Osho often quotes that to feel more alive, to feel more youthful, to feel more life force flowing...take risks.

The man who does not take risks is dead and should be in the grave already.

Risk implies you do not know what the future holds, you are deliberately stepping into the scary unknown. Hence why it is a risk.

You may get a favourable outcome, or a less than favourable outcome. You may blow the opportunity or you may capitalise on it. But you will lose the favourable outcome if you DONT gamble.

Isn't that weird? You can lose by taking the risk, but ironically if you don't take the risk you WILL lose!

I am not talking about money I am talking about life in general.

There are opportunities which may imply risk, and do you think it is in our best interests to take those risky opportunities? Will there ever be a time where staying on the safe comfortable comfort-zone is going to pay off?

I have felt most alive when I have made decisions. But I have felt most zestful when I have made decisions where there is some sort of implied risk.

Have you managed to live a life you feel proud of, and attain everything you want in life without some perceived risk?

I argue you haven't but please prove me wrong.

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The answer is, "It depends".

It depends on how good you are at applying LOA principles and releasing techniques. You need to be very, very good because your gambles will land you into one sticky situation after another. If you have built up such skill and confidence over the years that you KNOW that you can get out of any situation quickly and bend reality routinely, then yes, living a roller-coaster life is the only way to live. In fact, you wouldn't be asking this question. You'd go out and live your life exactly that way and be surprised that others don't do the same.

And before you ask, no, I don't live my life in a "risky" manner either, for the exact same reason. But one day, my friend, one day...


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Well sounds like you're implying that because of LOA, one can bypass risk seemingly with sufficient trust.

Ah, but then that is not risk if it is all done in faith. Risk means not knowing, it means taking trust but ultimately that is why and what risk means; action with unknown outcome.

So I hear you saying once you trust and have enough confidence in LOA then you will start taking risks? Well that bypasses the notion of risk as I said. For risk to exist you also need the danger.

(01 Jan '18, 17:06) Nikulas

In my experience, there is no right or wrong here. Or should I say, there is no "better way" to live your life. Whether you want to live life as a risk taker or want to have an easy ride with minimal bumps and risks, both are equally valid.

To me, it's almost like saying "Is it better to eat Indian or Chinese?" or "Is it better to watch an action movie or a romcom?". It is a matter of personal preference.

I certainly know a few people who are quite happy living a quiet, risk-averse life. And I don't think there is anything wrong with that at all.

The other point I wanted to make is if you look at me for example. I used to be risk-averse, but now I am certainly more of a risk taker because like you, I feel more alive and I feel like I am flowing more life energy when I take risks. I feel like I learn a lot more this way and expand a lot more.

So, you might prefer one way more than another at different stages of your life just like you might go through a phase in your life where you might prefer Chinese food or action movies over other alternatives.


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Pink Diamond

Let me challenge you on this. If you decide to eat dinner, the end goal is to feel full and eat sufficiently. Indian or Chinese is a fanciful selection, but both outcomes lead to the same road.

Is life the same? You get everything you want in life either by living comfortably and playing it safe, or do you get it by taking the risk of going for it.

I have lived many, many years playing it safe, and trust me I have not achieved what I wanted to.

For one to promise me that with enough XYZ...

(01 Jan '18, 17:10) Nikulas

....I will attain everything I desire in this life by living risk averse, I cannot believe this.

What if instead, I was to assume my desires are not on their way to me? For me, to even have the faith that my desires will come via playing it safe is one of the riskiest (and to me silliest) mindsets you could have.

What if instead I was to assume I will get nothing in this life, but can take the risk of trying to get it? There is no guarantee either way is there!

(01 Jan '18, 17:13) Nikulas

I mention a risky decision is a more electric choice because there is a win/loss spectrum involved. The spectrum is the reason for the feeling of the rush. There is either a crash and burn or there is a jackpot win in some arena (again I am not referring just to money).

To me, playing it safe not only do I not believe is not pragmatic, but also, there is just no thrill.

(01 Jan '18, 17:16) Nikulas

I do agree that there is less of a thrill if you don't take risks in life. But you should not assume that everybody wants to experience this kind of thrill in life. It certainly sounds like you do and that is valid for you.

You are always going to want to get or in your words "achieve" the 'next thing' and the 'next thing' in life whether it is another flashy car, a new girlfriend or whatever it may be which I am sure you already know.

(02 Jan '18, 15:05) Pink Diamond

So, you should be careful when you assume that you will one day "achieve everything you desire in life". What I try to aim for more and more in my life is feeling good no matter what. If you do not learn and practice to be happy with the now but instead wait until you have achieved things in your life so that you can then be happy by observing your achievements, then no matter how many things you achieve in life, you will never be happy.

(02 Jan '18, 15:15) Pink Diamond
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1."Risk implies you do not know what the future holds, you are deliberately stepping into the scary unknown. Hence why it is a risk".

TRUST in the univres/god/higher self is the key to everything. when you trust 100% that the world is backing you up in everything, you have the power to go out to the world with absolutly zero expectation for whats going to come, but you know 100% its going to be good for you. the only work should be on trust. when you trust you take the biggest risk because you let go of the belife system of controling situations.

2 "I have felt most alive when I have made decisions. But I have felt most zestful when I have made decisions where there is some sort of implied risk".

there is not much difference between part one and part two of the sentance. in both you've felt great. when we make decisions we usually go out of our comfort zone. its just that in part two you were probably more aware/living in the now.


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No, there is a big difference between standard decision making and decision making involving risk.

If I make the decision to drive somewhere I routinely go, no, I do not feel more 'alive.'

If I make the decision to drive somewhere that I feel is threatening to me, then there is a risk.

There is a massive difference.

(01 Jan '18, 17:19) Nikulas

ho sorry, i must misinterpeted this part:"I have felt most alive when I have made decisions".

well, what you wrote is completly logical. it is just depends on how you want to feel - as usual or zestful. there are no wrong or right here, its just another decision making of "how i want to feel today" and go with it.

(02 Jan '18, 12:43) myself

it also depend on the individual. every person defined RISK in a different way. what is risky for my may not be for you, so you have to know your self in order to go out and live the way you really want. for one person risks may be conquer emotional fears and for another it would be extreme sport activities, etc.

(02 Jan '18, 12:45) myself
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