I was wondering how others here deal with scares such as the current ebola one? Surely we need to educate ourselves on it and reduce any chances of potential infection? At the same time, I guess people on this site would definitely feel we shouldn't focus on such negative scenarios. How do you stop getting drawn in by mass hysteria? Would not focussing on it actually help to protect from acquiring it? I suspect that most wouldn't be strong enough in manifesting to be able to resist getting it if exposed through thinking only.

Are there stories of people avoiding serious infections through thought only?

As a medical person, I do worry a lot about catching infections and the possibility of this virus spreading does scare me. I can stop listening to all the news, but then does that make one more vulnerable because you don't know if it's spreading in your area or have new information about any mutations etc. I wonder if it hasn't even entered the conscious thought of many people here?

Just to add - I'm not really worried about myself in terms of dying from it etc, but more bringing it home to family especially younger members.

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Inner Beauty

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@Inner Beauty - I would second what Grace said about watching the news, and just remind you that in a world as vast and as diverse as our own, populated by billions of people, if you look hard and far enough (or just flip on the news) you can always find someone or something "scary" out there. But chances are slim--even with a neutral vibration--that you'll ever meet it. I'm willing to bet a million bucks that the Ebola won't come for you.

(07 Oct '14, 20:55) lozenge123

@lozenge - that's reassuring! :-)

(08 Oct '14, 05:50) Inner Beauty
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@Inner Beauty - I would say stop watching the news.

Remember that the news is not a service, it's a show, and has to compete for ratings just like every other show on television.

Don't worry, if Ebola gets anywhere near your area, plenty of people around you will be happy to let you know. ;) Also, you might want to compare it to the Y2K panic for some perspective. Keep in mind, the Universe's only answer is yes.

And watch Saturday Night Live! :D

Saturday Night Live

Love, Grace :)


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@ grace...I was just going to say the same thing! Personally, I never watch the news. I don't even like hearing about the news. If there is information that I need to know I have faith that it will find its way to me. Like when I call my mom on the way to the beach, and she says "Are you crazy, we are under tornado watch, don't you watch the news?!" Lol, whoops :) Nope, That's what I have her for.

(08 Oct '14, 15:12) Jess

I have to agree with @Grace on this issue. There are a couple additional points you might want to consider. To avoid getting drawn into the "mass hysteria", avoid the assumption that any such hysteria exists. It does not. Any hysteria related to Ebola is only present in newsrooms, and even there, it is only being played out for the sake of ratings. Any real hysteria will likely be accompanied by an increasing number of people wearing surgical masks while out in public.

Another way to look at it is this. If you were to get the 318 million Americans and line them up (each within a 2ft. space), the line would be approx 120,000 miles long and would need to run from the east to west coast back and forth 40 times. To date, only 100 people have been isolated from the line because they "may" have somehow come into direct contact with the bodily fluids of the only Ebola victim to have been found in the US. Not one of those has tested positive as of yet. Therefore, It makes no sense what so ever to allow yourself to worry about being exposed the Ebola virus AT THIS POINT IN TIME. Absolutely none what so ever. To do so will only feed your pet stress monster, which can and will eventually devour you if not kept in check!


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I'm not sure how popular these views are here, but I kinda see all the bad things that are happening around the world right now as a part of a Big Change. Call it ascension or whatever. The energies are changing, all the bad stuff, limitations, fears, have to be released. All the garbage has to surface for us to see and realize that it has to go. Ebola, Isis, Ukraine crisis.. I could be horribly wrong, but I think this might be the last time humankind deals with these issues of violence and fear, but these things have to be dealt with. It's not nice - really the opposite, but at the end of the tunnel there's light.

So I'd say, don't be afraid of these things. It's just humankind globally letting go of old energies and it's brutal and ugly but hopefully for the better.

Well, this is what I like to believe. I understand that this viewpoint might seem weird to many.


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@33sync - Makes sense to me, but then, I'm a weirdo. ;)
Have a look at @Stingray's answer here: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/17507/why-is-it-we-get-sick-when-we-expand

(08 Oct '14, 11:10) Grace

not at all weird @33sync. I completely agree with you. We are definitely at a time of change and sometimes it has to get worse before it gets better. I guess it's about being able to focus on that light at the end of the tunnel rather than the immediate darkness.

(08 Oct '14, 16:48) Inner Beauty

I stopped watching the news about 4 years ago. I do keep up with what's going on, but I only do the bare minimum. For example the ebola scare stories escaped my attention altogether. I vaguely remember reading about ebola some weeks back.

I read an online newspaper everyday, but before I start, I turn off images on Firefox, so I don't accidentally see any violent or negative photos, then skim the headlines. I don't read the details of anything that I suspect to be a negative story. Once I have skimmed the main pages, I then go to the football (soccer) page, turn the images back on, and devour the match analyses and the latest football gossips. They are great fun to read.

Keeps my mind busy without getting it drawn into negativity.

I also don't watch any TV programme, unless I know it to be positive fun. I am also very selective about movies.


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Your TV and news systems of communication are a part of the event itself, of course.

Do not personally give any more conscious consideration, either of you, to events that you do not want to happen. Any such consideration, to whatever degree, ties you in with those probabilities, so concentrate upon what you want, and as far as public events are concerned, take it for granted that sometimes even men are wiser than they know.

Source: Dreams "Evolution" and Value Fulfillment Volume I (A Seth Book)


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This is actually something I have been thinking about a lot lately, especially since I am travelling to Africa soon (far from the countries in which Ebola is currently spreading, but I was a bit paranoid about the flight and airports since there might be people travelling from those countries at that time). I've done a bit of research though, and it's quite difficult to transmit. Even if a person who had it sneezed in your face, you would need to be standing about 15 cm away from them for it to be infectious, since it is only spread by large droplets (it's spread by fluids, not airborne). Many of the people who were infected were caring for other sick people, without adequate protection. So even if there was a large outbreak in your part of the world, a mask and some gloves would easily keep you safe.

Hope that helps assuage your fears a little bit about this particular illness, although I am looking forward to seeing other more general answers about how not to get drawn into mass hysteria, as I tend to get paranoid about epidemics too.

Edited to add: As far as I understand it, simply being paranoid about getting an illness and focusing on it is not enough to get it, you need to match up with the vibration of the disease too. So if you're terribly worried about getting a deadly viral infection, but you're not a vibrational match to it, you might end up getting a bad (but non-deadly) case of the flu, or having a run of bad luck in some way that matches your fear, but you wouldn't necessarily get the horrible deadly illness.


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Getting sick is unpleasant, dying must be worse. That aside, how do you know it is the end of the road? If there is a resurrection and you are brought back to life, in heaven or on earth then all the worry was misplaced. Do not be anxious, have hope and faith, God will not disappoint. Think of all the good people who have gone before you, who would you like to see again? Peace


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@Acidpoet - thanks. I'm not really worried about myself. I would just hate to catch it and pass it on to my family including younger members!

(08 Oct '14, 07:25) Inner Beauty

Oh and I am actually not afraid of death. I agree with you, this is just a part of a long journey.

(08 Oct '14, 07:27) Inner Beauty
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