As a child I had a reoccurring dream (probably 12 times) that went like this: Soft happy warm colors floating in wonderful breeze. As soon as well being and happiness is established dark dreadful colors overtake the happy colors and introduce despair, mayhem, hopelessness and fear. As this dark fear is established along come the light happy colors and this cycle repeated until I would wake up with a beating heart and very shaken up.

I haven't had the dream in 40 years or so,(it still seems lucid and vivid to this day), but it just occurred to me I am going through this cycle in my emotional life/relationship with money. I have been all over the spectrum when it comes to money and right now i feel the dark colors coming on strong and I am waiting/working for the happy times to comeback around. As I get older I don't want to keep coming up short and go through another stressful round of anti-abundance.

Does anybody want a crack at a dream interpretation or insight on how to break the cycle?

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Your dream from the past would most likely have some relation to whatever was occurring in your life then. It would have stopped recurring when you resolve whatever issue you were dealing with back then. Dreams are not necessarily limited by time and space. They generally have some relation to current events in one's life. There is some possibility that they were premonitionary in nature if at the time you were acting on decisions which would lead to your current financial state. Only you can say for sure. Just remember that YOU are the writer, director, producer, and lead the cast in all your dreams.


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Thanks for your thoughts @i4cim2b! As I thought about these dreams again I decided that it telling me to keep creating happiness and don't stop just because I reached a happy spot--the effort must continue---kinda like eating right and exercise- we must keep at it or decline....

(10 Sep '14, 19:35) tommysaltine
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