I have been thinking a lot about this. There is a thing that I have wanted for a long time. I have dug deep on this, both enjoying thoughts and feelings around the ultimate manifestation of my desire, and around working on the resistance, and I have come to the conclusion that I do not have any resistance to this desire.

What I do have a ton and a half of resistance to is certain aspects of my current reality, almost exclusively around area where my current reality bumps me up against unwanted aspects.

I’m not sure I am making myself very clear. For example, if I wanted a new car and I had spent time feeling how I would feel as a person with that car, and I knew I was aligned in that regard. If I had also spent time exploring any resistance, e.g., if somehow I felt undeserving or that my friends wouldn’t like me because I had a new car, and concluded that I had no resistance there. Is resistance more about what is than what will be? I then think about where I do have resistance and I realise that when I get in my car and see the rust I realise I am a person with a rusty car not a shiny new motor, and then I feel a strong feeling of resisting this, as in “NO! NO! NO! I am NOT a rusty car person.” So a strong resistance to what is, rather than what I want. I think this is delaying my manifestation. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Hi @Frangipani feeding yourself with your actual reality is only going to bring to you more rusty car reality :( ... feeding yourself with your desires, dreams, imagination, feelings ... will bring you a new shiny car reality :)

(06 Jun '21, 04:59) jaz

Thank you, @Jaz. It seems so obvious when you state it like that.

(08 Jun '21, 13:11) Frangipani
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If you are experiencing resistance in your current reality, then this is an indication that you are getting more specific with your focus than your current beliefs allow. More information on general vs specific focus

The trick is to Go General on your current thoughts and the resistance will subside. Focus Blocks does this pretty well.

If you want a lot more theory and practical methods for making future reality dominate more than current reality - so that future reality becomes your current physical reality - check out the Manifesting Lab. There's load of related stuff in there...I know that because I put it in there :)


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Thank you, Stingray. Thinking about it, I absolutely was going far too specific. I was so specific I was worrying about the problems the manifestation would bring! (So, in the car example I was worrying about getting it serviced instead of enjoying imagining the nice aspects and feelings!)

I've been meaning to rejoin the Manifesting Lab, so you've nudged me in that direction. See you there soon!

(01 Jul '21, 02:59) Frangipani

Resistance works in a remarkably similar fashion to neuro linguistic programminig (NLP) the difference being that NLP is a precison purpose built conscious process and resistance is an unconscious process that builds up over time depending on personal circumstances ... normally mind energies circulate freely in and around our bodies, resistance is energy that gets locked in our physical body due to past experiences ... in the following video Dr. Joe Dispenza explains the process in great detail ... have a great day :)



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