I have heard that we should avoid negative feelings in our lives such as feel negative about ourselves or even talk to other people in negative ways or watch a sad movie since it will affect our emotions and then our manifestations don't come true.

I learn acting and I want to be an actor. It's a must that I have to BE and FEEL as same as the characters and it's impossible to perform well if I don't blend myself with the characters' feelings. I have to call my good and bad experiences in the past in order to perform. Before knowing the law of attraction, I was taught that acting is a way to release our bad emotions in our subconscious mind. However, I think the law of attraction claim differently: acting bad feelings seems to be harmful for manifestation.

So I just want to know how actors who play negative roles (e.g. character that is full of anger, fear, or depression) can manifest their goals and become successful? Don't those feeling attracts bad things into actors' life or be a resistance to their goal? Can our subconscious mind distinguish between acting and reality? (but then why we can't watch sad movies? It's other people's stories too.)

If the answer is YES, it affects the actors, then what can I do to not let the negative feelings from acting to disturb me as much as possible? any solution?

Thank you very much :D

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I think it's ok to feel bad as long as you are able to not dwell on it after that and be able to revert to a positive state. The reason people say that we should try to avoid negative emotions is because most people do not even know that they are feeling negative until someone points it out to them, for they are already conditioned to feel them on auto-pilot. Therefore, I think that if you are able to make a distinction and be able to feel great more than bad, it is ok

(22 Oct '14, 10:19) kakaboo

@MrMushroom - Welcome to IQ! I just asked this same question of author Stephen King. Well, I mean I submitted the question for consideration to be included in an upcoming interview. :) I'm supposed to be notified if he answers. I will pass it along to you here if he does. I'd love to know how he handles all that darkness, yet manifests a seemingly very nice life!

(22 Oct '14, 11:40) Grace

@kakaboo Thank you very much for your answer. It's very difficult to not dwell into it. I always have to recall my bad memories and feeling to act and sometimes the feeling is still in me after the performance. Moreover, acting is about experiences. It seems that when I practice LOA (not concentrate on bad things), I don't deeply touch negative feelings. So sometimes it's like I lack negative experience to recall for performing.

(22 Oct '14, 13:44) MrMushroom

@Grace oh! Thank you very much! Hopefully he will answer this question. Please tell me the answer. It's always in my mind and makes me feel that acting might be harmful for manifestation. I also use acting for visualization but sometimes I don't totally believe it (because as an actor we know it's not real). But how about if we feel that our acting for visualization is real? Doesn't our subconscious mind take other roles we perform as a real one too? Have you ever wondered about that?

(22 Oct '14, 14:19) MrMushroom

@MrMushroom - Yes I've often wondered, because it was my understanding that your subconscious doesn't know the difference. Still, I think it all boils down to what @Stingray said in his answer; it's all about your dominant vibration, so if you usually keep yourself lighthearted and happy, you are just fine. I do think it's especially important in your line of work, so I'm glad you're aware of it. No need to be scared, just be smart. ;)

(22 Oct '14, 15:11) Grace
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Abraham have said that Christopher Reeve managed to find the "feeling place" of a previous role (in the film Above Suspicion) that involved a paralyzed man so well that he manifested the subsequent accident that crippled him as a vibrational match to it.

So I guess what you're concerned about is possible.

The thing to remember is that it is dominant thoughts and attitudes that the Universe/Law of Attraction responds to, not what you do once in a while.

So if you are a predominantly happy person and you take on a role temporarily of a miserable person, that wouldn't immediately start you manifesting the life of a miserable person.

After the role is over, I presume you would revert back to who you really are - a predominantly happy person.

I guess it's those actors who take the craft so seriously that they become their roles non-stop for long periods who might be at some risk. Someone like the late Heath Ledger springs to mind who locked himself away in a hotel room for a month to become psychopathic enough to play The Joker which (just a personal observation only) may well have affected his health and contributed to his death.

I've never studied acting so I can't really advise beyond pointing out the general principle here.


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Thank you very much @Stingray for kindly answering my questions. I have read a lot of your answers here which help me a lot. I have seen a lot of award-winning actors who play miserable or furious roles but they are still glory in their jobs. They might have some tricks to tune them out of those feelings. It's also hard to recall negative feelings from my real life when I started to practice LOA and see everything in positive way :S

(22 Oct '14, 14:45) MrMushroom

@MrMushroom - You're welcome. I'm happy to hear you've found some of the answers useful. Sorry but I really don't know much about the acting process itself. It could be like you say that the actors that thrive are those that find "emotional release" in being someone else.

It's also worth bearing in mind that just because someone is successful as an actor (or indeed anything else that is visible to others) it doesn't mean their personal life is a symphony of peace, harmony and happiness:)

(22 Oct '14, 15:33) Stingray

My wife, who is an actress, has noticed this phenomenon as well. She has been aware of the Law of Attraction for several years. Nowadays she make it her point to avoid character roles which are negative.

(26 Oct '14, 00:17) lozenge123
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