I became very ill with the heat this past week, and ended up at the Emergency Room, convinced I was near death itself...:) It turns out that I had Heat Exhaustion. When I thought back, I realized that I had not sweated for days. Even the air conditioned ER felt hot to me. It took a whole bag of IV, and hours in the cool to get me going again.

The days before I went to the ER, I felt very ill, and slept and slept. I had the most vivid dreams of my life, very detailed and seemingly longer than normal. I did sense that there were people living under the North Pole. I thought about that later, and realized that perhaps a submarine was there. The dreams made all the discomfort worthwhile at fist, but I just faded more and more each hot, hot day.

All of this made me wonder if a person can control his or her bodily functions enough to withstand the heat or cold. I sure wish that I had known how this past week! Whew, what a scorcher this summer has been for parts of the USA.

Can a person learn to control bodily functions to withstand the heat? I should add that my ancestry is very Northern European as I am half Norwegian and half German, extremely fair skinned and have very light blue eyes.

What do you think about this? Is this possible?

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asked 10 Jul '13, 20:42

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yes.in ancient eastern pranayama teaching ,we easily found that our right nostril represents sun and left nostril represent moon. if you close you right nostril and continue taking breath from left nostril. you will feel significant effects of coldness in you body and vise versa.


answered 12 Jul '13, 14:39

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Jai, I am also of Northern European ancestry and can't tolerate much heat or sun either. I do love being out in the sun and love playing outdoors when it is hot, but I sunburn in just a short time and get sick, so the mind is willing but the body is not able. I also need an air conditioner, fans, even inside or else I am lethargic. I have no answers for you at all, but I do relate to your discomfort. You aren't alone in this and I will be interested to see what others say about it.


answered 12 Jul '13, 17:23

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LeeAnn 1

Thanks, @LeeAnn- You made me feel like I was not the only one who cannot take the heat! You know, when I lived in Mississippi, I was actually more comfortable in some ways. They know how to deal with the heat there...ceiling fans abound, everything is air conditioned. But here in PA USA, things are a bit different. It is almost like a badge of honor to suffer the heat...Yuck. Wade has really done a great job of trying to keep me cool, but you just cannot beat central air! :) Love, Jai

(12 Jul '13, 22:10) Jaianniah
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