my life, but I just thought I'd throw this method out there in case it's helpful to someone else.

'Vibrational World Exploration' Process Summary

  1. You'll need plenty of Positive Aspects, Virtual Realities, "What If?", Touchstones topics. They will naturally build up if you normally use them as stepping stones to Vortex alignment.
  2. Get Vortex aligned. Confirm this with a short Rampage of Appreciation
  3. Revisit randomly the same Positive Aspects, Virtual Realities, "What If?", Touchstones etc from within the Vortex and just "Explore" them.
  4. "Explore" means just enjoy looking at them - you are not trying to achieve any end result other than enjoyment in the moment. Add more statements to any topic if you feel inspired. Add/link more topics on other subjects if you feel inspired. Let the topics remind you of other good-feeling topics to add into this vibrational reality. Look for related pictures/videos, whatever keeps you there longer. Let your Vortex-self run riot exploring and further building up this personal vibrational world.
  5. As soon as the thrill of alignment starts to diminish even slightly, randomly switch to another topic, and another, and another.
  6. If you feel you are running out of good-feeling subjects in your current/past physical reality, focus on creating "Virtual Realities" for subjects that are not yet part of your physical reality...they will never run out :)
  7. As a bonus to doing this process, you now have more Positive Aspects, Virtual Realities, What If?, Touchstones to help you get Vortex-aligned next time you are out - and the alignment habit becomes more and more effortless because you are spending more and more time in the aligned state.
  8. After you've done this for a while, you'll understand inwardly (rather than just intellectually) why Abraham keep stressing the importance of endless unfulfilled gives you more stuff to focus on and extract the thrill out of :)

Enjoy :)

Oh, and almost's Abraham talking about the value of just being "connected" for the sake of it.


answered 12 Jul '16, 03:51

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thank you, Stingray! :) What a great continuation!

(12 Jul '16, 12:32) Olga Farber

even if book can provide intellectual knowledge, and communicate some though. it does not mean every one can understand it some are still in the dark. man made book, man made law, man made money, made man a lot of things to help them self and they are still failing.

to give example: look at the bible(follow Jesus becare full from what cup your drink). does it not say to love your neighbor as your self. does it not say to not judge . does it not say that if you live by the sword you will die by the sword.

now look in this world did people after 2000 year benefit from that?

or are they trying to make division to get self praised, race war, kill their neighbor, kill the cop that protect them against other that do the same and against them self.

destroying the body the flesh your flesh or someone else flesh gives you nothing it is not the problem. the problem is the darkness, the veil on the water. that makes you destroy your self and other. at the place of making division and race war it would be better to find your desert and stay in that desert until your water is good so that you do not do that kind of thing that solve nothing and create even more problem. what kind of water do you want to drink?

are you with out sin to cast the first stone?

why make your self judge because the police shoot a person? are you doing is job did you not ever make a mistake?

is there not a justice system in that kingdom?

why stay in darkness and make a war about this?

does getting more people hurt or killed doing anything good?

is that the mercy that you have in your heart for your self and other?

why do you seek revenge? revenge is not yours.

is that the kind of justice, mercy and good faith, that you want for your self and other?

the outer kingdom that you live in is a reflection of the people that lives with in that kingdom. first clean the inside of the cup so that the outside might also be clean. cleaning only the outside is a waste of time since each time you sprinkle some water out of your cup you will need to start your outside cleaning again, since the dirty water will spread to the outside and every one that will drink from a cup full of dirt and poison will surely die. so again I tell you first clean the inside of the cup.

how can you expect to live in a good kingdom if there is some people doing division because of their darkness and self praise. you will live in a kingdom made for people like you and you will die in your sin. no book will change that. destroying the book will not change that. removing the darkness that gives you a heart of stone is the only thing that can change that. once you know how to love your self properly you will know how to love other properly. are you willing to make that work on your own water to turn that heart of stone in to a heart of flesh. and move from the darkness to the light. ye judge after the flesh I judge no men but if I judge my judgement is true. you say black live matter(still trap in division and resentment, in darkness from the over flow of the heart ) verily verily I say to you all live matters. I am not a divider am I? drop that stone that you want to throw at your neighbor before it is to late. For with what judgment you judge, you shall be judged: and with what measure you measure, it shall be measured to you again.And why behold you the speck that is in your brother's eye, but consider not the beam that is in your own eye?Thou hypocrite, cast out first the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye. blind that leads the blind on that dark path will both fall in the pit.

Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


answered 08 Jul '16, 19:10

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white tiger

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I am reading it now and will probably read it multiple times. Thank you! I appreciate this. Decided to start with simple sincere acknowledgment and it seems like just saying Hello to the sun creates a shift. Or a bird, the clouds... a thought.


answered 05 May '21, 13:13

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