Hello everyone, I'm wondering if Donna Eden techniques, like energy routine, work for anxiety, depression and for health problems. If someone experienced these kind of excercises I would like to know what kind of benefits got from them. Here the energy routine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gffKhttrRw4

I hear that this method could improve techniques like eft that sometimes seems don't work. In particular, they say that energy routine should be perfomed before you do a session of eft to improve the results or when eft is not working. It's because the energy field inside the body is scrambled.

Here and article about this http://tap-easy.com/tapping-world-summit-donna-eden/ Beside, I had a look at books that are more specific about the argument. I don't know if I can share them (I'm talking about David Feinstein books for example, that talks about these techniques).

I would like to hear the opinion of this forum that seems very expert in these kind of arguments: energy field, meditation, eft ecc.. Thank you in advance for any response.

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I have Donna Eden's book Energy Medicine, and it's a wonderful read - the best I have read on energy systems in the body, and I absolutely recommend it for anyone who is interested in that sort of thing.

As for her exercises, her chakra clearing exercise was what helped me become sensitive to the energies in my body. I felt relief from them, and from her other exercises, but I never did any of them consistently enough to see what the long-term effects were (not because the exercises were lacking, just because I am really, really bad at any form of consistency). And the exercises are meant to be practised daily to give the best results, although if your energies are very scrambled you'll likely feel relief from just one time.

I do think she is legit, she's a very talented lady and a good teacher, so if you have the discipline to perform her simple five-minute routine every day, I'd recommend it. I should probably pick it up again myself :P

Edited to add: The cool thing about Donna Eden is that she actually sees energy, so this is how she developed her energy routine, by observing the changes on her clients' energy fields when performing these exercises. I'm a huge fan of hers :)


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Hi @cassiopeia, thanks for your very gentle response. I'm trying Donna Eden excercises and I hope to feel better. Unfurtunately in three days I can't say nothing about that, but I know that those are worth it! If you have something better to advice me I would be grateful. Thanks

(02 Dec '14, 04:13) vitos

@vitos - for me, her chakra cleansing exercises were the most immediately effective, but they take a bit of time, maybe 5 minutes for each chakra. What you do is hold your hands, palms facing down, about 6 inches away from each chakra and slowly circle them first anti-clockwise (to break up energy blockages), then clockwise (to balance) above it. Do the clockwise motion at least twice as long as you did the anti-clockwise, so say 1.5 minutes for anti-clockwise, 3 minutes for clockwise.

(02 Dec '14, 20:07) cassiopeia

thank you. I'll try

(03 Dec '14, 15:51) vitos
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I'm sure if you take the time to do any small amount of exercise for yourself together with deep breathing, it will do you good. Not sure what the evidence is for these particular exercises being any better than any others. Personally I would stick with qigong or taiChi, which have been practiced effectively by millions over the years as forms of energy healing.


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Inner Beauty

What makes one process more effective than any other process is the individual users belief in the process they are using for whatever purpose. Nothing more, nothing less. All such processes are what Bashar refers to as "permission slips". In effect you give yourself permission to allow yourself to be "fixed" by using this or that process. All are valid. None are necessary. (until you start believing they are). You can make up one of your own if you like. It will be just as effective as any other if you believe it is what works for you!

According to Bashar, the mere recognition (exposing) of a limiting belief is all that is necessary to remove its influence.


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Thanks for your gentle response but I have to disagree. In my opinion what you said is partly true, but in many cases it is false. For example when I tried Bach flowers I noticed that some flower really didn't produce the results I was expecting for. Generally I noticed great improvement in fields of my life that I never imagined. This is because Bach Flowers have a lot of effects, most of them are documented in famous books on the subject.

(26 Nov '14, 07:54) vitos

I agree with I4c. I have found that belief (either on your part, or that of a person you are healing) matters more than any other criteria. The bottom, or core, of this is if you or that person really want to be healed or better in the first place.

I have found in my reading of shamanism that the people of the shaman's tribe had utter and complete faith that their shaman could heal them. They believe this and are healed of ailments and "evil" with ease. Even Jesus asked, "Do you want to be healed? Do you believe that I can heal you?" (Look at Matthew 9:27-31 for a reference to this; He was healing blind men here.) In other words, if you want your energy to be "corrected" or "aligned", whatever you think will do the trick will do the trick.

This question points at a very important part of anything we have to do with human energy. The energy matrix of the body is, in part, our soul. I would have to ask you why you think you need to do this- i.e., what "lack" are you seeing in yourself? This is how wily salesmen used to sell Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. It was marketed by Mrs. Pinkham to treat menstrual complaints- a shrewd strategy in the late 1800's. Doctors were not thought of very highly and were too expensive; this was how she was able to sell her product directly to women. It turns out that this compound is about 40 proof. I tell you- if I drank some of her compound, I would not be feeling a whole lot of pain anywhere in my body at all! The important idea to remember here is that women believed it would work, and it did. Belief is truly everything. So, again I ask you: Why do you think you need work? And if you truly do, why aren't you going to a healer (such as a Reiki Master/Teacher) to get advice from someone who is used to dealing with body energy? I trust Reiki, personally. But a lot of this newer stuff I have to wonder about. Are these people just trying to sell you the 21st century equivalent of Mrs. Pinkham's Remedy?


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