I had been giving the Prosperity Game some thought. I easily thought of what I would do with my first thousand dollars.

Get my car from the dealer back, pay my car insurance, make my car payment, and buy groceries. That would pretty much spend the first thousand dollars.

Now here is the question, is the next day, the two thousand dollar day a continuation of this first day or a clean slate.

Do I start over saying, pay the mechanics, pay the insurance, pay the car payment, and buy groceries plus find things to spend the other thousand on? Or do I say I am not allowed to pay the mechanics at the car dealer, I am not allowed to pay for my insurance, I am not allowed to make my car payment unless it is another additional car payment from the one I made yesterday, I can't buy groceries either because I supposedly should have all of that today from what I had spent yesterday. I need to find entirely other things to spend on today.

I can see virtues of each rule. If it is continuous you are constantly putting in your mind, already done, already achieved, already have.

If it is a clean slate rule, then you are building a momentum of faith though repetition, each day believing you are and have the money to pay for those things.

I can also see the vice of each rule.

The continuous rule could become, I know I was supposed to have spent the money on this and should have it but I really need it and don't have it!

The clean slate rule vice could become, everyday I keep buying this but I really need it and feel I'm getting nowhere!

So I am not sure, do I keep pretending I am buying what I need everyday or do I keep pretending I had already bought what I needed and need to find other things to spend the money on?

Take a look at this, spending $30,000,000 in 30 days!


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Wade Casaldi

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To a large extent, the rules of the game are up to you and there's a number of variations of the game being played.

Personally, I prefer to have the game continuing each day i.e. not starting from a clean slate. The idea is to make your spending feel as realistic as possible so, in my mind, in the "real world", once I've bought something I don't need it again. I just think of other things to buy.

You can (and I do) construct an entire parallel reality where, for example, a few days ago I bought myself a new Ferrari and now I might need to hire someone to look after it while I jet off around the world to my personal tropical island :)

Remember the game is all about getting that realistic feeling of spending without worry or concern so that it overpowers and replaces feelings of scarcity you may have about spending money.

Ideally, you want to feel like you are actually spending the $1,000 that you have magically received today. Some people even use real checks to help them get into that feeling. I use a spreadsheet to track my spending and I will browse online shops and catalogs to get the correct prices of things.

You'll no doubt find that it becomes harder and harder to spend the money after a while which may surprise you. Most people think if they had a limitless supply of money, they would find limitless things to spend it on. But give it a month or two and you may find yourself struggling to think of things you want. That was a revelation to me when it happened :)

alt text

The most important part of this game (apart from the feeling of realism) is that it must be Fun, Fun, Fun to spend the money :)

If you are not finding it fun to spend the money that day, it is not helping you with improving your feelings of prosperity. Better to skip playing the game that day than force yourself to spend in misery.

Hope that helps a bit.


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Yes I see the validity of both ways. One is the set the intent and forget it, you already bought it. The other is the manifesting through repetition.

I do like your point of the continuous way getting to be like a parallel world. Building the kingdom in thought first, as it is in heaven so on earth, as above also below.

(28 Jun '14, 16:46) Wade Casaldi
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