Are energy clearing techniques even needed in order to remove the negative clutter that's blocking manifestation? Maybe energy clearing is just a faster way to remove and clear what can fall away naturally.

I ask because I read an interesting article from Raymond Salas's zenchill power tools blog.I visit his website almost as much as inward quest. I love how he keeps everything simple.

In an article titled - How to really change your life in 30 days he talks about one of the fastest and simplest ways he knows how to manifest things.

Here is the formula he came up with:


STOP trying to create in any way. Yes, this means your affirmations, visualizations, vision boards, and all other ways. (Blasphemy, I know!)

STOP seeking to change your reality in any way. Accept it and allow it instead. No matter what!

STOP seeking to get out of where you are (or change it) in any way.

STOP rejecting yourself and the world that you have created.

LET GO of your "story" and how you see yourself. Be open to new possibilities.

LET GO of how you want others to see you.

LET GO of how you want life to be (or think it should be).

LET GO of how you think you should be

The idea is that true creation lies in acceptance.

Here is the article in detail:

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If you let go of everything, is there anything more to think about ? :D Or am I getting this wrong ?

(30 Aug '14, 05:24) Marin
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Does resistence fall away on it's own if we allow it to?

Since allowing in any way, shape, or form is essentially releasing the grip of resistance, then the easy answer is yes. The opposite of resistance IS allowing, not matter how the end result is accomplished.

Even though it seems that this is something that is not a method or technique, it actually is still a technique of sorts since there is a structure to it, even in it's simplistic form. It's basically the idea of being in the present moment, which all of these techniques and structured methods revolve around anyway.

Allowing things to just be and accepting them as they are is simply just allowing the wall of resistance to crumble away, letting all the things that are trying to get to you casually walk right in.

All of this stuff really is the same. It all boils down to one thing.

"Match the vibrations"

"Receive the manifestations"

Letting go of everything is being the vibration of who you really are and it allows everything that matches that vibration to show up in your experience.

If we can achieve that by using clearing methods, affirmations, visualizing, being in the present moment, tapping them out, putting things in boxes, etc., it is all a valid choice for each individual.

I would suggest that you try this 30 day formula and see if it works for you.

We are all different, so we all get good and bad results from different things. Just like some of us prefer a nice cold glass of beer and others may prefer a room temperature glass of wine. Some may even just prefer the life giving glass of water as their drink of choice. What works for some doesn't work for others. It's always good to have options.

By the way, I really enjoy listening to Story Waters material. There is an uplifting energy in his presentation that really resonates with me. I recommend listening to any of his free material if you haven't already.


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Thank you. This was very helpful.

(31 Aug '14, 08:48) jarreau

@Cory - Nice answer. I don't usually see acceptance as allowing, but of course it is, I am thinking as long as you don't associate it with defeat. (?) @jarreau - I really liked this question, too. Thank you both. I feel like another little click just happened inside me. I think I needed to see this more clearly, and this is helpful. :) Great links too, thanks.

(31 Aug '14, 10:20) Grace

@jarreau You are welcome. I'm glad to hear my answer was helpful in some way for you.

(01 Sep '14, 00:17) Cory

@Grace Thank you! From my point of view accepting something as it is, is simply not pushing against or resisting what is occurring in life right now. So if the idea of defeat, a high majority of the time that would be a vibration or feeling that most people do not prefer, which is resistance in itself. Sometimes we just have to accept was is, before we are willing to allow what we actually prefer into our life. Accepting something as it is, no matter if it is...

(01 Sep '14, 00:22) Cory

@Grace ...considered good or bad is still putting a focus on everything being a valid experience in physical reality. When we accept a situation for what it is, we release that particular wall of resistance. Then we can work on what we prefer in a much lighter, non-heavy and playful way. Allowing defeat is just as valid as allowing accomplishment. It simply comes down to which earth game you prefer to experience at any given moment in time.

(01 Sep '14, 00:28) Cory

@Cory - I have had this in the back of my mind all day, monitoring my thoughts and noticing how much I do not feel acceptance for many circumstances in my life. I appreciate them, simply because there is a lot to appreciate. :) But it's different from acceptance. Not sure how those two coexist in me but they certainly do...

(01 Sep '14, 02:25) Grace

...For example, I love my pretty little home, and I often consciously appreciate living here. Today I drove by the neighborhood I grew up in, and felt so sad that I have not yet been able to live in that sort of place again. It's simple, middle class America housing, but to me it's beautiful, safe, solid, secure. Home. My mind is insisting that I have learned what to do with this before, but if I did, it just eludes me now. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :)

(01 Sep '14, 02:25) Grace

@Grace "monitoring my thoughts and noticing how much I do not feel acceptance for many circumstances in my life."

Well you're in luck because circumstances don't matter, only your state of being matters as my good ET friend Bashar would say:)

Allowing yourself to accept what is (because you created it, and it is just as valid as anything else) and truly getting into that state, is the key to breaking the resistance of the circumstances you don't prefer.

(01 Sep '14, 02:59) Cory

@Grace You mentioning that you appreciate where you live now immediately gets turned around with resistance when you notice something else that is "beautiful, safe, solid, secure." It's a contradicting vibration that holds you in the place you are because even deep down inside, you must think it isn't up to par with beauty, safety, solidity, and security. It's not about accepting something and saying "oh well, I guess I'm stuck with this." It's about allowing yourself to see every creation...

(01 Sep '14, 03:05) Cory

@Grace a valid thing in of itself. Just because it is not preferred, doesn't mean accepting it is giving into something unwanted. Accepting it, taking a moment to allow its validity of existing, is what eases the mortar away from the brick wall of resistance. Accept where you are now and focus on what you want. Allow where you are now to be and exist, so resistance can calmly and quietly slip away.

This may be a good "new question" for you to ask to get a more detailed answer.

(01 Sep '14, 03:12) Cory

@Cory - Yes, thank you much, I was thinking the same thing. I will think about what you have said, and if I can't get a handle on it, I will post a new question. A little embarrassing because I feel like I should have this down. But what the heck. The only dumb question is the one you don't ask. :) Thanks again.

(01 Sep '14, 15:45) Grace
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Yeah, if we chill out and just feel as good as we can and mostly focus on things that make us feel nice it falls away. If we try to get rid of it or force it out or make "work hard" to feel good then we're going to get stuck usually. I really think some of the best ways to tackle it are meditation and learning to appreciate what you have vibrationally (: that's infinite wealth :) and also what you have in your current reflection, there's got to be some good in everything.


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Thank you.

(31 Aug '14, 08:52) jarreau
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