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Just wanting to read your stories regarding healing, particularly the physical aspect, but please also share any mental/emotional breakthroughs and how they came to happen (methods, techniques, etc).

The first EFT tapping I did was for my wife's headache and got cleared right away. Also the first time I tried chinese energetics was for that.

On things like a cold I've managed to ease the symptoms but not clear it completely, the same with occasional pains in the body.

The biggest one by far was also with EFT/FasterEFT and a technique from the American Monk (I don't remember the name of the technique) my wife got rid of a pretty big case of arachnophobia. Just to give you an idea on our first "session" she saw a picture of a spider on the laptop (just a glimpse), next thing I knew, she was crying/sobbing almost in a state of shock for a whole hour.

A couple of weeks passed by before the next session, we started with several cartoon spiders: alt text

Sessions were spaced about a week and a half or more apart and not very long, we progressed with pictures of the smallest most transparent spiders working our way to bigger/darker/hairier (the 3 aspects she feared most). After 3 or 4 sessions (and maybe 2 months from the first session) I once sat down for a 2 hour Halloween special on spiders on NatGeo. I of course told her that I wanted to watch it and that she didn't have to at all.

She decided to watch it about 15 mins in. I hugged her throughout the whole show while she watched doing EFT the whole time with silent tears rolling here and there. She felt immense relief.

About 5 days later she was surprised by a house spider in our kitchen. She didn't even flinch!!. Not only that she thought it was cute!

Thanks for sharing!

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About 6-7 years ago, I was waitressing and making abut £200-250 a week - it always varied depending on the hours I worked and the tips I got. This amount isn't much to live on in the city I'm in, and one day, after reading Busting Loose from the Money Game, I decided that I wanted to manifest £300 a week, and I decided to do the process from the book to get this goal.

I spent 2-3 hours visualising myself making this amount every week, and I'd apply the process on each piece of resistance that came up. Without giving away too much of the book, the process boils down to acknowledging that you're creating the resistance, that the issue doesn't exist, and that how real it feels is only a testament to what a powerful creator you are.

Well what do you know, after that process, I started making more money each week! The amazing thing to me isn't that my income increased - it's that each week, I made more or less the exact amount I had asked for, give or take a fiver, and without me doing anything special to influence it. For example one week I hadn't made much money, but we had a competition at work, and whoever sold the first champagne bottle of the night would get £60. One of the assistant managers sold the first one, and I sold the second one, but for some reason he felt generous and asked that the prize money be given to me instead. Which brought my total income that week to almost exactly £300.

This lasted for a couple of months, but I guess my underlying money vibration wasn't that great, and I kept worrying about money, so after 2-3 months my income went back to what it had originally been. And I wasn't able to recreate the manifestation, although I tried. But it was my first major manifestation, and I think that's what finally convinced me that all this stuff was really real and not just wishful thinking.

Since then, I've manifested many amazing things, big and small, and I have truly changed my life around using LOA, but that to me remains the wildest manifestation :)

Edit: So, I had misread the question and left out the health part of the manifestation. I do actually have a health manifestation story, so I'll add them here:

I've actually posted about this on IQ elsewhere - a few years ago, I had a chronic feminine health issue. It wasn't dangerous, but it was uncomfortable and annoying. Most women get this once or twice in their life, but it's rare for it to be a chronic thing that never goes away (ladies on IQ may already be able to guess the health issue, but I'm not giving more clues than that :P). I saw doctors and they didn't know what to tell me except to give me medicine which would make me feel better for a few weeks, then worse again. I experimented with natural cures and supplements, and they helped, but didn't cure.

So one day I decided to do an EFT session on this. I spent 2-3 hours tapping on all kinds of stuff that was being brought up, including stuff from my past that I had thought was unrelated to this.

The wild thing is that the health issue did actually go away after that session, just vanished. And it stayed that way for nearly a year. It did come back after that time, and I think it's a bit similar to my money manifestation - if you clear the negative emotional pattern, the manifestation will occur, but if you don't change your thought patterns permanently, then over time the emotional pattern will re-assert itself, and after some months or years you're back where you started. I don't have the health issue any more - haven't had it for 2 years or so, and I think that's because I gradually changed my thought patterns as well as my emotional patterns (not directly, but through working on other issues that were, unbeknownst to me, related to this health issue). Still, this was an important manifestation to me because it proved to me once and for all that our health is directly impacted by the emotional and thought patterns we hold.


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I just posted this, and read through your post again and realised that you asked for a healing manifestation and not just any manifestation. Duh! I shouldn't be on IQ when I'm sleep-deprived, tired, and not reading properly. I guess you could say it was an abundance healing manifestation? I do have a healing story, but I'm about to pass out from exhaustion so I'll type it out some other time! Sorry for the slightly irrelevant answer :P

(27 Dec '14, 19:29) cassiopeia

@Cassiopeia how did you stumble upon that book? and I think what you have said is the wildest manifestation even though it may seem small is because it gave you every reason to believe that LOA is working :)

(02 Jan '15, 05:50) kakaboo

@Cassiopeia I have just finished watching a series of videos from the author of the Busting Loose from the Money Game Book. I'm curious about whether you then stopped using the process from the book, and found other techniques e.g. LOA more helpful? In the video's the author of this book definitely does not agree with the LOA. What specifically helped you in the end? Thank you!

(02 Jan '15, 13:32) Inner Beauty

@kakaboo - I think I may have been led to it through a forum I was a member of (Steve Pavlina's Personal Development for Smart People forum - it's closed down now).

(04 Jan '15, 05:06) cassiopeia

@Inner Beauty, I never really understood the author's disagreement with LOA, since I think the Phase 2 world that he talks about fits in perfectly with all other LOA teachings I've read. I didn't really stop using the process, I guess I integrated it into all the other processes I use. It's hard to pinpoint what has been most helpful for me - my journey has consisted of gathering various tools, and each tool has its uses for certain situations.

(04 Jan '15, 05:17) cassiopeia

Thanks for answering @cassiopeia!. Great stories, I even got an extra one related to money :-).

(04 Jan '15, 10:12) Kriegerd

@cassiopeia. Thank you. Yes, I think some tools are useful for a while then perhaps we outgrow them or others become more useful for periods of time.

(04 Jan '15, 16:58) Inner Beauty
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