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Hi, everyone,

I discovered this trick when I needed a new coffee mug yesterday and I thought it might help others. I couldn't find another post like it in the search, and it's my first community post so please be gentle! :)

You might find this helpful if you're like me. I...

  • a beginner to manifesting
  • ...often experience extreme feelings of lack when shopping, so much so that I can't hear my gut/intuition at all
  • ...get wracked with anxiety about a purchase decision because pennies count

Here's the tip:

Pretend the entire store is your closet. Literally. Wait for the feeling of "lack" to switch into the feeling of "have." Feel the crazy large wave of abundance. When you feel the switch, see if you'll still pick the item you were going to buy. If you were, then go ahead and head to the register. If not, you might find yourself gravitating towards something else that is likely to be more useful. :)

Hope this helped someone else! Thanks and peace.

asked 13 Dec '12, 03:49

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@searcher i like this. thanks for sharing:)

(13 Dec '12, 04:38) releaser99

@searcher I didn't find my pink sandals today but you know what I found something soo much better . Talked with the teenager door greeter for a little while about shoes, told her the only high heels i ever wore were my mums when i was 4 ,we giggled together and she asked me with a beautifull smile on her face if I would be her mum. Genuinely surprised i asked why ,she told me I was a gorgeous lady , how honoured I felt to receive this from a stranger , Zoomed straight into the Vortex :-)

(13 Dec '12, 05:46) Starlight

@searcher - This is a great example of the philosophy of "Alignment first, Action second". Even if the ultimate action you take ends up being the same one in both cases (you end up buying the thing), the Alignment First approach will always lead to a much more satisfying outcome from actually buying it. Thanks for sharing :)

(13 Dec '12, 06:04) Stingray

@searcher- Great post. Do you have any tips in terms of going about paying bills? Eg: Myself handing over the tangible $150 rent, or going to my ATM and withdrawing the cash, paying over the internet, etc...? Guidlines?

(13 Dec '12, 08:45) Nikulas

Thank you to everyone for commenting and the kind words!

@releaser99: I'm glad you like it! :) @starlight: That's awesome! I love unexpected Vortex events. This tip was mine, I think :) @stingray: Ohhhhhhh (lightbulb)! I didn't even know I was doing it. I learn something from every post... :) @Nikulas: I'm struggling from the same thing as a beginner. @Stingray, @kakaboo, @LeeAnn and @bedazzled had great answers to my last question:

(15 Dec '12, 08:31) searcher

that might be help. If it's helpful here, are the strategies I'm currently messing with: 1. MAIN STRATEGY: Always realign to better feeling place (Abraham Hicks, @stingray) 2. Focus Blocks 3. Sedona Method: I allow the lack feeling to fill me up, then let it go. At some point, I hit the pain

(15 Dec '12, 08:34) searcher

point of "I can't." Then I let that fill me up then let it go. It takes forever, but it's worth it. Then I find out if it's motivated by control, security, etc. Then I let that go. So when I look at my wallet and freak out I pick one of the three depending on how much time I have. I'm still trying to see what fits best for me. Hope this helps even a little bit. :)

(15 Dec '12, 08:39) searcher

I forgot to say for strategy #1/main strategy, I try to pick a better feeling thought and ignore the pain point/Sedona Method it. I also usually have my old music player with me so I plug in and pick whatever song will put me in a better mood, or I visit an old playlist I haven't heard in a long time. I always get a bump up in mood when a song I love that I hadn't heard in a while or expected to play comes on. I really like that "OMG, I love this song!" feeling :)

(15 Dec '12, 08:45) searcher

wow this one I am going to use ASAP. I hate the feelings of lack and anxiety that come to me only when I am shopping for me. I don't feel the same if I am shopping for someone else. I am out to buy myself something.

(15 Dec '12, 20:18) Manny

Thanks, @Manny! I have the same issue. No problems buying for someone else, but when it comes to myself every decision is stressful. Am still practicing this so hopefully it will be effortless. I hope it is for you too!

(18 Dec '12, 12:13) searcher
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