I know of an individual hat claims to have some power over certain Elements. This individual claims that they have probably had this ability to some extent since childhood and as they aged, it became more prominent and stronger.

This person used to find certain situations coincidental and would dismiss them as fluke situations and perchance circumstances. Over time they were having difficulty simply dismissing them as only strange " by chance" coincidences and started allowing themselves to become more aware of certain circumstances.

I was wondering if anyone has any information on how to discontinue or or control their "ability", as it seems to just sometimes come at will, unplanned or unexpected.....

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What does "power over the elements" mean?

(10 Apr '13, 13:55) Vesuvius

Has some type of link to changes in the weather. My friend has shown me how she was able to move a raft back and forth on her pool through what looked like wind movement.

(10 Apr '13, 17:41) Dragonflybreeze

In ancient times these people (People that knew how to control or change elements) were called alchemists, but today they are known as chemists.

(10 Apr '13, 17:54) Wade Casaldi

Not a chemist Wade,lol, those are individuals that take a chemical property and add it to another to create a change in one property or alter the state of another. When I am referring to "elements", My apologies, I should have differentiated between the chemistry elements and the elements that are referring to (Earth, Air, Wind and Fire). In this particular case, I am referring to the Earth elements.....

(10 Apr '13, 18:18) Dragonflybreeze

Yes you are taking about alchemy, it became modern chemistry and medicine. Mix that potion and this potion and get these results. I know what you mean.

(10 Apr '13, 23:56) Wade Casaldi
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"Power over the elements" is an interesting phrasing choice.

I would say I am aware of NUMEROUS people who have some degree of influence over certain elements. It's extremely common even for those who don't believe in anything of this nature to still be able to do 'simple' tasks such as having a breeze appear when desired. I believe this is a very tiny example of our theoretical potential.

I would also say there's probably multiple facets to this variety of abilities. For example, finding favor with "mother nature" (or any other entity for that matter) may earn you a granted influence over her (their) potential. Sure I whole heartedly believe with enough focus / dedication / whatever the necessary ingredients may be could allow an individual to manipulate their surroundings without support or even belief from other entities, but this approach may not be as easy as getting support from 'outside' sources.

And finally I would conclude in my belief system reality is an accumulation of the collective perception, belief, and thought. This being the case (in my reality at least) then from my perspective it makes sense to assume if one was to attempt feats like this while alone or unobserved it could theoretically be considerably easier than attempting to do so while also under the observation (and consequently restraints and/or empowerment) of another consciousness.

Just my thoughts on the topic, if you happen to figure it out please give me a ring, I'd love to hear more on this subject. ^_^y


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Ugh, I just typed a long response and it would'nt post.

(10 Apr '13, 21:17) Dragonflybreeze

Thank you for your comment and your perspective, I would be happy to post on here any additional information I hear about... Am looking for some help for my friend and even though I have never been a believer in any such things, she indeed has "something" and often keeps to herself, as she feels "Odd" to describe it best. It would be nice to find someone who has been able to harness these experiences, (as the breeze you mention) , that she has on even larger scales, that so somehow seem to

(10 Apr '13, 21:22) Dragonflybreeze

correlate to certain experiences and circumstances in her life.. not sure how, but I can no longer completely discredit her or discount these events

(10 Apr '13, 21:23) Dragonflybreeze

I try to avoid discrediting anything that ones I care about share with me, though I definitely have room for improvement in this area.

You sound to genuinely care about this person and what they're experiencing. Unfortunately I may not have much to offer, but especially on topics like this there's always details I leave out (usually with consideration of anonymity for those who are generous enough to share with me in mind). I'll continue this conversation in private if you so desire, perhaps~..

(10 Apr '13, 21:35) Snow

..~perhaps with more understanding of her situation and experience I may be able to share something of value. If you're comfortable with this idea you can send me an email @ geodeangelo@gmail.com (email address I use when posting publicly, since I don't necessarily want my email available to anon's who visit the site. Though my FB and email is available to IQers.)

(10 Apr '13, 21:37) Snow

Found out others that have some of the same abilities.. website is Psychic.Experiences.com. So refreshing to know of others... thanks!!! :)

(10 Apr '13, 23:12) Dragonflybreeze

I just sent you an e-mail, you should have it there now or shortly, also , what is your fb page?? I can message you privately through there easier than e-mail.

(10 Apr '13, 23:22) Dragonflybreeze
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