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I have just recently read this article by Steve Pavlina about polarity.

In it he says it is the reason why many people struggle so much with manifestation. To summarise, he states that:

"Thoughts have content and energy, and polarity is a property of the energy component. When we consider the energy of a thought, we're really talking about the energy flow. But in order to have a flow, we need a direction. What are the possible directions of energy flow? With respect to your consciousness, there are only two directions that make sense: into your consciousness or out from your consciousness. Energy can flow towards you, or it can flow away from you. It's like you're a vacuum cleaner that has two airflow settings: suck and blow.

I'm not sure where he got this information from, and if anyone on this site have anymore to add?

With all the law of attraction articles and manifestation experiment, I've yet to come across something on this topic. Could anyone elaborate what he means, and if it is something to keep in mind?

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This is an excerpt from "The power of now" by Eckhart Tolle. I read it and thought that It makes sense here.

Love, joy, and peace are deep states of Being or rather three aspects of the state of inner connectedness with Being. As such, they have no opposite. This is because they arise from beyond the mind. Emotions, on the other hand, being part of the dualistic mind, are subject to the law of opposites. This simply means that you cannot have good without bad. So in the unenlightened, mind-identified condition, what is sometimes wrongly called joy is the usually short-lived pleasure side of the continuously alternating pain/pleasure cycle. Pleasure is always derived from something outside you, whereas joy arises from within. The very thing that gives you pleasure today will give you pain tomorrow, or it will leave you, so its absence will give you pain. And what is often referred to as love may be pleasurable and exciting for a while, but it is an addictive clinging, an extremely needy condition that can turn into its opposite at the flick of a switch. Many "love" relationships, after the initial euphoria has passed, actually oscillate between "love" and hate, attraction and attack. Real love doesn't make you suffer. How could it? It doesn't suddenly turn into hate, nor does real joy turn into pain. As I said, even before you are enlightened - before you have freed yourself from your mind - you may get glimpses of true joy, true love, or of a deep inner peace, still but vibrantly alive. These are aspects of your true nature, which is usually obscured by the mind. Even within a "normal" addictive relationship, there can be moments when the presence of something more genuine, something incorruptible, can be felt. But they will only be glimpses, soon to be covered up again through mind interference. It may then seem that you had something very precious and lost it, or your mind may convince you that it was all an illusion anyway. The truth is that it wasn't an illusion, and you cannot lose it. It is part of your natural state, which can be obscured but can never be destroyed by the mind. Even when the sky is heavily overcast, the sun hasn't disappeared. It's still there on the other side of the clouds.


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