How to diffrentiate the different kinds of thoughts that crop our mind inorder to segregate intituion, hunch, inspiraton etc. In a nutshull how to take positive decision making?

We are responsible for your action based on the thoughts we get and the intrests we generate in any aspects of life. How do we know thoughts that comes in our mind are better for us to act and stay without responding to it. Law of attraction says the more you are into into it either positive or negative the more it is reflected to you.

Though i have refined thoughts and inspiration in my day to day life It is not workingwell for me. I easily get what i don't want in my life and quickly prone to all sorts of vulnerability. In others words I am emitting negative aura / vibrations sub-conciously through which the oppenent easily matches that. I dont maintain or say sustain proper co-ordial relation with my boss even sometimes with my own family members too. To be honest that is not the motive behind to have unrealistic relationship to make my life miserable. How i can rectify my negative aura to make my day to day happier and easier. Hope i will be responded with insightful solutions for better and harmonious life.

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Here's an example to show what's going on: Can you mentally picture the route you take to work in the morning? Is it the same route you take every morning without fail? Maybe even the same coffee shop you pick up your morning coffee?....and the same route home at the end of the day going home? You probably don't even remember getting to work or back home because you're running on auto pilot during your transit. If you want to change your route and coffee shop to new ones you will have to reprogram your auto pilot by consciously paying attention to the new streets and pick out a new coffee shop and you will have to do this for maybe a week before your auto pilot will take hold of your new system.

Now, just for example, let's say your old route was an extremely negative route full of pot holes, the traffic is heavy and moves extremely slow with lots of traffic lights with people crossing the street causing you to be late for work every morning. It's not a happy experience. But you can't help it, you take that route every morning unconsciously!! You could even say you're doing it in your sleep. It's not that you are wanting to it's that your auto pilot is taking you on that route.

Your new route is pleasant and you wonder why you haven't done this before? It's so easy with little to no traffic, no lights, no people, and you arrive to work early every morning. You're doing this unconsciously!! To change your route, all it took was some focused attention and practice over and over the steps you are taking to create your new route to work, then it will be burned into your auto pilot and that's the route it takes to work every morning. But if you only do it a couple of times without paying much attention to your new route and your auto pilot hasn't had the new route burned into it yet, you could find yourself going to work one morning on your old route, finding yourself frustrated and late for work again.

In my case I had to realize my thoughts where the same as my route to work, they were on auto pilot. Negative thoughts would just show up in my head because that was the program it was set on. Only when you go in and change the program will the negative thoughts go away. EFT tapping is an excellent way of doing that.

All thoughts come to you for a reason. Thoughts like hunches, intuition, use to drive me crazy because I didn't know if I was getting a yes or no answer? Today, I look at the feeling that comes with the thought. Again, your auto pilot is sending you these thoughts and you can reprogram it to send you thoughts that better explain themselves.

It just takes a little practice. (a word most people can't stand to hear)


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Hi marathisend, "in a nutshell how to take positive decision making" ... thoughts and feelings are linked, so do what makes you happy and follow your highest joy, your highest excitement that thought which makes you feel the most stimulated.

When you think of something that gives you a real thrill, when you focus on it your connection to higher energies are wide open and you automatically follow the path of least resistance ... follow your joy, follow your heart

alt text


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though it is easy to say
'know thyself' it is not a
simple task, reflection on
what was done on a daily
basis is a lifelong task

your corporeal senses,
your unconscious beliefs
your conscious planning
your intuitive wisdom
help us see the truth

foolproof short cuts he knows not


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@fred you say:though it is easy to say 'know thyself' it is not a simple task, reflection on what was done on a daily basis is a lifelong task. Verily Verily it takes over 40 days. if the truth of the mind and heart(soul) are in perfect harmony you are on the right path. as long as there is some wave on the surface of the water that come bother you and need to be solved you cannot see the reflection of the living one on the water. once you are done with the in and out out and in. and see -

(06 Jul '14, 10:16) white tiger

the living one (born of water)then the in and in will start to solve your last division so the two can become one.(born of spirit) when the two becomes one with out fear you take the last narrow door out of the flesh and go above to the kingdom. we speak of what we know and report what we have seen.I have spoken to you of earthly things and you do not believe; how then will you believe if I speak of heavenly things?

(06 Jul '14, 10:21) white tiger

white tiger, is there a point?

(06 Jul '14, 17:44) fred

@fred yes there is a point. I have give you the foolproof shorth cuts. is it that over 40 days is to long for you? right kind of though are in truth. the soul(mind and heart) is in total agreement. the toughest part is to stay aware so when you meditate fix a point in front of you that is not there. do not seek to dive in to find the problem let the problem rise by it self just observe it and know the truth about it. you see those problem are what is making the wave at the surface of the water.-

(06 Jul '14, 19:22) white tiger

you see many in this world are in their vessel trap in dark storm and wave.

they try to ignore their problem and it comes again and again. eventually they need to clean the inside of the cup. one problem at a time with understanding and truth. Each day has enough trouble of its do not worry about tomorrow.

(06 Jul '14, 19:36) white tiger
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it is very simple, Verily verily I tell you first know your self in truth if you do not know your self you cannot know other, then you cannot be in harmony with other. then love the neighbor as your self: think about it this way if you would do to other what you would love being done to you and other would do the same to you there would not be any disharmony. if people do not know them self and do not know what wrong they do to them self and other then they cannot find true harmony. and they judge each other on out side thing and other do the same. all this is written in the bible and is easy to understand. here is some video for you:

you see the Pharisees where judging on the flesh on outside things thinking they where better then other by what they cloth them self with by what title they have. and they did not do the former clean the inside of the cup. is it not written in the bible:

For I tell you that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees and the teachers of the law, you will certainly not enter the kingdom of heaven.

he told nicodemus that he most be born again of water and the spirit. like he did himself meditating in the desert for 40 days. do not be surprise at this we speak of what we know and report what we have seen.

If I have been your helper so be it and let it be.

Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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white tiger, grateful he is for your share, 8x/yr is not too long to wait, that all the seeds bear compassion, his mind will be on watch for

(07 Jul '14, 20:51) fred

@fred The one who sowed the good seed is the Son of Man who comes from above, The field is the world, and the good seed stands for the people of the kingdom.

you know the way to where I am going.

(08 Jul '14, 04:27) white tiger
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