I've been noticing for years that when my mood changes, people's mood around me changes in the same way...within seconds. So I've been wondering how can it be accurately explained by the law of attraction? I know that we do not control people directly, nor in any particular way that we choose, i.e. we can change ourselves only, and if we want other people and/or in a certain way, we create a vibrational representation of them within ourselves which is our reality blueprint; which could technically mean that we are creating other people as we want them, but not much different from who we ourselves are, and hence the question. So somehow we change people, but in the same way as we change ourselves. This obviously happens in response to my vibration and I could just leave it at that and say that the universe delivers the reality matching my own frequency in the most efficient way. In its own infinite wisdom, it changes everything, whether it is people that surround me that have to change, or whether new people have to come in their stead, or how I see the stars and the sky and everything else. Of course the stars and sky don't seem to change in response to me changing, what is interesting is that people do appear to change.

So some more thoughts I've been considering...

So do the people around me change because they're able to express my new frequency thus remain in my reality, and had they not been able to express that frequency, the law of attraction would 'take care of them'? :) I think that we interact with people on the same frequency as ourselves, and nothing else exists other than the reality in which we both communicate on those frequencies. I reason that it is not important whether all realities already exist or not, what seems apparent is that changing how you feel (i.e. your vibration) changes your entire perspective and for all intents and purposes, you are in a different reality, the only reality that exists for you.

So could it be, that when I change the way I feel, the people around me, and myself, are transported into another reality in which we both (and everything else) have to be expressing my frequency?

Or something less 'out there', perhaps it is as simple as when I change the way I feel, the people around me change the way they feel only because they've observed me and have allowed my vibration into their own?

On an unrelated note, I sometimes can't capture my thoughts fast enough as I write, so in the above, I've forgotten one tiny detail and it threw me off, because I get irritated that I can't recall what it was... so I feel like I didn't finish the question on a high... anyone with a tip how to salvage the flow (other than taking vitamins, typing faster, among things)?

Edit (added another phenomenon I often experience): I think they think something, and they do - the universe arranges itself such that there is a reality in which they thin what I thought they think.

I get the feeling that when I think about what someone else might be thinking that it is exactly what they're thinking; irrespective whether the person is physically with me or not; and often if I query it with another person to find out whether it was true, it nearly always is. It's like the universe is synchronising everything perfectly, such that the person would have had to think what I thought they are thinking if I brought it all to conscious awareness...as if it fits things into the rules of the physical reality for them to make sense, but just at the moment of me focusing on such stuff. I sometimes wonder if the universe can change what I believe cannot be changed, such as the past, or more specifically, if you are to state affirmatively something in the present moment, would the universe retrofit everything such that if you were to query the past in the present, it would have had to change also? I often wonder in case of 'guessing' people's astrological sun signs, if I were to state something firmly, could their sign become what I believe it is, meaning that their date of birth would have had to be changed by my such strong belief. Often when I follow a person in the conversation, I can feel when they're about to lose the point of what they were saying...what's with that? I can anticipate it, and often I realise this is because I've somehow drifted away and stopped following and engaging them, so they've got affected by my lack of attention on their plot, and I somehow knew they were about to lose the plot; was I somehow transmuting the thoughts about a loss of plot onto their thinking, or did I pick up on their own thoughts that they were losing the plot? Who transmutes onto whom?

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I think we are more sensitive to each other than we can ever imagine, and it is all done in a fraction of a second by our subconscious. Imagine a big soup, the energy (kinetic, or otherwise) of one molecule is undoubtedly going to affect those around it. Because there is no separation. And take out time and space, and you affect not just those around you, but every person/sentient animal that walks the Earth.


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Maybe you want to b more cautious and aware of your moods, and notice especially how it affects YOU above all else, and act/change accordingly. Hopefully you do not wish the same (mood affecting negatively) for others, and your same good intention will carry over to everyone who ever walked the planet.

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There is a story of a lonely woman sitting on a park bench. Along comes a dog and looks up to her.

She cries and pets the dog and thinks, "Oh you poor, poor thing, all alone, no one to love you or care about you!"

She leaves and eventually a man comes along and sits down on the same park bench. Along comes the same dog, the man is happy to see the dog. The man thinks as he pets the dog, "Hey there champ, look at you, where did you come from? No matter, you don't need anyone to keep you on a leash, you are free! No one to tell you what you can and can't do, a real survivor!"

The dog was the same, it was only the people that were different.

Now people are not dogs, if a third party were to observe the interaction they would probably see an absolute change. So this brings to mind is our experience as a projected movie screen or is our experience more like an interactive video game?

In other words, are we sole creators of our experience or co-creators in our experience? This is the question.

Scientists in Illinois are working right now to prove our reality is a two dimensional hologram created by waves of energy. Now if that is the case it makes you wonder who or what is creating this hologram? We ourselves, or a combination of all or God? Maybe a computer as hinted at in The Lawn Mower Man and The Matrix?

It leads one to wonder are we like a child with the toy steering wheel that believes or pretends he is steering the car from the back seat while really God or all together we are steering? Or as I said maybe a computer, but then one is lead to, who is running the program called humanity, it seems to return to God as the comprehensible answer.


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All of your experience must correspond to your state of consciousness. Your mood or feeling indicates the general direction of your focus whether positive or negative, and depending on how focused you are the response of your so-called "environment" which is but the setting that runs to your script of imagination MUST respond accordingly. The correspondence between your state of consciousness and it's reflection in circumstances is irrevocable except when we stay in the state of pure Self awareness and stillness which is great for absolute serenity and bliss but if you want to get into some kind of first-hand creative dreaming (: that's all everything we call reality is :) then we'll have to be a little more deliberate about setting our direction.


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The brain has what is called "mirror neurons." Those allow others to empathize with what we are feeling and feel along with us.


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