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This morning I prayed for a friend I have not seen in a long time.

It was really random, not sure why I prayed for him either.

Just now (6 hrs later) I got a call from him asking how I was and wanted to catch up.

crazy !

asked 09 Nov '10, 22:36

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@B2B, I will edit your heading into a question, so that it will be a question.

(10 Nov '10, 00:50) Inactive User ♦♦

I am not sure that I "shared" an experience?? Also, I marked it community, so no points, info only.

(10 Nov '10, 01:30) Back2Basics
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There is only one Mind. So glad for you B2B.

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answered 10 Nov '10, 00:00

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Yes, and it usually happen more often than we are aware of. I had a similar experience, and the next day I met up with the same person face to face, and we both said to each other I was going to get in contact with you!

Here is another one, a friend called and said to me: you would never guess who called me today, and without thinking, I said exactly what he wanted to hear, and this was a person my friend had not seen, or heard from in thirty years. So, my friend said to me: how did you know who it was? And I said I did not know who it was, until you asked me the question and I answered it!

Little did he know that he was responsible for me giving him the answer he wanted to hear!

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answered 10 Nov '10, 01:29

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Two days ago I was learning about Frank Lloyd Wright and looking at his houses in Chicago which reminded me of a friend I knew from Chicago. She called yesterday out of the blue.

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answered 10 Nov '10, 01:57

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jim 10

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