What is the relation between the spirit (Soul) and the life force of living creatures? Are they one in the same?, related? seperate?.

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I consider the spirit as the within, and the life force as the without.

They are both form the same energy that has created everything in nature, the universe, and world at large.

They are related since they are a part of the whole, and one part cannot function without the other part. Example: without the spirit there is no life force, and without this same energy that is responsible for creating all living things, what we now call life force would be irrelevant.

They are separated in the sense that each plays a vital part in the creation of all living things, that are the same, but can be identified as a specific species, Example: The spirit lives within the physical species human, or animal, we can see the physical species, and its moving life form, but we cannot see the spirit physically that lives within and is part of the us, although we know for a fact it is there.

In essence everything is related, and is a part of the same, and we cannot separate one from the other, since one cannot function without the other. The spirit and life force is the one and same energy, used in the natural law of the creation all living things. Hopes this helps.


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That is a good question. You will get a lot of different answers. The life force could be considered a physical force. The heart pumps the life force through us. The heart and life force could die. The spiritual force within us can not die. The spiritual without can not die. It is the Force that creates all physical and spiritual world. In a way the physical also can not die as it transfers into another form. We are alive and alive in two forms at the same time. I don't think we know all the answers, but we will when we have our physical death. It would be difficult to have a strong life force if we were spiritualy sick. If our spiritual force is sick then we would decline physically. Physical exercise can increase our aura and life force as well. Is it the same? Is it different? Is it related, yes? If we were created to find joy then that is out mission. I believe that both forces are uplifted by joy. Good Luck and Blessings in your lives.


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The same,in fact a good explanation of what spirit is would be to describe it as life force.Although that wouldnt completely cover it.

In the end if we believe that we have a spirit or rather are a spirit and this goes on to another level or incarnation then it must essentially be life. And where theres life there must be a force to create,maintain and evolve forward.



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The spirit or soul, is the unchanging never ending You. Your Soul is your individuality. Your Soul is what sets you apart in the Oneness of everything else. The Life Force Energy, also known as Prana, Chi, or Ki is there for everyone and connects everything. In other words, every soul is nourished by the same Life Force Energy. In the practice of Yoga, the Life Force Energy is all around us and we aquire Prana through our breath. Life Force Energy is what makes You, your Soul, stronger and brighter.

May the Force be with You.


answered 09 Nov '10, 11:19

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